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By John White
     Let's play "What If."  Recently, John Lear provoked widespread
discussion and debate in the UFO research community by his hypothesis that
aliens (or "Grays") and what is presumed to be a CIA/MJ-12 amalgam have had
a  long-time joint venture in which hidden underground bases for alien
activities play a part.  Lear characterizes this as nefarious.  I agree
with Lear and see aspects to the UFO abduction experience which indicate
there may be even more vast and sinister dimensions to it than Lear has des
cribed.  Here is the "worst case scenario" I project.    

   The thrust of UFO research is into the metaphysical, where things are
not always as they seem.  In the case of the Gray abducting aliens, my
judgment is this:  they are diabolical and completely untrustworthy.  I get
a strong of sense of conspiracy  by them--a vast, subversive plot of long
duration and careful coordination which aims at nothing less than the
complete enslavement of humanity.  I see nothing--absolutely nothing--about
their words and deeds which indicates anything but deceit, evasion, 
misdirection, manipulation, exploitation and total disregard for human
values, personal property and our concept of respect for the inviolability
of personhood.  We humans consider kidnaping and violation of civil rights
to be criminal, rape to be loathsome, brainwashing and mind control to be
heinous, lying to be despicable, unauthorized surgical invasion of the body
to be monstrous, and damage to personal property to be vandalism.  The Gray
aliens exhibit such behavior.  On the other hand, I know of no behavior by
them which is clearly intended to show respect for our personhood,
property, civil rights, moral values and concern for truthful speech; they
routinely violate all that.  As I view the situation, it's a ghastly
picture which emerges.  It is not merely alien; it is profoundly evil in
precisely the sense given in the Book of Revelation and other sacred
scriptures which describe a battle between the forces of light and the
forces of darkness for the salvation or damnation of humanity and the
planet.   So when abducting aliens say, "We're here to serve you," I take
it to mean they have have cookbook recipes in mind.  

   What follows is a summary of my thoughts on the topic.  I acknowledge
at the outset that it is indistinguishable from scaremongering science
fiction novels; I also acknowledge that it has numerous underpinning
assumptions which are open to challenge.  (To name just two:  are the
alien abductions literally real or are they psychological projections from
the mythic level of the human unconscious, created by overactive,
distraught human minds, and are the MJ-12 documents authentic?)  Moreover,
the data on which I hang this scenario are few, tenuous and far from
indisputable.  I've deliberately stayed away from discussing this topic in
my public statements on the UFO experience because the evidence for my
position is difficult to describe to an audience which is not
psychologically sophisticated nor parapsychologically educated.  Most
people would take the paragraph above as evidence of bizarre mental
disturbance in me bordering on paranoia and religious fantasy, if not
full-blown psychosis.  However, I claim to have enough self-awareness and
psychological/psychiatric understanding to say that such is not the case,
but rather is the result of thoughtful observation and analysis leading
logically to a plausible conclusion by a seasoned investigator of the pa-
ranormal.  So if the issue of my sanity can be put aside, at least
temporarily, l offer this statement as an hypothesis for discussion of the
most perplexing--and potentially important--aspect of the UFO experience. 
I am "floating" it first among members of the Paranormal section of
CompuServe's ISSUES Forum because you are among the most sophisticated,
clear-thinking people I know in this field of wild stories, fuzzy data and
wounded psyches.  I welcome the most hard-hitting feedback.  I don't claim
to have the "final" answer to the UFO question.  I only claim to offer the
following with sincerity, the most rigorous thinking I can bring to it, and
a wish to provoke further discussion and investigation along the line I'm
developing.  Of course, it's possible to be sincere but deluded.  I am
willing--indeed, eager--to be shown that is so in my case.  Therefore, in
hope of the most hard-hitting feedback, and in the interest of
reality-testing, here we go with "What If." 
    Let's begin with the humans and/or humanoids who have been reported by
abductees to be present on UFOs, apparently working with/for the aliens. 
There are many such reports, most notably that by Travis Walton.  If the
Gray aliens have been conducting a genetic experiment or an interspecies
breeding program for at least several decades--which Budd Hopkins' work
indicates--then there could be humans who've been raised under alien
control since infancy and who are thoroughly alien in their loyalties and 
psychology, although they certainly would be able to pass as "real" people.
 While seeming to be ordinary citizens, they would nevertheless be at least
programmed, if not naturally inclined through psychological bonding, to
identify with the alien culture.  

Such people could have been raised in an off-world site--say, a base on
the moon or Mars or even a gigantic "mother ship" *--and then reintroduced
to human society, with sufficient training and ongoing support from aliens
to make their way into careers in many fields.  Depending on the scope of
the aliens' work--which I take to be happening on an enormous scale--the
abducting aliens/Grays could have hundreds or even thousands of their
people infiltrated into science, industry, finance, politics, education,
the military, etc--with some undoubtedly in positions of great power and
influence.  These people could, in turn, have recruited others to various
degrees, creating "cells" in the classic fashion of a resistance movement
preparing to overthrow the establishment.  More likely, though, they would
have made their true identity known only to other "aliens among us" and
committed true-human collaborators who have been voluntarily working with
the aliens. 

    This infiltration activity would not be limited to the USA.  If the
Gray aliens are doing it here, they're doing it everywhere.  Of course,
being scheming and untrustworthy, bent on planetary domination, they would
not have told anything about this  to MJ-12 or other official
government/military groups they might have contacted over the decades.  And
if they contacted MJ-12 or its successors, we can be fairly certain they've
contacted the Soviet Union and other major powers, but wouldn't have let
each know about the others.  The infiltration would represent a hidden
agenda behind their relatively more open agenda with MJ-12.  ("Open" is
hardly the right word for an "Above Top Secret" operation, as the MJ-12
documents have been classified, but the alien infiltration of civilization
would be above even that.)   

    In parallel with that infiltration movement would be Manchurian
Candidate-type programming of the abductees and alien-human/humanoids.  In
other words, if the Grays' ultimate intention is world control--which is my
conclusion--they've got a couple  of ways to get there.  The last resort
would be violent takeover, using naked warfare.  That would certainly unite
true humans in opposition, and even if the Grays conquered humanity, we
would continue to resist by any and all means, even if our condition  were
reduced to the status of POWs at a Hanoi Hilton.  No, the aliens would seek
a bloodless takeover by conquering through propaganda and deception. 
Remember that American POWs in Korea and Vietnam were continually subjected
to brainwashing because their bodies were captured but not their minds. 
The aliens would recognize that and, in order to make their victory
complete, try to indoctrinate us, through covert means, to accept them as
we walk down a garden path, rather than have to "reeducate" some five 
billion people in effect held captive as POWs.     

    So, the more intelligent approach would be to co-opt the human
race--subvert it through a cultural conditioning control system such as
Jacques Valle suggests in Dimensions.  The MJ-12 group and its counterparts
in other nations would be the starting point.  Here's where the plot
thickens.  In fact, it ties in with more mundane conspiracy theories in the
political sphere which allege that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds,
Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and other
groups are the hidden powers and the secret establishments directing world
affairs through international banking and control of the media, education,
science and military/political institutions in order to set up a one-world
social order with themselves at the seats of power.    

     There are some plausible arguments for this made by responsible,
credible thinkers and scholars such as Carroll Quigley and Antony Sutton;
there are also some absolutely bozo claims made by head-for-the-hills
survivalists and fringe Christian fundam entalists.  I try to assess them
all to see what looks viable, weighing them against my standards of reason,
logic and evidence.  Now, it's perfectly clear, thanks to Irangate, that
international conspiracies can and do happen; the question is to what degr
ee and how well coordinated and controlled they are by the alleged secret
powers.  Until the last few years, I pretty much dismissed the notion of a
generations-old international conspiracy to set up a one-world order
controlled by international banking in terests such as the Rockefellers and
Rothschilds.  I reasoned that if there were one conspiracy, there would be
others, and the net result would be to negate or at least neutralize each
other.  No one would gain total control or unassailable ascendancy.  The
vagaries of world affairs were just too unpredictable; too many things
could go wrong; people wouldn't stay loyal to such a cause all their lives;
evidence of it simply couldn't be covered up forever. 
    Then the Gray aliens came into view, and the situation took on a
wholly different complexion. 

  If the aliens have secretly planted their agents throughout civilization
for decades and if they are pursuing contact with the top echelons of power
here in the USA via MJ-12 and its successors--as suggested by reports of
Project Aquarius, Project Sigma, Project Garnet and Project Snowbird in
Jerome Clark's four-part review of UFO crash/retrievals in Fate earlier
this year--then over the years they could have been playing out a hand that
was strategized nowhere but in Hell.  Look at the membership of 
those power groups such as MJ-12.  They lead straight into the heart of the
most disturbing "conventional" conspiracy theories about international
finance and military/political intrigue.  For example, consider the Skull
and Bones Society at Yale. It is, from the political conspiracy theorists'
point of view, the quintessential "evil empire" within the USA.  George
Bush, McGeorge Bundy, and a large number of the Trilateral Commission
members and the Council of Foreign Relations were tapped by this secret
society while they were undergraduates at Yale and were bound by an oath of
secrecy to loyalty to the "Bones" purpose, which goes far, far beyond
simple collegial fraternity and the typical "good ol' boy" network.   

     The conspiracy theorists say that the aim of all this is to covertly
create a new world order in which the  secret establishment becomes the
hidden power controlling global affairs--its economy, science, industry,
religion, education, technology, etc., even while maintaining for the
masses a facade of increasing freedom and prosperity for the world. 
Nationhood would wither away, but political power would not.  It would be
consolidated behind a screen through the fraternal bonds of men (Skull and
Bon es excludes women) whose aims and loyalty are not to any country or
group except their own transnational cabal. 

     Imagine that such a conspiracy has been going on for decades; that
would explain US State Department approval of high-technology transfer from
American industry to the Soviet Union, even when it ends up used against
America in military situations, and multimillion dollar bank loans to the
Soviet Union with no assurances sought that they won't be used to
underwrite anti-American activities.  Then imagine that the aliens not only
know of the conspiracy and understand its operations, but have also
cunningly schemed to infiltrate it and co-opt it by pretending to establish
friendly but secret relations with it.  What would be the nature of the
directing intelligence behind the aliens' scheme?  It seems to me that the
Gray aliens alone are not smart enough or powerful enough to pull it off,
despite their technological edge.  I see it like this:  

    The aliens are glad to let the human conspirators continue their work
aimed at world domination because the humans don't realize the danger
they've gotten into by making what is in reality a diabolical pact. The
human secret establishment thinks it's simply got an edge by making
contact with the aliens because the aliens can provide advanced technology
to help the power brokers advance their scheme; all they have to do is let
the aliens continue with their "scientific" work of abducting people for
"examination."  But the aliens' intention is to be the power behind the power
behind the throne.  And the MJ-12 successors played right into their hands.

     When John Lear says the MJ-12 team is scared of what they've gotten
into, he would be right if the people involved have begun to realize the
magnitude of the deadly game they've been suckered into--which seems
likely.  Just as they see their "final" victory nearing--i.e., global
affairs are tending well for the establishment of a one-world order,
exactly as they've been working for over decades--the aliens trump them and
in effect the secret establishment itself becomes subtly, secretly but
inescapably enslaved, exactly as they sought to do to others.  A delicious
irony there--but don't laugh too loud about it because the situation, if 
I'm correct, is appalling.  It's the Book of Revelation coming true:  a
titanic war in the heavens between the powers of light and the powers of
darkness for the liberation or enslavement of all humanity.   

    Now, return to those alien-raised humans and humanoids.  If the aliens
are as knowledgeable about human psychology, physiology and anatomy as UFO
research indicates--i.e., reports show that they can completely control the
human nervous system, effect instant healings, alter memory, perform
precise surgical operations on the brain and visceral organs--then they are
wholly competent to "program" human beings to react in certain ways upon
signal.  Under hypnosis, abductee Betty Andreasson stated repeatedly in
The Andreasson Affair--Phase Two that she would reveal something in the
future when the time is right as determined by the aliens; quite
independently, her future husband, Bob Luca, received exactly the same
mental programming from abducting Grays.  

   Thus, the alien-humans would undoubtedly be programmed to rise up with
violence and armed warfare if the aliens felt it necessary to achieve their
aims in extremis.  Imagine hundreds of thousands of Manchurian Candidates,
each programmed to eliminate/assa ssinate designated leaders and officials
so that the aliens' hand-picked candidates can come forward.  Far out?  Not
in the shadowy world of subversion, political intrigue and life-or-death
struggle for conquest of Planet Earth. 
    Where do all the alien-humans come from?  Many would undoubtedly be
bred in vitro from sperm and ova, but many others would have been obtained
the easy way--by kidnaping children.  An estimated one million children are
missing in the USA each year.  Where could they all go?  If just one percent
of them were abducted by aliens, that's a sizable population to work with at
off-world bases. 

    If you will grant the plausibility of this admittedly fantastic
scenario so far, it then makes sense to say that the Gray aliens are not
the "ultimate" type of beings contacting us in this matter.  They are
alien, through I'm not convinced they're extraterrestrial.  However, it
appears there is another "race" behind the Gray aliens, covertly directing
their activities.  This "race" is not merely "alien"--it is evil.  It is
truly sinister, malevolent and unswervingly committed to the damnation of
all humanity--and it is definitely not extraterrestrial.  These
intelligences have been characterized in ancient scriptures and sacred
traditions as native to Earth, demonic, hostile to our very existence as
free people and intent upon dominating us totally--physically, mentally
and spiritually.  St. Paul spoke of humanity contending with "powers and
principalities."  My reason, research and personal experience lead me to
conclude that such entities are ontologically real, albeit paraphysical. I
see the hand of such intelligences behind much of the UFO phenomenon.  I
will even name the chief entity, using its Judeo-Christian appellation: 
Lucifer/Satan.  To say more than that in a meaningful manner, however,
would take several more kilobytes.  I am prepared to g et into the issue of
Lucifer/Satan and its nature, purpose and role in the UFO experience, but
that will depend on my assessment of the response to this discussion.    

   In closing, I will say that, in my judgment, we humans are not alone
against forces of darkness.  I also see benign and even benevolent "alien
intelligences" here as well, trying to assist us in this struggle for
psychobiological integrity, spiritua l advancement and true planetary
unity, as Brad Steiger suggests in The Fellowship.  We are surrounded by
"angels unawares" who, as agents of godliness, seek in subtle ways to guide
and protect us.  For example, the beings of light whom people meet during 
near-death experiences (NDE) are providing tremendous support for humanity
in what I see as a struggle between the forces of light and darkness.  The
light-beings' nature is clearly evident by the effect they have upon human
lives.  Completely unlike the abducting Gray aliens, the NDE light-beings
produce no traumatic consequences on people whatsoever.  Humans who meet
them while in the near-death state report later that they sensed only
unconditional love and forgiveness for misdeeds radiating wordlessly from
these entities.  Abducting aliens induce fear and long-lasting anxiety,
disturbing dreams and a disturbed personality; NDE light-beings have an
aftereffect which brings people a sense of ultimate peace, cosmic goodness,
reverence for life, deepened spi rituality, concern for fellow humans and
the environment--a general revaluing of a materialistic, egotistic
life-style in the name of God and Love.  Here in America alone, an
estimated 8,000,000 people have undergone an NDE.  If America is the
leading edge of a millennial demonic invasion, as I'm postulating, it is
also the site of an even greater number of transformative, uplifting,
inspiring encounters with entities traditionally called angels, saints and
enlightened teachers.  And such activity must be happening around the
globe.  Does this not indicate a colossal support system of metaphysical
forces which intend salvation for humanity, building in opposition to what
I have posited as a hellish plot aimed at complete enslavement of humanity
and Planet Earth? 

     * In 1972, while visiting the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena,
California, I learned from my guide--a JPL employee--that the facility had
analyzed many UFO photographs.  My guide told me that JPL had explained
away all of them except one.  That one, he told me, was taken by a man who
provided such good information about the time of day, location, camera and
film that JPL, after using computer enhancement of the photo, could offer
only two explanations.  The man who submitted the photo said he saw a UFO
passing in front of the moon.  JPL would not confirm it but said there
definitely was something real in the photo.  The only trouble was that they
couldn't tell if it was a small object about two feet in front of the
camera or something 1,000 miles long at a distance of 100,000 miles from
Earth.  A mother ship?