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May,  1972:   J.  Edgar Hoover had the Gemstone File:  threatened to expose 
Dallas-JFK in an "anonymous" book,  The Texas Mafia.   Instead, someone put 
sodium morphate in his apple pie.  The corpse was carted away from his home 
in  the  back seat of a V.W.--and his files were "burned" but some of  them 
got away.

May 28,  1972:   First break-in at Watergate:   McCord,  Barker,  Martinez, 
Garcia,  Gonzales, Sturgis, DeDiego and Pico stood guard outside.  Hunt and 
Liddy  directed the operation from a (safe?) distance --across the  street.  
The object was to check on Onassis's two men to Democratic Party HQ:  Larry 
O'Brien and Spencer Oliver.  (O'Brien chief "PR:  client had been "Hughes"; 
Oliver's father worked for Onassis).  McCord wire-tapped their phones.
     But!!!!   little did McCord know that the plumbers were being observed 
by  Hal Lipset,  Katherine Graham's S.F.  detective who had followed two of 
the plumbers from Liz Dale's side in S.F. to Watergate.  Lipset "watched in 
amazement"  as the Plumbers broke in and bugged the phones:  then  reported 
back to his boss Katherine Graham.   Lipset and Graham set the trap for the 
Wtergaters when they returned to remove their bugs and equipment.

"The style of the old Holy Roman Empire:  a slave nation paying tribute  to 
the conqueror."

October, 1973:  Another "Holy War"--Israelis VS Arabs..

January,  1974:   Joe  Alioto  grants  Sunol Golf Course lease  to  Mafioso 
Komano,  Frattiano,  Nuniz,  Madiros, Abe Chapman and Neil Neilson.  Alioto 
sets up the Dallas murder squad in S.F. for more murders.

January 26,  1974:  "Hughes" extradition trial cancelled in Reno by "Alioto 
Mafia  Web"   Mafia  Judge Thomson after Moses Lasky  from  Mafia  Alioto's 
California  Crime  Commission waves the forged  "Howard  Hughes"  signature 
under his nose.

Maheu  "wins" his damage suit against "Hughes" his blackmail pay-off  after 
discussing  Hughes'  "Game Plan" for buying control of the U.S>  by  buying 
politicians: governors, judges, senators and presidents.

February,  1974:  Mafia Hearst's daughter Patty "kidnapped" by Lipset's SLA 
in a fake terrorist action.

Martin  Luther  King's  mother  was murdered by a  black  student,  a  self 
declared  "Israelite"--"acting  alone" who was escorted to  the  church  by 
somebody-- and  who had a list of other mothers as targets.   Next day  the 
target Shirley Chisholm got the message and rushed to sign off the DNC suit 
against CREEP naming Francis L. Dale; she had been the last to hold out.

April 4,  1974:   Mary McCarthy,  a writer who had been given a copy of the 
Gemstone file, said in an article in the New York Review of Books, that the 
key  to the formation of Liddy's Gemstone plan lay in the where-abouts  and 
activities  of  the Plumbers between December,  1971  and  February,  1972.  
Answer:  They  were in the Drift Inn,  watching Gemstones rolling around on 
the bar top.

August 6,  1974:  Nixon and Ford signed a paper at the White House.  It was 
an  agreement:  Ford could be President.   Nixon got to burn his tapes  and 
files and murder anyone he needed to cover it all up.

August 7,  1974:   Roberts passed information to Pavlov at the S.F. Russian 
Consulate  which led directly to Nixon's resignation the "more"  journalism 
review's story about Denny Walsh's "Reopening of the Alioto Mafia Web story 
for the New York Times,  killed in a panic, plug a long taped discussion of 
who and what the Mafia is.   Hal Lipset listened to the conversation in the 
bugged  Consulate  room,  had  the  phone lines  open  to  Rockefeller  and 
Kissinger who listened too.   Rockefeller sent Kissinger to the White House 
with Nixon's marching orders:  "Resign right now".   Nixon and Julie cried.  
But there was still some hope,  if Nixon resigned immediately,  of  drawing 
the  line  somewhere--before it got to the King of the  Mountain  himself-- 
Onassis.   Nixon,  on  trial,  would blurt out those names to save himself:  
Onassis, Dale, "Hughes", even JFK.

August  8,  1974:   Nixon stepped down,  and Ford stepped up:  to keep  the 
cover-up going.

August 23,  1974:   Frattiano in San Francisco,  staying at the Sunol  Golf 
Course.  More murders scheduled RE: Gemstone cover-up.

August 30,  1974:   Ford hires Mafia lawer Becker to work out a pardon deal 
for Nixon,  who might otherwise name Onassis,  Graham,  and Pope Martini to 
save himself.

San Francisco Zebra Murders:   A series of "random" killings, dubbed "Zebra 
murders" by the police because supposedly blacks were killing whites.   The 
real  target  was Silva,  the witness to Alioto's Mafia Nut  Tree  meeting.  
Silva was shot to death in an alley.  Careful Mafia planning went into this 
series,  to kill several birds with one stone.   1.)  Get witness Silva out 
of  the  way,  without being too "obvious" about it.   2.)  Spread fear  of 
"black  terrorists" and convince people that the police  department  needed 
more  mony and more repressive power.   3.)  Blame and frame Black Muslims, 
knock off leaders of the oppisition.

September 7,  1974:   Roberts nad made an agreement with a friend, Harp, of 
Kish Realty,  over a bugged phone.  Harp was to buy a Gemstone with history 
for  $500,  the  price of a trip to Canada for Roberts to  check  inot  the 
"Hughes" Mormon Mafia Canadian stock market swindle and other matters.  But 
Harp  was sodium-morphate poisoned before the deal could go through on this 

Note:  Sodium morphate: a favorite Mafia poison for centuries.  Smells like 
apple  pie,  and  is sometimes served up in one,  as to  J.  Edgar  Hoover.  
Sometimes in a pill or  capsule.   Symptoms:   lethergy,  sleep,  sometimes 
vomiting.   Once ingested,  there is a heart attack and no trace is left in 
the  body.   Proof  is  in the vomit which is usually  not  analysed.   Not 
mentioned in your standard medical book on poisons,  etc.   It is a  common 
ingredient in rat poison.

September 8, 1974:  Ford pardons Nixon for "all crimes committed" from June 
20, 1969, (opps, make that January) through August, 1974.

Gemstone  papers  still floating around the wold.   Gandhi talks about  the 
U.S.' bloody deeds.

October,  1974:   Ford  drops  "extradition" of Hughes  from  the  Bahamas.  
Explanation:  "We dropped it because we knew he wouldn't come".  THAT'S FOR 

"Four documents; four bodies twisting slowly in the breeze".

Lyndon  Johnson:   Sodium  morphate  "heart  attack" at his  ranch  on  the 
Pedernales River.  Among his last words: "You know fellows, it really was a 

Alexander  Onassis's plane crash at the "1000 foot Walter  Reuther  Level", 
via a fixed altimeter, at Athens Airport.

Eugene  Wyman:   California Democratic Party Chairman and JFK  assassinatin 
pay-off bagman:  Heart attack.

L.  Wayne Rector,  Hughes' double:   Killed at Rothchild's Inn of the Park, 

          "Started the Shattering of the Mafia Economy". 

March 18,  1973:   Roberts called Hal Lipset,  discussing all these matters 
publicly over a tapped phone.   Lipset reported to Dean,  who had hired him 
away  from  Graham,  after  they  figured out who had  taped  the  door  at 
Watergate. (Mitchell:  Katie Graham's liable to get caught in a wringer").

March 21, 1973:  Nixon said that on this date, he "received new evidence on 
Watergate".   Lipset bragged on T.V.  that he had been the one to bring new 
evidence to Nixon.

Meanwhile,  back at the Washington Post,  Katherine Graham had been feeding 
Woodward and Bernstein information for their articles.

May 10,  1973:  The first witness at the Watergate hearing running down the 
names  on  the CREEP organizational chart,  mentioned the name at the  top: 
Francis L.  Dale, Chairman.  Dale was never mentioned again during the rest 
of the trial.

July 9, 1973:  Roberts had used Al Strom's Drift Inn bar as an open lecture 
forum  for  any and all and Al Strom taped  it,  for  his  boss,  Katherine 
Graham.  But Al was fair and told Roberts he was doing it, for which he was 
murdered on this date.

August  1973:   Murder of Chile,  by Group of 40:  (Rockefeller and his man 
Kissinger), working with the CIA and $8 million.  Allende's Chile.  Admiral 
Noel  Gaylor,  Navel Intelligence,  told Roberts 1 1/2 years  earlier  that 
Chile  would  get  it:   Roberts  warned the  Chilean  consul  in  advance:  
Allegria, now "teaching" at Stanford.
     ITT  had now extracted $125 million payment for its Chilean plants,  a 
good  return  for  their  $8  million.   Mafia  controlled  Chile's  annual 
inflation rate has set a world's record.

March 19,  1973:   Dean to Nixon, nervously:  "There is a cancer growing on 
the Presidency".

October 3,  1974:   The Watergate trial,  the cover-up of the cover-up  got 
underway,  starting  Montini's Bon Veniste,  Onassis's Neal,  Graham's Jill 
Volner.   In the White House, Mafia Mayors Alioto, Daley and Beame met with 
the truth squad Ford, Scott and Griffin and Mike Mansfield, in secret.

October 10, 1974:  Tina Livanos Onassis Blandford Niarchos, sodium morphate 
poisoned by hubby Stravos, puked, slept and died of "heart attack".

Losing his son Alexander, took all the fun out of killing for Onassis.  Who 
was  there left to inherit the world empire he had dreamed of handing  over 
to his son?

December,  1974:  Brezhnev had scheduled a meeting with Sadat.  The outcome 
wouldn't help the U.S.  no matter how many trips Henry made to the mid-East 
with  clean  socks  and blank checks.   A  new  U.S.  "secret  weapon"  was 
apparently used,  a tiny speck of metal, introduced somehow into Brezhnev's 
lymph system.   It lodged in the cluster of lymph nodes over his heart, and 
there  it  was  coated with layers of,  much as an oyster created  a  pearl 
around  an irritating grain of sand.   Brexhnev's lymph system clogged  up:  
he got the flu and the meeting with Sadat was cancelled.

Russian doctors X-rayed him and found a hugh lump in his chest.   Then they 
put  him  before  a Kirlian camera and checked his  aura  for  cancer.   No 

Note:   Kirlian  photography  is the latest Russian  diagnostic  tool.   It 
reveals the presence of disease physical or moral (it also detects lies).

Brezhnev's lump had to be treated with radiation therapy:  hence the rumors 
he had cancer>  It took six weeks to clear up.

March,  1975:   Onassis  died.   The Mafia Organization  regrouped  itself.  
Prince  Fisal watched his uncle,  King Fisal,  silently watch the shift  of 
Mafia  Power  and  couldn't  stand it anymore.   He  shot  his  uncle,  the 
spiritual  leader of 60,000,000 Moslems,  who had played ball with  Onassis 
all along.

South  Vietnam's  Thieu,  dubious  about which way the  Mafia  cooky  would 
crumble,  now that Onassis was dead,  decided the time was right for him to 
split.  He abandoned the war effort, cursed the U.S., and split for Taiwan, 
his  plane  so overloaded with gold bullion that he had to dump some of  it 

March 15,  1975:   Roberts got the "Brezhnev Flu" and spent 2 weeks at U.C. 
Hospital.    Doctors  there  without  the  Kirlian  photography  diagnostic 
technique,  assumed the softball sized lump over his heart was cancer.   It 

April,  1975:  The Cambodian domino was no fun at all - it fell right over.  
Premier Lon Nol fled to exile in a Hawaiian suburb.

CIA chief Colby,  in a fit of spite,  leaked the stolen story of CIA Hughes 
Glomar Explorer's raising of the drowned Russian sailors from their  sunken 
nuclear submarine.  Purpose: To bag the Russians and also to halt criticism 
of  the CIA by pointing out how noble,  brave and self-sacrificing they are 
in their efforts to save us.

The  Russians are funny about their dead.   They bitterly resented  Colby's 
game.   They quietly went through a massive navel "war game",  the rehersal 
of a nuclear attack on the U.S.

Which  brings  us  almost  to  the  present  time.    Ford,  Kissinger  and 
Rockefeller squat like toads on the corpse of America.   By the time of the 
Bi-centenial the stink may be unbearable.

Ford  now  plans a propoganda mode version of his  book,  "Portrait  of  an 
Assassin",  which  will  reiterate the exploded cock and bull  notion  that 
Oswald  was JFK's lone assassin.   With singular inept misunderstanding  of 
the times, he seems to think Americans will take his word for it and be re-
assured in the face of those crackpot conspiracy theories.  He doesn't seem 
to  realize that he will be reminding or informing Americans of his role on 
the infamous Warren Commission.

I  hope  this  outline  will make  individual  Gemstone  papers  easier  to 


You won't be reading it in the papers for quite some time.   At present the 
only way to spread this information here in America is hand to hand.

Your help is needed.  Please make 1, 5, 10, 100 copies or whatever you can, 
and  give  them to friends or politicians,  groups,  media.   This game  is 
nearly up.  Either the Mafia goes or AMERICA goes.

End of verbatim transcript - July, 1986.