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*************************  HYPERSPACE  **************************
                       Your Everyday Life

                      WHERE IS HYPERSPACE?
                      ------  and  ------
                 HOW DO WE GET THERE FROM HERE?

     THE Ancients imagined a timeless space beyond human 

comprehension that they called Heaven, Hades, Valhalla, Gehenna, 
                               ------  -----  --------  -------      
Limbo, Elysian Fields, Happy Hunting Grounds, each in his own 
-----  --------------  ---------------------
language. The mysterious supernal and infernal regions were 

populated with gods and goddesses, devils and demons, angels and 

fairies, ghosts and goblins, chimerae of every conception. On an 

Olympian stage, the immortal spirits acted out the universal 

human drama in myths teaching the meanings of life and death, 

good and evil, morality and nemesis, until the advent of modern 

science brought discredit to intangible realities.

     Man does not live without myth. As the traditional morality 

plays lose their power to rule men's minds, lively new myths are 

composed to replace the dead. If the modern priests of science 

refuse to address the problems of the human soul, the modern 

poets of science-fiction will use the ken and cant of science to 

answer spiritual needs for intangible ideals. Mentor and Merlin 

are reincarnated as Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda; as the last of the 

Jedi Knights of a Round Table on some planetary Camelot, Luke 

Skywalker draws a laser Excalibur from the Stone to wield The 

Force on a cosmic odyssey. After running for centuries at 

Olympus, followed by a century of full houses at Dodge City, the 

spiritual epics are now playing in hyperspace.

     Hyperspace is known to science only as a calculation of 

pure, abstract mathematics. Physicists are unaware that they 

are actually charting the tangible landmarks of hyperspace while 

they plot the PSI factors defining the virtual state of the 
quantum field. Like Moliere's BOURGEOIS GENTILHOMME, everyone 
lives in The Twilight Zone without knowing it. After reading 
this book, you will be able to recognize the landscape of 

hyperspace in your everyday life. The immortal spirits are very 

real entities, and God is alive and well on the street where you 


                  I                          I
                  I   Creatures that drift   I
                  I in the depths of the sea I
                  I     are the very last    I
                  I   to discover the water. I

     THIS thesis has grown over twenty-five years since I noticed 

that the ceremonial KATAS of the ZEN martial arts express the 

very same energy equations that physicists write in mathematical 

notation. (SIDE-1) Once I discovered this key, I realized that 

all forms of art are mathematical equations expressing 

transformations of energy more subtle than brute strength. Works 

of art are a special kind of physical machinery that projects 

higher-dimensional structures into lower-dimensional spaces for 

some convenience of perceiving. You can see the way art performs 

this function by applying the rules of optical perspective to 

represent a three-dimensional structure on a plane surface. 

     The most familiar kind of pictorial perspective presents the 

appearance of its subject from but a single viewpoint. In order 

to comprehend a solid structure in its entirety, it is necessary 

to render it from as many aspects as are required to reveal all 

of its structural details in their correct relationships to each 

other; many tridimensional perspectives must be studied in order 

to construct a conception of a hyperspacial entity. 

     The art of mathematics presents alternative aspects in the 

form of tautological equations, each expressing the view from a 

different frame of reference, such as a=lw, l=a/w, and w=a/l to 

describe the two-dimensional structure of a square by one-

dimensional semantics. All the codices of mathematical equations 

express different views of the single hyperspacial entity known 

as the universe; our comprehension of the universal structure               
is far from complete.

     Artists have a vocation to express their perceptions of 

hyperspacial realities from every point of view that man can 

reach, at every different time that man can live in, to provide 

us with handles on universal truths. All the myths and all the 

religions present us with different pictures of the same 

hyperspacial entity, and that entity is ourselves. 

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        Most lovers of literature know that "Gulliver's 

    Travels is a satire on the politics of Jonathan 

    Swift's time and place but did you realize that 

    "Alice In Wonderland" and "Through The Looking 

    Glass" are cryptic explorations of hyperspace?    

    Alice's adventures are a comic dramatization of the 

    very same protean confusions, instabilities,  

    fantasies, whimsies, cruelties, and self-

    contradictions of the virtual state of the quantum 

    field that you are about to tour by way of a more 

    mathematical direction.

         Lewis Carroll is the pen name of the Reverend 

    Charles Dodgson, a mathematician more competent  

    than he dared to reveal to his contemporaries, so  

    he became better known under his real name for 

    making sensitive photographs of pretty little girls 

    all bare naked with no clothes on.      

              I                                   I
              I       Scientists and artists      I
              I          are both mystics         I
              I  competing in the myth business.  I
              I                                   I
              I   The differences between them    I
              I        are mainly a matter        I
              I       of professional jargon.     I

     YOU are able to perceive voluminous space only because your 

mind fuses the two different perspectives received by your two 

eyes. *1

     From one point of view, your inner eye sees merely plane 

images. In order to perceive solid structures in voluminous 

space, you must move around the subject under observation and 

fuse an indefinite number of aspects from all sides. A cone, 

for illustration, is seen as a circle in plan view, a triangle in 

elevation, and various angles subtended by various arcs in all 

other views. The solid structure of a cone is conceived only 

after fusing all images in the mind. If your mind were not able 

to construct this gestalt, you would be unable to recognize the 
triangular aspect of the cone as having the same identity as the 

circular aspect. (SIDE-1)

     The ability to fuse an indefinite number of plane images 

into a solid image in the mind is usually achieved during 

childhood as we master language, so no one is aware of common 

aberrations. As an example, few people saw the view from the top 

until everyone travelled by air. Without flight experience, you 

don't learn to fuse plan views of the landscape with the familiar 

elevations; therefore, aerial photographs remain unintelligible 

to most people. You would be surprised by the number of people 

who cannot read blueprints because of their inability to fuse all 

sectional drawings into a dynamic tridimensional gestalt. Cubism 

is four-dimensional perspective; the art of Cubism makes no sense 

to people who cannot analyze plural perspectives and recombine 

them mentally to form a hyperspacial image of the pictorial 


     Since George Eastman provided everyone with a camera, we find 

that most snapshots, like driver's IDs, can't be recognized by the 

subject's mother. How is it possible for the camera (that cannot 

lie) to produce unrecognizable portraits? From the infinite number 

of views you see of your nearest and dearest, only a certain number 

are selected for fusion into the mental image of the person you 

identify. The zillions of other views are occulted from the visual 

consciousness because they are insignificant or because the 

differences are great enough to produce the painful condition of 

cognitive dissonance that prevents fusion of disparate ideas.

     Cognitive dissonance is produced by harmonic discord among 

the vibrations defining ideas, images, and sounds. All 

differences produce cognitive dissonance until discordant phases 

are cancelled and the remaining vibrations are resolved into a 

harmonically integrated gestalt in a higher dimension, like a 

musical chord. Wave cancellation is the physical basis of the 

concept of psychological repression established by Freud; these 

wave mechanics also produce KARMA. (*2)

     Interference between (mental) waves transforms them into 

other frequencies so that objects are not perceived as they 

really are, if they are not rendered altogether invisible as a 

consequence of cognitive dissonance. Therefore, each person sees 

and hears truly only those signals that are congruent with the 

conceptual patterns already defining one's own mental structure;  

all other perceptions are distorted and repressed, occulted 

behind the Veils of Maja. (SIDE-2) At the bottom line, 

intereference produces a pair of predominant patterns separated 

by 180o of phase. As a result, reality is perceived to be 

polarized between good and evil, black and white, strong and 

weak, male and female, etc.                                    

     Just as only one side of a solid structure can be seen at a 

time, without a mirror, only one phase of a hyperspacial 

structure can be perceived directly at one time. It is natural, 

therefore, to assign a unique identity to different phases that 

exceed the observer's capacity for resolution into a single 

gestalt. Virtue is not recognized as the front of vice, no light 

is seen in darkness, and you have to know your TAO to find 

strength in compliance. Union of complementary opposites 

transforms them both into a structure of higher dimension. The 

degree to which you can resolve polar opposites establishes the 

dimensional scope of your Consciousness. An understanding of 

hyperspace enables you to answer problems that defy all 

philosophers limited to three-dimensional concepts; given 

sufficient scope, you will even understand the opposite sex. (*3)


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               Assigning different identities  to 

         different aspects of the same structure is 

         most commonly experienced in interpersonal 

         relationships. During the initial rush of 

         love, all perceptions that trouble the purity 

         of the relationship is repressed. Admonitions 

         from friends and family to watch where you are 

         giving your heart are ignored as utterly 

         irrelevant to the paragon identified with all 

         the virtues of true love, and none of the 

         vices. When dissonant aspects of the loved one 

         appear from behind the Veils of Maja, they are 

         perceived to belong to another person, a 

         stranger in your home and a devil in your bed.       

              Unable to conceive that pleasure and pain 

         can come from the same parent, infants 

         perceive a good true-parent and a wicked step-

         parent. Most people still cannot identify God 

         with the devil, nor can they perceive that 

         Heaven and hell are complementary aspects of 

         one real world.             


             The Latin mind has no imprinted concept 

         of the English SCHWA sound. Without the mental 

         concept, the Latin ear cannot distinguish 

         between his and hees. The sound of big 
                 ---     ----               ---
         activates the concept of beeg, and beeg is 
                                  ----      ----
         what the Latin mind hears. Likewise, the 

         Japanese mind has no imprint for the ell 
         sound; in the Japanese mind, the elle sound is 
         heard as arr.              

               Male and female mentalities are 

         imprinted with different concepts making it 

         physically impossible for the opposite sex to 

         receive the same message thatis sent. 

         Communication between sexes is like 

         communication between different species. No 

         matter how many times arguments are settled, 

         the very next argument is the very same 

         argument. Acquiescence is not agreement, but 

         resignation and tolerance of the 



*1   If your mind is unable to fuse plural images, the brain 
is confused, and all images but one are erased from your visual 
Consciousness. The eye transmitting the voided image loses its 
functional capacity. It may be speculated that other sense 
organs also lose their function when their information is voided.


*2   If Freud studied physics before medicine, he wouldn't 
have invented a square wheel in his theory of sexual 
determinism. Psychology and psychiatry would be radically 
different if a grounding in elementary physics were prerequisite. 
These professions will soon be demolished and reconstructed by 
the hard science of artificial intelligence.

     The soft sciences are not soft by their very nature, but 
because soft ideas attract people incapable of comprehending 
hard, mathematical concepts, and once soft-heads populate a 
profession, hard-heads move out of the neighbourhood. As a 
consequence, the soft sciences degenerate into nonsense until 
they become too impractical to hold their customers. If astrology 
were not so soft-headed, actuaries would be calculating horoscopes 
instead of statistics.

     The essential difference between the hard-head and the soft-
head is concentration of mental focus. Whereas the hard-head 
defines particulars, the soft-head senses the overview. Both 
heads are half-wits if they cannot vary the scope of their focus 
to integrate particulars with wholes to comprehend both at once 
in a higher dimension of Consciousness.



        OOOOOOOOOOOOO\           The confusion prodiced by the
        O\          O  \     Necker cube is due to seeing the
        O  \OOOOOOOOOOOOO    inside and the outside of a box
        O   O       O   O    at the same time. When seen as a
        O   O       O   O    plane image, a transparent cube
        O   O       O   O    presents a different structure
        OOOOOOOOOOOOO   O    from every point of view, and
         \  O        \  O    except when seen in a plan or
           \OOOOOOOOOOOOO    elevation, no aspect resembles
                             the shape of an opaque box.
This is an object lesson in the difference between the structure 
of an entity in hyperspace and the form it presents in a lower 
dimensional space. 

     Since God is an Entity of utmost dimensional extent, 
no man can look at a complete image of It in this lifetime --- 
and that is the reason for the religious prohibition against 
graven images. In order to preclude any manifestation of The God 
That Is All That Is from being worshipped as the One Big I, The 
First Commandment is engraved, "Thou shalt not hold any god 
before Me." Anything less than God is the very devil, and the 
devil grows more diabolical as it grows more Godly; the devil is 
the Brightest Angel of them all. 

     The worship of anything less than God, no matter how Godly, 
is Satanism; the good people of this world are far more 
dangerous than the bad. You see, the only difference between bad 
people and good people is that bad people say that all wars are 
good, whereas good people say that some wars are good; both 
sides agree that no war is bad unless it is lost. As the child 
prays, "Dear God, please make all the bad people good and the 
good people nice." 


     THE mind is able to fuse two visual images only when 

there is practically no difference between them. Fusion of visual 

images into a stereo gestalt becomes impossible if the two 

perspectives differ by more than the interocular distance. In 

other words, there is a limit to the amount of difference that 

can be resolved without producing an identity crisis. (SIDE-1)

     To illustrate, if your views of a cone were limited to the 

extremes of plan and elevation, only extraordinary conditions and 

mathematical calculation would enable you to realize that the two 

mutually incommensurable figures were aspects of the same 

identity in a higher dimension of space. Ordinarily, you are able 

to relate one extreme view to the other extreme by innumerable 
other viewing angles revealing the gradual transformation of the 

circle into the triangle. Even after identifying the circle as 

an allotropic aspect of the triangle, you would still be unable 

to form the concept of a solid cone unless your mental space 

were large enough to comprehend three dimensions; you would 

believe that the conical structure alternates between a 

circle and a triangle according to the viewing angle; it would 

be the wave-particle paradox all over again.

     On the atomic scale, hyperspacial rotations occur at such 

speed that transition phases between extreme views cannot be 

resolved within the temporal precision of the experiment. The 

wave-particle dichotomy is refractory to scientific 

comprehension not only because an electron flips between its two 

phases faster than the instruments can follow, but also because 

both wave packets and particles are three-dimensional concepts. 

Mentally unable to comprehend ultratridimensional entities, 

physicists identify different projections of one subatomic 

particle as several new discoveries, and that is why there is no 

end to the number of elementary particles.

      At least four dimensions of space are required to fuse 

several three-dimensional structures into a single identity in 

the same place at the same time. The most highly respected 

scientific authorities aver that it is impossible for any human 

intellect to visualize space extending in more than three 

dimensions. Nevertheless, your mind reveals the mathematical 

parameters of four-dimensional hyperspace every time you fuse 

more than one three-dimensional image into a gestalt. Look at 

that, would you; like the atom, the inner space of your mind is 
hyper! Hyperspace is as familiar to you as your own mental 
concepts. How 'bout that, Dr. Einstein? 

    The science of physics is actually the physics of 

perception. Your mind is a house of many mansions. Most people 

never see the doors in the walls of their nurseries; they spend 

their entire spiritual lives confined in the crib where they 

were born, while they can only wonder about the sounds of family 

activity that transpire dimly into their windowless 

compartments. In these pages, you will read the construction 

plans of your spiritual palace. Once you realize that the 

barriers limiting your experience are merely partitions, you 

will open the doors of your mind to explore the manifold halls 

of self-knowledge. You may even leave your father's house to 

make your way as a grown person in the big hyperworld outside. 

Of course, it is dangerous out there, and not all who venture 

return sound and successful, but that is what real life is all 

about when play school is left behind. The physics of 

consciousness is what this book is all about.

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             The limits of identity provide a 

         universally practical principle for getting 

         what you want out of life -- especially if you 

         have to get what you want out of other people. 

         To wit, it is impossible to change anyone's 

         mind except by nicely graduated argument that 

         slowly turns the other's point of view to your 

         direction; if you argue too strongly, you only 

         provoke rage, denial, and repression of 

         everything you say. The TAO teaches that the 

         battle does not go to the strong, nor the race 

         to the swift, but to the gentle and the 

         patient; this is the true meaning of Jesus' 

         promise that the meek will inherit the Earth.  

         Beggars, flatterers, and cheaters take more 

         than  workers, racers, and robbers.                  

                 I                           I
                 I   It is not in our stars  I
                 I  that our troubles arise, I
                 I       my dear reader,     I
                 I   but in our telescopes.  I

     FUSING disparate images depends upon the development of a 

faculty for ignoring differences. The mind learns to ignore 

differences by subsuming them to a common feature, such as  

association of time, place,  utility, or physical property. The 

subsumption of ideas into abstract classifications is produced 

by wave interference; and so, particular, individual differences 

are repressed to the Unconscious as the mind grows from 

perceptions limited to tangible sense data to comprehend  

abstract concepts. (SIDE-1)

     Plato wrote the original hyperspacial theory explaining 

that each of the material bodies in this world is a 

manifestation of an Ideal Form in Heaven. In modern mathematical  

terms, Plato can be paraphrased to say that each individual 

structure is a unique cross- section (or projection) of an  

entity existing in a space of more than three dimensions, 

intersecting with our tridimensional world. Plato conceived his 

concept of Universal Form by the mental process of verbal 

abstraction, and then with true philosophic backasswardness he 

declared that the particular is derived from the abstract, 

instead of the other way 'round; nevertheless, Plato is right.

     Since Plato explained that all individual differences are 

unique aspects of the ideal, and since wave interference is 

proven to be the physical mechanism that subsumes differences 

within the gestalt, the technical means for revealing a tangible 

manifestation of the Ideal Form is self-evident. By 

superimposing an indefinitely large number of individual images 

of the same class of tangible manifestations, the individual 
wave-forms arrange themselves according to the principle of the 

Conservation of Energy into a single, harmonically integrated 

structure. Photographers will recognize this process as the way 

to make a hologram. A hologram, therefore, is a tangible 
hyperspacial structure. How 'bout that, Dr. Gamow? 

     A hologram looks like nothing so much as a compounded 

vortex. A compound vortex is what a hyperspacial entity looks 

like when it becomes manifest in its entirety as a tridimensional 

form. When Cecil B. DeMille represented the God of Moses as a 

vortex of light, he was revealing his Unconscious knowledge of 

the platonic Ideal. (SIDE-2)

                   I                     I
                   I Beauty is the Beast I

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               Children notice microscopic differences; 

         they inspect details minutely, and object to 

         the slightest change in their environment ---

         especially  food. Children lose their 

         preternatural discrimination of tangible 

         reality as they learn to speak, and everyone 

         spends the rest of his life trying to find the  

         original reality of the child, by way of 

         sensory excitement, philosophizing, religious  

         disciplines, and chemical keys to the Kingdom.

               Childish minds that grow big without 

         growing up make a profession of details 

         without being able to realize their meaning in 

         a universal gestalt; they are favoured to 

         become scholars and authorities. Swelled heads 

         are illustrated by the learned philosophers 

         who argued about Adam's navel while remaining 

         incapable of questioning Adam's rib. But 

         however narrow their perspective, scholars 

         are broadminded enough to realize that it does 

         not profiteth a man in this life to gain the 

         whole world in one vision. 

               The joys of youth, and its bellicosity, 

         are the intense excitement produced by the 

         perception of differences. Conversely, most 

         of the normal depression which grows with age 

         is the result of losing  discrimination so 

         that nothing new is perceived under the Sun. 

         The conventional wisdom believes that the 

         senses atrophy along with the thymus gland, 

         the gonads, and the digestive organs, to 

         produce ennui from lack of excitement. 

         Actually, the sense organs atrophy as  

         interest in differences is lost because of 

         terminal classificationosis. Your tour of duty 

         on this planet is done when you no longer find 

         any difference between one day and the next,  

         one season and the next, one person and 

         another, one sex and the other. VIVE LES 




               Christ is the God of Man, variously 

         called The Son of God and The Son of Man. The  

         epithets of Christ mean that He is the 

         platonic Ideal of the human species, and each 

         of us is a unique manifestation of this 

         Universal Ideal Human Being.

               A special kind of holographic portrait 

         of the Christ can be produced by superimposing 

         an indefinite number of life-size photographs 

         of people. This technical photography has 

         actually been done. In this process, the 

         superimposed waves do not produce a vortex; 

         instead, the wave interference pattern is 

         manifest like the superimposition of musical 

         notes to produce a predominant key tone. The 

         image resulting from this extraordinary 

         holographic process reveals an ineffably 

         beautiful human body of exquisitely perfect 

         proportions. Christ is quite simply the One 

         Perfect Human Being from Whom all mortals are 

         imperfectly projected.

               Individuals possessing features 

         approximating the human average manifest some 

         of Christ's Divine Beauty, and that is why all 

         us mortals who deviate from the average are 

         moved to adore these paragons of pulchritude. 

         Unhappily, the instinct to deify the norm has 

         the necessary consequence of abhorring 

         deviation as the very devil. 

               The great truth revealed by this 

         photographic demonstration is not that good 

         looks are as good as God; the image of the 

         Perfect Human Being is composed of every one 

         of the ugliest and most deviant among us, as 

         well as the most beautiful freaks. Beauty 

         without ugliness is less than the whole 

         platonic Human Being, and anything less than 

         perfect is diabolical to the degree that 

         wholeness is lacking. 

               The youthful, female form divine tends 

         toward the average human proportions; the 

         elderly, male form is the ugly deviant. 

         Mortals who have seen the Christ Spirit 

         testify that His counten-nance is like an 

         unmarked youth with compassion that is learned 

         only through eons of suffering; His ugliness 

         radiates beauty.

               The closer a nearly holy creature 

         approaches perfection, the greateris its power 

         for evil, and that is why Satan is the 

         Brightest Angel of them all, second only to 

         the Creator, Itself; the buck private's 

         mistakes will kill him, but the general's 

         mistakes kill everyone. Before damning the 

         practically good, execrating the almost true, 

         and abominating the compellingly beautiful as 

         Temptation, always remember and bear in mind 

         that Money is not Evil;  it is the worship
         of Money that possesses one's soul. We are 

         given beauty to enjoy while it lasts; the 

         mortal sin is worshipping beauty --- or any 

         other god that does not incorporate its 

         proper devil.


     WORDS are ultraspacial structures created by abstracting 

common features of significance while ignoring unique features. 

Words amplify similarities and eliminate differences by wave 

interference. Words are the product of fusing all the unique 

images of several structures into an ultraspacial gestalt. 

     The gestalt represented by its abstract noun is not visible 

to the material eye because it is a ultratridimensional physical 

structure that is manifest to our Consciousness only as a form 

of what we conceive to be mental energy, more rarified than 

electromagnetic substance. A word is an image of an ultraspatial 

mental Form; words are the very Ideas that Plato talked about.

     The tridimensional material eye can see only a unique, 

material example of the gestalt at any one time. In other words, 

a gestalt exists as an extension of its material manifestations 

in the form of a trajectory through time and space; to wit, a 
                 ----------         ----
mental concept extends through no fewer than four dimensions. 

(SIDE-1) The minds comprehends the dimensions of time; this is 

why intelligence is identified with the sense of time. Abstract 

verbal concepts are understood only as they can be comprehended 

within the temporal dimensions of one's mind; a mind is perceived 

to grow to the extent that it perceives precedents and 

consequences. Athena is merely the god of intellect; the ruler of 

consciousness is Kronus, the Overlord of Time and Change.

     The nemesis of abstraction, as Korzybski pointed out, is 

that the symbol becomes the reality, and the individual 

differences in the real world are occulted behind the Veils of 

Maja. As the focus of the mind shifts from the immediately 

tangible world to verbal concepts, the mind becomes separated 

from the body and both lose their health. Paradise is a myth 

about a preverbal Consciousness, before men created words and 

subsequently mistook the symbol (idol) for reality (God); the 

Fall of Man and his Expulsion is the consequence of worshipping 

verbally fashioned images. Philosophers pretend to lead us back 

to reality on ways paved with more words of higher abstraction, 

like devils promising to lead us to Heaven. If the devil is the 

Father of Lies, words are surely the Mother.

     Conscious mind is a creation of words. Therefore, no one in 

his socially defined, right-thinking, right-handed mind can 

perceive anything not previously defined by words. Experiments 

have found that people lacking the words to describe subtle 

colours are also unable to distinguish fine differences in hues, 

but as soon as they are given the words to define the 

differences between crimson, scarlet, and vermillion, for 

example, they no longer see all reds as red. Poets expand the 

common Consciousness by giving new meanings to old words and by 

coining new words. 

     Words referring to abstract concepts are projections of 

spiritual structures from hyperspace into our mental space.     

We are unable to know the higher dimensions of the hyperspacial 

universe we live in because our culture lacks the verbal 

concepts for our minds to perceive what our eyes plainly see. 

Although there is no way that you can learn to swim without 

getting wet, reading is the most efficient way for you to 

acquire the vocabulary of hyperspace that you need for your eyes 
to open on the New Heaven and New Earth of hyperspace. 

Hyperspacial vocabulary is what this book is all about.

     Scientific knowledge is nothing but verbal knowledge, and 

knowledge is the key to power; humanity is ruled by words. The 

physical and mathematical principles that explain the material 

world of three dimensions also control the manifestations of 

hyperspacial energies; e.g., e=mc^2  opens the way to the high-

dimensional energies of the atom. Furthermore, the very forms in 

which higher-dimensional energies are represented serve as a 

handle for wielding the power. This is what magic, idols, 

charms, amulets, spells, incantations, hexes, and prayers are 

all about. (*1)

     Artists, scientists, and mystics who glimpse spirits dimly 

through the Veils of Maja limn a projection of the eternal 

entities into the human dimensions of literature, theatre, 

music, dance, architecture, engineering, philosophy, 

mathematics, justice, politics, morality --- in a word, culture.
Like pictorial art, all cultural artifacts compress hyperspacial 

structures into fewer dimensions so that ideas are represented 

in more or less tangible forms. The form is the specialized 

language of its poet and the meaning of the form is the essence 

of the myth. 

     The difference between science and religion is the 

difference between the quantified equations of mathematics and 

the unquantified equations of metaphore. Those who cannot focus 

their mental scope with sufficient precision to count must 

guesstimate relationships by comparing superficial attributes to 

derive meanings from their experiences. The errors of both 

science and religion are produced by logical deductions made 

from inherently faulty language, but the errors cannot be 

perceived by people who mistake their words for real things and 

their language for a real map. Philosophic disputes are word 

wars; those who live by their words also die by their words.

      The highest energies are manifest in the power of pure 

thought, which mortals call God. Words are the coins of thought, 

like money is minted power. It is the extraspacial power of the 

human God expressed through the words of men that vouchsafes our 

articulate species dominion over all the dumb beasts of the 

field, and word power is the very Divine soul deficient in all 

other planetary life. The extraspacial power of God expressed 

through the word is attested in John 1:1, IN THE BEGINNING WAS 

    ----         ----          ---                   ---
Parsing the language of hyperspace reveals the very diction, 

syntax, and grammar of Creation, Itself. 

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               A trajectory is a mathematical and 

         physical reality that lacks tangible 

         substance, confounding all scientific 

         philosophers. A trajectory is a commonplace 

         example of a pure, objective thought form. A 
         compound vortex is an infinite trajectory 

         compressed in time until its entire extension 

         can be comprehended within a single view.  


*1    The automobile is actually a mathematical idea 
expressed in a material form, like an idol, that enables us to 
use the power of gasoline for propulsion. No other idol possesses 
its devotees so compellingly as the automobile, nor does any 
other god demand such human sacrifice, not even Ares; the apple 
of our modern Eden is a red sports car.


               I                                I
               I The sound of one hand clapping I
               I           is the echo          I
               I       of your own praise       I
               I      for your own beliefs      I
               I     reflected from the wall    I
               I    of an indifferent world,    I
               I   and heard only by yourself.  I

     AS modern physics becomes mystical, "the ZEN of science" has 

become a parlour cliche among the scientifically literate. ZEN 

Masters penetrate the Veils of Maja cast by verbal logic to 

apprehend reality by direct experience. (SIDE-1) Since they 

eschew words, ZEN Masters write no books and preach no sermons. 

ZEN disparages texts because no mathematical terminology existed 

in its high and far-off times when the YOGAs were developed 

empirically. (*2) Nevertheless the Masters knew a mathematical 

language, and they used it to express their knowledge of 

hyperspace. They composed their KATAs as mathematical equations 

in the languages of art, music, chanting, dancing, theatre, 

graphics, and architecture. The arts inspired with ZEN are 

exquisitely measured. The Hyperspace Trilogy is a Rosetta Stone 

translating the language of the ZEN arts into the language of 

modern science. This book could be called The Physics of TAO.          

     The sage says, "Seek and ye will find. Ask and it will be 

answered unto you." Scientists are fond of saying that their 

business is discovering the right questions to ask. If 

scientists weren't so cocksure that they knew everything there 

is to know about their business, any lawyer could tell them how 

to discover the right questions. The correct question is the 
question to which you already know the answer. If you don't have 
an immediate answer, you must know where to find it. No other 

questions are of any use in the enterprise of deducing Nature's 


     ZEN Masters are fond of answering disciples asking for 

wisdom by a question called a KOAN. KOANs are believed to be 

nonsense intended to confuse one's mind until a critical tension 

precipitates a mystical insight. KOANs are not nonsense; they 

are a special kind of question to which you already know the 

answer, but you don't want to know you know because such 

knowledge is self-knowledge; the most heinous crime of this 

civilization is to be caught in possession of self-knowledge. 

Self-knowledge, you see, is the special kind of knowledge that 

releases a person from the KARMIC wheel of life and the rule of 

Satan, however you conceive your devil. As soon as you answer 

the KOAN, you are expelled from Plato's cave, and the game of 

darkness is over. The Laughing Buddha in the heart of your 

personal Lotus Blossum isn't ready to cash your chips because of 

Enlightenment until damn good and ready. The mental crisis of 

the KOAN is resolved by formulating a plausible answer that 

satisfies the curiosity without actually taking the terminal 

gaze into the brilliant Face of God. Psychoanalysts get 

plausible answers from all their patients; the trouble with 

psychoanalysis is that the entire science is nothing but a 

plausible answer to estop its advertised purpose of self-


     All those posing unanswerable questions, or declaring that 

their questions can't be answered are not in the business of 

creating science, nor do they have any intention of informing 

the public; their real purpose is obscuring knowledge and 

confusing you in order that they may gain and hold their 

advantage over you. Rhetorical questions take many forms, and 

none are so beguiling as the scientific poser. Rhetoric 

manipulates automatic psychological reflexes so as to make the 

audience believe that the authority who cannot answer his own 

questions knows something that his audience doesn't know. The 

only thing he knows that you don't know is how to get well paid 

for knowing nothing you don't know --- and telling you to your 


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                                        OPEN FILE "INTRO-H"



               ZEN defies comprehension by Europeans 

         for reasons similar to the incomprehensibility 

         of mathematics by broadly focussed minds. It 

         is simply impossible to describe the 

         essentially hard-headed precision of ZEN 

         practise by soft-headed language, and it is 

         just the softest of American heads that are 

         attracted to ZEN as an escape from 

         responsibility, rather than for love of 

         order. Like a symphony and a cathedral, ZEN 

         is pure mathematics with out words. ZEN is 

         the essence  of art. (*1)                   


*1   I used to tease waitresses by ordering two fried 
eggs, the first egg fried on one side and the second fried on the 
other. Eventually I met a serving maid who gave me exactly what I 
asked for. She sure shut my mouth. I wonder what she is doing, 

     I've never met a ZEN freak who used KOANs to blow his mind. 
They were all playing one upmanship on me, in the curious belief 
that posing an unanswerable question made them superior. They 
invested all their faith in the conviction that the KOAN can't be 
answered logically, so they have something greater than reason 
going for them. Children delight in playing with words to create 
statements that are self-contradictory and impossible to realize;
it is a childish mind that believes unanswerable questions are 
more significant than answers. When the KOAN is answered, like 
drawing the Sword from the Stone, they not only lose their game, 
but they also lose their faith. It satisfies their competitive 
humility to proclaim they are stupid, but no one can be smarter 
than their GURU, so they are wiped out when their GURU's bluff is 


*2   Every arcane study has devotees of vastly different degrees 
of competence. Groupies preserve and preach all precepts 
indiscriminately, because they don't know the difference between 
genius and learned fools.

     The moral is that everyone who believes he knows what's what 
should write his solutions for world salvation. Sooner or later, 
people will regard every recorded folly as inspired wisdom; it 
could be yours.


     I                                                    I
     I      Like proverbs and all other legislation,      I
     I   every scientific law and mathematical equation   I 
     I                   is contradicted                  I
     I  by another scientific law and mathematical proof. I
     I                                                    I
     I                  Wisdom is a matter                I
     I                 of choosing the law                I
     I            which satisfies your purpose.           I

     YOU will find nothing of theoretical importance in this 

book that you don't already know; all you will find in this book 

is innumerable different views of what you already know and 

believe in different contexts. Since the TAO of "phasics" turns 

everything into its opposite, you will find that everything you 

believe is self-contradictory; nevertheless, PLUS CA CHANGE and 

all that. How much of this book you will understand and believe 

depends entirely on your ability to maintain mental focus on the 

structural points of the subject so that you can hold its 

identity as I change the perspective. By the time you finish 

this book, you will realize that the entire universe is your own 

self, turned around every which way and inside out. 

     This is not a scholarly thesis; it is not the product of 

laboratory experiments, abstruse calculations, nor of library 

research. Everything you will read in this book is derived from 

observation of everyday, ordinary life. I shall introduce 

cardinal cases with commonplace observations or some commonplace 

facts and see what comes by way of some commonplace logic. As 

you follow my line of reason, you will see that your common 

sense leads to insights that are ignored and denied by 

authorized versions of truth. Now, what do you do? Do you deny 

your own senses and let authorities tell you what your life is 

all about, or do you decide for yourself the basis of your facts 

and take responsibility for making up your own mind? 

Professional authorities are convinced that the public is too 

stupid and ignorant to understand science, health, religion, and 

politics, not to mention teaching your children. The authorities 

have always condemned the Socratic dialogue as a corruption of 

youth. You won't think you are so stupid and ignorant by the 

time you finish reading this book. 

     It is just because this thesis is based on common 

experience that you can satisfy yourself of its truth. If you do 

not agree with me after checking my observations and facts 

against your own, tell me about it. You may be right; we may 

both be right from our respective points of view and frames of 

reference. If you find me mistaken, this book will have served a 

worthwhile purpose as an object lesson illustrating the ways 

that observations are susceptible to misperceptions, common 

facts are liable to be mistaken, and common sense can lead to 

common delusion. You need only look at the continual revisions 

of established scientific facts to see that the most highly 

qualified experts are just as subject to changing views as the 

rest of us --- which is why they should not be believed with 

less question than you are expected to direct at this book. (*1)

The best advice your medical doctor will ever give you is 

"seek a second opinion"; the advice is just as wise when you 

attend doctors of philosophy.

     During earlier years of my life while my livelihood 

depended on orthodox beliefs, I refused to give a thought to any 

of the ideas I am able to entertain now that my employer doesn't 

care what science I believe, as long as I don't bad mouth his 

politics (I work for the government, now). So do not suppose 

that I have no sympathy for the authorities; I have believed 

their doctrine for the same reasons they maintain their faith. I 

use satire only to reduce the awe of authority that stultifies 

people under oppressive doctrines. As you know, no one hates 

smokers more than a quitter --- who longs for a drag.

     The critical word in the previous sentence is oppressive. 
As long as a doctrine is bigger than its believers, it opens 

their minds to explore the vastness of its comprehension; no 

believer is going to give up that space --- nor should anyone. 

But when its believers outgrow their doctrine, it becomes 

spiritually oppressive, and they seek a greater freedom. And so, 

you see, no doctrine is inherently true or false; its truth 

depends upon how well it fits the vital needs and the mental 

stature of the people who believe it. Try this book on for size. 

If it fits your head, give it a test run on your road of life; 

if it cramps your style or rattles your chassis, you should have 

learned by now that we have to kiss a lot of frogs before we 

find our princes, and lick a lot of muddy feet before we find a 

God that repays our belief with as much support as we give.

     My comments on religions are not informed by scholarship 

but merely reflect generally held conceptions that outsiders 

entertain about creeds other than their own, like ethnic jokes 

express one's perspective on foreigners. Outsiders perceive 

meanings quite different from insiders. Confession, for example, 
has an entirely different meaning for Romans than for other 

people; you have to be a Catholic to experience it. Which is the 

true meaning? It depends on whether you are looking from the 

inside or the outside, doesn't it? Nevertheless, ethnic jokes 

express human identities, values, and follies more acutely than 

anthropological studies --- especially the identity, the values, 

and the follies of the teller. Some pious people may not be able 

to tolerate the respect I have for any church but theirs, nor 

can they tolerate any mention of their obvious follies. I ask 

you --- is a sense of humour and appreciation of the ludicrous a 

gift of the devil? No soul could abide in a Heaven without 

humour if hell holds all the fun. If I failed to offend anyone, 

let me know and the next edition will treat you the same as 

everyone else. 

     If you find this book intolerable, it is mainly because you 

have not been exposed to this kind of ideas before. You will be 

surprised at how inoffensive they will be the next time you have 

an encounter of this challenging kind. The initial denial, 

ridicule, and scepticism of Flying Saucer sightings gradually 

changed to belief for no reason other than the persistence of 

the reports for forty years; it doesn't matter that most of the 

reports are not true, and UFO hysteria was composed by the media 

to supply popular demand. If you haven't come here from 

Buckminster Fuller, see how his "Synergetics 1 & 2" grab you when 

you go there from here.

     Most people expect to understand a book on one reading; a 

book baffling at first sight can't get a literary review. I 

expect many readers to appreciate the insights into their 

special interest and competence, but be lost through the pages 

referring to other kinds of knowledge. You must realize, 

however, that this book would have no reason for its existence 

if it explained hyperspace from the mathematical view, alone --- 

as all other books on this subject do. This is a synthesis of 

many disciplines and philosophies; your mind must be capable of 

fusing the concepts and languages of many arts, crafts, sports, 

and sciences into a single gestalt in order to understand the 

physical structure and manifestations of hyperspace in your 
everyday life; this book is a holy scripture for the working 
days of the week. Mathematics and metaphore, high philosophy and 

vulgarity, are combined in the same paragraph, if not in the 

same sentence, so that you may realize that all languages 

express the very same truths. Thus, the believers of every faith 

will find scientific substantiation of their religion in the 

structure of hyperspace, and artists will find their common 

identity with scientists in politics' strangest bed. 

Mathematics, science, art, philosophy and religion cannot be 

experienced in everyday life unless they are expressed as 

everyday ideas in everyday language.

     This book is as paradoxical as its subject. It is clear and 

confused, profound and superficial, comic and tragic, ludicrous 

and reverent, it has no single thread of reason but spreads a 

tapestry, it is incoherent but an indivisible whole, it is fact 

and fantasy --- with more truth in the fantasy than in the fact. 

Writing it has been my KOAN; I composed it to be your KOAN. 

There is at least one epiphany for every reader, but, like a 

joke, you must be baffled to get it. This is a book for reading 

many times between reflections on life because it yields 

different meanings as you learn your living. Read it like a 

Bible that can be understood only in parts, according to your 

experience, intelligence, and wisdom --- and the number of 

children you have raised --- especially the little darlings who 

came with your second spouse.

     Understanding hyperspace is nothing but the ability to 

comprehend plural concepts, including polar opposites, within 

the same gestalt. Not only have I written the text to reflect 

the confusion of hyperspace, but I have also composed the format 

to serve as your object lesson in comprehending multiple views 

simultaneously. A magazine style should present no difficulty to 

a generation brought up on split-screen movies, multi-media 

light shows, and studying for academic exams while watching 

television with a friendly friend of the opposite sex. After 

reading the sidenotes to get the relevance, the logic is woven 

by the continuous text. On the third run through, you may read 

the footnotes without feeling interrupted. 

     Reading this book is somewhat like listening to a symphony; 

on first hearing, it is noise. It is only after the structure 

and the details have imprinted a gestalt in one's mind that 

melodies and counterpoint can be heard as musical architecture.  

The meaning of music is the gestalt; otherwise it is only notes; 

the beautiful sensation of music is produced by experiencing the 

energy of the gestalt amplified by harmonic resonance with each 

note. Likewise, the meaning of this book is in its gestalt, a 

synthesis of all its disparate parts in a higher dimension of 

consciousness. Nevertheless, each page can also be fruitful 

without further reference; this book offers something for 

everyone at any time.

      Once you are informed that lw=a, no further instruction is 

required for you to realize that a/l=w and a/w=l; the three 

equations express the very same structure. If you can only 

memorize equations, however, they will always seem mutually 

contradictory to you; lacking any intuitive understanding of why 

lw=a, the only proof you have of its truth is that the wallpaper 

fits the wall. As a consequence, Hitler was adequately trained 

to cut wall paper, but his groupies are unable to calculate the 

cost of deceptive packaging. 

     There is nothing in this book that is not self-evident from 

elementary equations known to everyone before entering high 

school. The only reason this book can be considered necessary 

reading is to clear your mind of the rote thinking inculcated by 

formal schooling. Formal education is determined to prohibit 

everyone from relating facts into a whole body of knowledge that 

inspires wisdom. Deprived of faculties for judgement, the public 

is unable to understand what is really being done to them; thus, 

everyone is forced to pay the professional establishment 

exhorbitant fees for simple services everyone can do for himself 

--- like filing divorce papers --- and rendered susceptible to 

believing everything one is told, like perennial children. 

Liberated women know exactly what I mean.

     You don't learn about hyperspace so much as you grow into 
               -----                                 ----
understanding as a consequence of mental/physical/spiritual 

evolution, like you grow into walking, talking, and sexual 

consciousness. Always remember and bear in mind that hyperspace 

extends through more than three dimensions, so you must be able 

to read construction plans easily before you can make sense of 

this book. In short, hyperspace is not difficult to understand; 

if its meaning does not develop like music after some 

rumination, comprehension is simply impossible, so don't sweat it. 

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*    I am impressed that the speakers at conferences are 
determined to persuade their audiences to believe, not 
criticize, and the audiences are seeking something to believe 
rather than a mandate to exercise their judgement. Thus, both 
parties waste the opportunty to learn something --- like, maybe 
they are mistaken.


                   I                        I
                   I The Hyperspace Trilogy I
                   I is a universal theory. I

     "TIME TRAVEL --- The Secret Science of The UFOs " is the 

first volume of a trilogy. This First Book puts you on The Yellow 

Brick Road by way by studying some simple models illustrating how 

familiar space is converted into familiar time by increasingly 
         -----                            ---- 
fine division and increasingly accelerated velocity. Once you 

arrive in The Emerald City of hyperspace, you will learn how 

higher dimensions are defined by the familiar measurements of 

energy; i.e., frequency, phase, and amplitude. You will see how 

the familiar physical fields of force known as nuclear, 

electromagnetic, gravitic, sonic, and even life and mental 

forces, constitute a scale of successively rarified hyperspacial 

worlds manifest to our senses as pure energy. Hyperspace is 

nothing but energy, and the geometry of hyperspace is nothing but 

a mathematical plotting of the laws governing transformations of 


     "TIME TRAVEL --- THe Secret Science of The UFOs"

presents a graphic solution to the Unified Field Equations that 

has defied the entire scientific world for a century. Unlike 

e=mc^2, which could not be implemented without an army of the 

world's most creative engineers funded by national treasuries, 

e=mc^3 is within the economic capacity of a home workshop, 

enabling free-enterprising Yankee know-how to open a new era of 

peace and prosperity like the palmy days of Edison, Ford, Tesla, 

the Wright Brothers, Tim Leary and Hugh Hefner. To the degree 

that the experiments of Henry Moray, Thomas Townsend-Brown, 

Bruce de Palma, and Pat Flanagan are as successful as they 

claim, the first lights are already shining into the New Age. 

Professional engineers will develop this Unified Field Theory to 

technical details beyond the scope of this book --- not to 

mention the competence of this author. After giving a 

ringful of keys to several adventurers who would be kings, the rest 

of this book will speculate on the probable design and 

engineering of the Flying Saucers. Once we have some practicable 

idea of how the Saucers operate, the possibilities of who builds 
        ---                                           ---
them, where they come from, and what they are doing here are 
      -----                     ----
reduced to a practical argument.

     The Second Book of Hyperspace, titled "LIVING CRYSTAL --- 

The Philosopher's Stone", explains the theorems of hypergeometry, 

providing inventive explorers with a mathematical foundation to 

create new engines, sciences, and arts. The discovery of the New 

World of Hyperspace will transform our civilization more 

radically than the discovery of America. Like the early 

explorers of this world found wealth, power, and fame, the 

explorers of the New Reality on the other side of the universal 

Klein Bottle will also found their empires and fortunes --- if 

they manage to avoid the savage cannibals prowling the 

hyperspacial jungles and the jealousy of the nobility when they 

return with their finds to civilization --- you are better off 

with the savages. Success could be yours, if you are young, 

energetic, enterprising --- and if your spouse will support you 

while you get your act together.

     The theorems of hypergeometry actually describe the 

properties of crystals, the quintessence of solid state physics. 
Crystals provide the means for tapping the titanic energies of 

hyperspace for human industry. By the time you read The Second 

Book of Hyperspace, you will realize that the human body is 

actually a living crystal, the most highly evolved crystal in 

this world.  Miracles are worked by holy men, such as Jesus, 

when they learn to alter the crystal parameters of their bodies. 

The Rock on which Christ built His Church is the very 
Philosopher's Stone sought by alchemists throughout history; 
like the Riddle of The Sphynx, Peter is the human body. The very 
fact that the Philosopher King Arthur's Stone is sought indicates 

that this hyperscience was known by prehistoric cabals; they are 

probably still alive and herding the human livestock on this 

lively little planet for their own benefit more than ours. Anyone 

who trusts the shepherd when he comes bearing gifts has got to be 

some kind of sheep.

     "KARMA --- The Birth, Life, and Death of YOUR SOUL"

completes this trilogy. You will learn why some people are 

healthy, wealthy, and wise, while others suffer various 

deficiency diseases. Even love, marriage, and happiness are 

determined by each person's position in hyperspace, commonly 

plotted by astrologists. Just as modern science has already 

opened hyperspace for trade and commerce without knowing what 

they hath wrought, the spiritual dimensions of hyperspace are 

all described in the world's religions without anyone knowing 

what the great Teachers were really talking about. You will 

realize the meaning of your life and your eternal soul by the 

time you complete The Hyperspace Trilogy. (*1)

     If I live long enough, the story of how I made all these 

discoveries in the ZEN martial arts will be told when I finish 

writing the first book I began, "FIERCE LOVE --- The Secret 

of Spiritual Power in The ZEN MARTIAL ARTS".

     The Flying Saucer is a challenge to science and politics. As 

far as the millions of wonderersare concerned, however, the UFO 

phenomenon is an essentially religious excitement, the secular 

apotheosis of the Messiah. Unlike any other study, The Hyperspace 

Trilogy responds to all public concerns by explaining the 

technological, the political, and the religious mysteries 

concurrently. This book is the beginning of a literary work 

destined to be a seminal classic of the New Age, a text for 

researchers, inventors, engineers, farmers and gardeners, 

psychologists and psychiatrists, religious disciples, medical 

doctors and interminably ill patients, politicians, advertisers, 

artists, architects, athletes, science-fiction writers and 

everyone who wants to know why people are such problems, 

especially the people we love. You are not starting to read a 

book but beginning a graduate university course of studies that 

will change your perception more drastically than an O.D. ticket 

on the SugarCube Express. The Hyperspace Trilogy is the kind of 

study that enables its readers to fullfill their vocations to 

become holistic teachers needed to lead people into the New Age.

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                                             OPEN FILE "INTRO-J"


*1 Everyone prays that "Thy will be done", and then prays that 
"My will be done". We'll get one or the other, shan't we.


      I                                                  I
      I            Curiosity about hyperspace            I
      I             is the mental forerunner             I
      I               of our metamorphosis               I
      I            into the Kingdom of Christ,           I
      I             like curiosity about sex             I
      I                 is the forerunner                I 
      I               of sexual maturation.              I
      I             People with no curiosity             I
      I  about the higher dimensions of ther existence   I 
      I      are not yet ready for their Salvation.      I
      I                                                  I
      I               The direct perception              I
      I        of our Divine Entity in hyperspace        I
      I      is the spiritual destiny of every soul,     I
      I  like parenthood is the destiny of most mortals. I

     EVERY creature is born into this world instinct with all the 

knowledge it needs to understand the meaning of its own life and 

solve its problems without consulting professional authorities. 

Rather than seek a teacher, you are better advised to find your 

instincts; your Christ Consciousness is nothing but your higher 

instincts. The little child sent to lead us is a symbol of our 
instincts. The child will show you your way by the following 

pentalogue. A real little blind child led me --- which just goes 

to show that the blind can lead.

1.    The Universe does not hide from Her Children.

          The Truth is always in plain sight.

          But the Truth is always subtle.

          The Child must be perceptive.

2.   The Universe does not deceive Her Children.

          The Truth is always simple.

          But the Truth is always comprehensive.

          The Child must be responsible.

3.   The Universe wants Her Children to know Right from Wrong.

          The Truth always works.

          The Truth works immediately.

          The Truth works without effort.

          The Truth is always gentle.

          The Child must be practical.

4.   The Universe wants Her Children to love life.

          The Truth is always joyous.

          But the Truth is always changing.

          The Child must be reborn each day.

          Rebirth is the other side of death's door.

5.   The Universe is an Equal Opportunity Teacher.

          She answers all who ask in commitment to the answer.

          It's a wise Child that knows when to stop asking           


          It is a wiser parent that knows when to stop answering           


                      END OF INTRODUCTION  GO TO CHAPTER 1