John Lear Interview.

[The following is a transcript of February 14, 1988 8:00 PM EST three hour
session with John Lear.  Because of the lengthy duration of the CO I have
edited the transcript to remove some of the front name appendages.  Nothing
else has been removed or added. In a few cases, obvious "Typo's" were
corrected. For those purests out there I have the original transcript,
keystroke for keystroke as it appeared on my screen and will make it available
to anyone who requests it. I will however retain it only for one month. So
after March 14, 1988 this is all you get!  Incidently, the orignal is very
tedious to wade through.  This transcript took three hours to edit. - Ted
Markley ]

[Note: The following list of attendee's is acompilation of those whom logged
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(18,Ted M, s10) Are we all about ready to get started? GA
(18,Tom Mickus) Sure
(18,Dale B. Wedge) Yessir Sysop
(18,phil) ok
(18,John Lear) Roger
(18,DBC) all set
(18,Mark Hochman) hello
(18,G-WIZ) hi all.
(18,Ted M, s10) I'm going to dump some stuff from my buffer

Before we get started tonights CO will be conducted formally.  When I open
up for questions please indicate your desire to speak with a "!" or "?" I
will record the order and take each in turn.

With that out of the way it is my pleasure to introduce John.

John Lear is a captain for a major US Airline.  He holds 17 world speed
records in the Lear Jet developed by his father, William P. Lear.  Mr Lear
has flown missions worldwide for the CIA and other government agencies and
is a former Nevada State Senator candidate. John became interested in the
subject of UFO's less than a year and a half ago.John is the author of the
controversial LEAR.TXT in the DL10 database.  With that, John would you like
to make any opening comments before I open up for questions? GA

(18,John Lear) Good evening to all and thanks for I talked to Budd Hopkins on
Friday.  He has just returned from an interview in Florida. A local TV station
there has a 2 minute video tape taken by a local building contractor which
shows a 25 foot circular craft flying around in his backyard.  This is in
addition to 9 or 10 photos.  Instead of releasing it immediately the station
decided to do a documentary to establish credibility of the witness (several)
and authenticity of the video and photos to preclude the usual charges of
fraud.  It will air March 3 in Pensacola and may be picked up nationally.  A
reliable source in the government UFO coverup said last week "The fit is about
to hit the shan" or words to that effect.  There was more to the Australian
incident than was in the press.

(18,Ted M, s10) Okay. John did you want to add anything else or should I open
the floor for questions? GA

(18,John Lear) GA

(18,Ted M, s10) Ok. We wil now start the queue. GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) ?
(18,DBC) ?
(18,Tom Mickus) ?
(18,Brad Langton) ?

(18,Ted M, s10) Ok Dale your first GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) John, we have been hearing from William Moore that he was
going to release evidence last December, that didn't happen. Now, a respected
person (you) come out with your text. Is this a hypothesis or do you have
proof that you will be supplying to us? ga

(18,John Lear) I don't have iron clad proof.  All I have is a number of
documents and recorded phone calls and interviews that led up to me writing
the h [?] GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) Ted, John is typing too long
(18,Ted M, s10) John use a CR after about 60 characters. DBC Go

(18,John Lear) I'll get the hang of it yet. GA

(18,DBC) Ok. John, you have referred several times to a video that you have and
which you have shown to the upi. Can you tell us what is on that video? ga

(18,John Lear) One  is the CNN Bentwaters incident produced by CNN with Chuck
Dicaro reporting.  It's the one with Larry Warren in it Two is the HBO
documentary of 1975. The Third is "Strange Harvest" prodcued by Linda Moulton
Howe for the CBS affilitate in Denver Fourth is "UFOS: It Has Begun" produced
by Sandler films. This is the video that was made in 1973 that was going to
show the acutal footage of the first landing of UFOs at Holloman AFB in New
Mexico.  But due to Watergate the end was changed and drawings were used to
substitute for the actual photos. In the narration Serling say,  "Suppose a
landing is made, or maybe has already been made at Holloman AFB...."  The
fifth is "UFOs are Real" produced by Brandon Chase. Sixth is the Japanese moon
photos taken by an amateur Japanese astronomer with a 16 inch telescope of
some circular shadows racing across the surface of the moon. Seventh is the
Tacoma incident of a vehilcle 500 ft in diameter passing by at 1700 mph and
the last is the Orange County incident which is some footage of a 5 ft
diameter saucer flying around in someones back yard. This one is not very

(18,Ted M, s10) Is that the video you were refering to DBC? GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) ?
(18,DON) ?

(18,DBC) I guess so. I have one other question if I could. You refer to an
altercation at Dulce NM. If this in fact occurred in 1979 as you say and 66
members of a special military unit were killed, there must be some public
information on the "strange disappearance" of these men. If you could simply
throw out a lead or two to pick up on this, it might  significantly open up
the story. ga

(18,John Lear) Not necessarily. We have several teams which do this kind of
work. Its very easy for these type of men to disappear.  They are chosen
specifically without family (I know I have been interviewed for the same type
of deal and turned down because I have a family)  Also, remember at this time
we were trying to get the hostages back and any disappearance could be covered
by saying they were involved in that mission.  It would be impossible knowing
what I know to get a line on any of these guys. The only guy I know that would
know is the guy that wrote the Dulce papers and he is not talking. GA

(18,Ted M, s10) Tom M ypu're next GA

(18,Tom Mickus) John, concerning the Reykavik meeting between Reagan and
Gorbachev. Can you elaborate on what you meant by Gorbachev "caving In". And
was the meeting called primarily due to this  since it was hastily called,
also, what is your source for this inside info. And in regards to SDI, do they
plan to use this in space (many years off...), or are they looking to use
technology spinoffs? GA

(18,John Lear) My "usually reliable source" said that the meeting was called
specifcally for the alien question. Reagan told Gorby that we were unable to
contain the EBE's and that we needed SDI for help. SDI needed lots of bucks so
we needed Gorby to quit his opposition. So that we got get the bucks we
needed.  SDI is only an attempt to repel the EBE's. Be aware that when the
Russions came to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago that the meeting was allegedly to
discuss underground monitoring.  During the first meeting the press was  told
that there had been a change in plans and that no statement  would be made for
a week.  Also, through excellent sources here I was told that the scientists
and engineers involved in the technological aspects of the monitoring and the
ones supposed to meet with the Russians were told that there would be no
meeting.  The Russians were bussed each day to a place unknown to anybody.  It
is not known what they discussed. Speculation: I speculate that we discussed
plans for containing the EBE's.GA

(18,Tom Mickus) ?

(18,Ted M, s10)  Ok Brad you're Up GA

(18,Brad) Thank you Ted. John, not to get too far off the target but have you
ever heard of anything called Alternative 003? GA.

(18,John Lear) Yes GA
(18,Ted M, s10) Continue Brad GA

(18,Brad) Is there any possible connection between these events and that
hypothesis? ga

(18,Ted M, s10) John L . ? John are oyu still there? GA

(18,Brad) Anyone else heard of Alternative 003? ga

(18,DBC) no, what is it?

(18,DON) No, ga

(18,Dale B. Wedge) John is not listed.


(18,Dale B. Wedge) He must of got dumped.

(18,Ted M, s10) John must have been knocked off ...

(18,Tom Mickus) Heart attack?

(18,DBC) taken away?
(18,Ted M, s10)  Abducted?

(18,Brad) Its difficult to summarize here but the gist of it is a joint
US/USSR project to  re-establish a new human colony in space  due to an
approaching ecological disaster. ga

(18,John Lear) I got knocked off. What was Brads Questions?

(18,Ted M, s10)  Welcome back John GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) ?

(18,John Lear) Thanks I got knocked off somehow .Go ahead with questions. GA

(18,Brad) John, did you receive my question? ga

(18,John Lear) No Brad, Go ahead. GA

(18,Ted M, s10)  Try again brad Ga

(18,Brad) Is there a possible connection between your data and Alternative
003? ga

(18,John Lear) Only that they are both far out, the difference being that mine
was true and ALT 3 was just a story.GA

(18,Brad) I reference a book by Leslie Watkins Avon publication 1979 copyright
that alledges CIA involvement in a massive plan to relocate the human race. ga

(18,John Lear) I havn't read it.  But there is probably some kind of effort to
protect the government. This could be related to Project Noahs Ark started by
Jimmy Carter in 1978. There are giant holes around about 1000 ft deep and about
200 ft in diamter. A friend of mine flew some cargo to one up near Shemya in
the Aleutians  and saw one under construction.  They had only completed 3
stories but he said they were like a modern office building with corridors
office., and they had breakfast in the cafeteria.  When he asked what this was
for there was no answer from his host.GA

(18,Brad) The documentary was conducted by the BBC and alleged that the HQ was
on Archimedes Crater on the moon. The Apollo 11 transmissions were alleged to
have been edited to remove information that the astronauts saw other
spacecraft on the moon watching their (Apollo 11's) efforts. ga

(18,John Lear) I have not been able to make any headway on the Apollo 11
story.  Astronauts definately saw saucers and Gemini 3 with Grissom and Young
came down after 2 or 3 revolutions because they were scared fitless.  Hynek
did the debriefing. I have one original negative of a saucer (actually a
light) following one of the Gemini during launch. GA

(18,Ted M, s10) Ok Dale GA

(18,Michelle & Charles) ?

(18,Dale B. Wedge) John a lot of your information seems to have come from the
following sources: Howe on "Strange Harvest" with Mutilations...Hopkins books
on spherical implants, Al Hibbs from the HBO Special, Tacoma from the Movie
UFO Exclusive, Larry Warren (Art Wallace) from the CNN video and HBO Speical,
and the ecological problem, which I think Whitley Strieber is writing about.
Is this true,  and if yes, is your text a personal Position Paper, or do you
have high ranking people to back up what you have written?

(18,Ted M, s10) Good question Dale, John? Ga

(18,John Lear) I have no high ranking people to back me up. It is true that I
interviewed Linda How, Larry Warren, Paul Bennewitz, Gabe Valdez, Budd Hopkins
and a host of others during my research.  I would like to  take this time here
to cover some other videos.  I would like to list the videos that Moore has
and allegedly is going to get for his release.. The first video is the 2 well
known newsman interviewing a man associated with MJ 12.  This and one other
video of the same nature was seen by Jerry Clark, Jim Mosley and Paul Harvey
and 2 others.  MJ-12 had hoped that Paul Harvey would break the story but he
didn't and they (MJ-12) were quite upset.  The 2 videos are the interview with
EBE-2 which is an interview with a live alien being help with an Air Force
colonel who receives the information telepathically. I know, I know. Hard to
believe nevertheless its true.  The fourth video is what the EBE's claim is
the crucification of Christ on the mount of Olives.  The pictures were in
holographic projection and do not come out well when filmed on tape or film so
it is...

(18,Tom Mickus) Just to interrupt, Christ was crucified on CALVARY, not the
Mount of Olives...

(18,John Lear) not all that good according to sources that have seen it. OK
maybe the EBE's have that wrong OK maybe the EBE's have that wrong too. They
allege that they created Christ. GA

(18,Ted M, s10) Ok Dale just one more quick follow up then we have to move on

(18,Dale B. Wedge) OK. John would it be fair to say that your "hypothesis" is
based on the videos that I listed, inteviews with Ufologists, etc., and not
information gained from a high ranking official in the government who is going
to come forward? ga

(18,John Lear) In addition to those you listed I interview a CIA  official,
Sandia employee and several Air Force peronnel.  There is no High ranking
official going to come forward with this story many many reasons.  GA

(18,Ted M, s10) Ok don you're up GA

(18,tab) ?

(18,DON) Hi John, Don Ecker from Boise, Id. .....

(18,John Lear) Hi

(18,DON) We spoke last Tue Afternoon. A couple of ?s and something that might
help clear up some. First I got knocked off and don't know if you covered it.
Did you mention anything about the possibilty of either Hynek or Moore
possibly being a red herring in conjuction with the question of a coverup? I
think maybe you could mention also the conversation with General J. Doolittle
and his investigation in 52.  Now my ?. If this is correct about the EBEs, and
bases here and abroad, is it known how many we are speaking of, and if so, it
seems to me that any bases known would be vulnerable to Tac Nukes if these
beings are the threat that you feel. Also the bases you mentioned at Dulce and
Groom Lake, do they have many sightings of UFOs in these areas and if so, how
are they handled. Last, as far as EBE 1,2,3 are concerned, have they totally
lost the capacity for speech, and if so, how do we know the AF Col. is correct
in his interiation, and how did we get possesion of them? Was it voluntary, or
did we get lucky?  ga

(18,Ted M, s10) WOW DON!

(18,John Lear) To start with I don't understand the question about the red
herring but if you are asking if ufologists are being fed misinformation I
ask. To What End?....

(18,DON) Yes in other words, perhaps they know more than they can either
tell, or are permitted to

(18,John Lear) I mean what could be worse than being eaten by aliens? As far as
Gen Doolittle, he was interviewed by Bill Moore several [?]

 (18,DON) I lost it John, off the screen.

(Ted M, s10) Try Again John

(18,John Lear) OK as far as Gen Doolittle, he was interviewed by Bill Moore
several years ago.  Moore showed him the Eisenhower briefing which Doolittle
read and then turned to Moore and said.."Young man, there are some things
which must never be known."  As far as the underground bases they are about 1
kilometer or 3000 feet below the surface which makes it invulnerable to nukes
and this was precisly the problem at Dulce when we tried to get some of our
people out.  Saucers are seen at Dulce according to Gabe Valdez and as you
know Groom Lake is a highly restricted area with the use of deadly forced
authorized.  I have 2 witnesses who saw saucers flying there.  As you may
know, access to Groom Lake is by Presidential approval only and there are only
about 1600 approvals at this time.  As to how we got the EBEs I don't know.
Allegedly they are defectors.  The only one that I know is still living is
EBE-2 at this time or at least of several monthes ago.GA

(Ted M, s10) Ok I want to be sure that every one gets at least one chance to
ask a question. So Michelle & Chas, GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) ?
(18,DON) ?

(18,Michelle & Charles) (This is Michelle)  About the Grissom/Gemini flight -
is the sighting of UFO's by Grissom the reason he panicked when he landed in
the ocean?  That was mercury This loss of cool on his part was well documented
in the recent. "The Right Stuff", but never fully explained... also, were
other of the early test pilots subjected to UFO "help" in their flights? GA

(18,Jim) ?

(18,John Lear) The only one I know about is Gemini 3 with Grissom and Young.
They both paniced and asked to come down. Mission control said no because it
would have put them way out in the Pacifc and they had no ships there. They
made one more rev and landed near Grand Turk in the Caribbean.  Hynek was
flown to a carrier which picked up the astronauts and he did the debriefing on
the carrier.GA

(Ted M, s10)  Ok tab you're up GA

(18,tab) John, ealier you stated that Gorby and Reagen discussed ee's and sdi
how did that discuss that discussion end? ga

(18,Brad) You have the floor tab, ga

(Ted M, s10) John did you get that? GA

(18,John Lear) I did not get anything.GA

(18,tab) withdraw

(18,Tom Mickus) Who's next Ted?

(18,DON) ?
(18,Brad) ?

(Ted M, s10) Okay Jim you're up GA

(18,Jim) Greetings, a few questions come to mind from what has been discussed
so far. In regard to SDI. What is the point, the EBE's or whatever could knock
it out anyways even if they only hit one satalite at a time. Why would P.
Harvey pass up the biggest story of his carear esp since MJ-12 wanted him to
do it? If we know the Aliens are coming and going at Dulce why isn't someone
there taking lots of pictures of them as they come and go? If they won't let
our people out, why don't we just concrete over all the entrances? GA

(18,John Lear) I don't understand the question about EBEs and the satelites. If
you are asking why don't the EBEs stop us if they now what...

(18,Jim) The SDI satelite

(18,John Lear) we are doing...I dont know.  What I do know is that Dr. Teller
is working like a man...

(18,Tom Mickus) "possessed"

(18,Jim) He's probablly been doing that since 44

(18,John Lear) possessed.  And it is not for fear of the Russians.  As to Paul
Harvey he did

(18,Tom Mickus) Ted, did you miss my previous "?" ?
(18,Dale B. Wedge) He missed mineNo...
(18,Tom Mickus) Sorry..GA

(Ted M, s10) We only have time for a couple of more questions. I have tried to
be sure that all got at least one in...

(18,charley) I just logged on, is there time for one quick one?

(Ted M, s10) so from here on we'll have Tom M., Brad, Dale and then Don (and if
they are quick we'll fit you in charley )

(18,DBC) John's still in the middle of a sentence I think.
(18,charley) John, are you going to speak/cook

(18,John Lear) Thank you. I think I was interupted by Jim. I was going to say
that the reason Paul Harvey did not go with the story is that he did not
believe it.  I talked to him directly. As far as the pictures at Dulce many of
us have been there and no saucers have seen fit to show.  As far as the
concrete, was this a serious question? GA

(18,Jim) Sure. IF we are worried abut them

(Ted M, s10) Okay Tom M. It's your turn  GA

(18,Tom Mickus) Sorry I was cut off John, using a #, How many top-notch
"contacts would you say you have [?]  Would you be surprised if the Reykavik
stroy turned out to be bogus? Also, how many current members of Congress are
"in the know"... Can you read? I 'll continue. Lastly, John, how many members
of MJ-12 wouuld you estimate thsat there are now and do you have anything to
add on the EBE - "Christ "connection..Thank you...GA

(18,John Lear) I have enough top-notch contacts to know that what I am telling
you is true. I don't know what you are refering to as bogus in the Reykavik
story.  Aliens were certainly discussed I doubt if any congressman or senators
know the whole story.There are less than 25 MJ-12's at this time. There is
another organization called PI-40 that knows a little about the story. Nothing
to add on the Christ connection except that I don't believe that the EBE's
created Christ and that they are probably saying that to create disruption.

(18,Tom Mickus) What I meant to imply is that if the Reykavik story turned out
to be false, would it have any effect on some of your other information? GA

(18,John Lear) I still dont is fact that aliens were discussed
but no, it would not make any difference the story is true..GA (Ted M, s10) We


(18,Brad) Ok. I'll ask just a few quickies in sequence, then you can answer
 1) Is there any evidence that the EBE's have control of time travel.
 2) Is there a chance that a synthesis of Alt 003 and EBE Hypothesis is a
 3) I guess that's it for now... I'll ask more in the nets. GA

(18,John Lear) 1) There have been instances of people disappearing for days and
it seeming only like 15 minutes...other instances  of  the reverse.  2)
Anything is possible. GA

(18,Brad) Thankyou John. GA

(Ted M, s10) Ok Dale you're up GA

(18,DBC) ?

(18,Dale B. Wedge) No disrespect intended, but  anyone with videos ((I have
many) and books (I have over 1000) could have put your hypothesis together. I
find it difficult to believe that a superior race would have to make a deal on
abductions with the U.S., when they could abduct people and mutilate cattle in
a third world nation.  Then they would not have to deal with technology. I
would just, for once, like to find an investigator with physical and tangible
proof.  Anyways, I thank you for livening up the UFO Community and hope that
your information pans out in fact, but am not looking forward to the
consequences. Thank

(Ted M, s10) Well said Dale Go Don GA

(18,DON) Ok. John , as we discussed last week, the U.S. public has b... over
... t of that scary story was true. ... In 1968 a 20 year plan for the release
of the information about UFOs was begun.  Unfortunatly we were led to believe
that these cute cuddly friendly little aliens just wanted to phone home.  It
wasn't until the early 80's that it became apparent that they also didn't mind
eating us.  MJ-12 was then in a panic of what do we do now? There is
cooperation with the Russians and plenty of it. There are probably hundreds of
bases world wide. Yes on land line GA

(Ted M, s10) Okay folks I MUST interrupt here for just a minute. I promised
John that this would only last for 1 to 1 1/2 hours we have now gone past two.
John do you want to continue? GA

(18,John Lear) I have plenty of time

(18,Dale B. Wedge) You shouldn't of said that John. haha

(18,John Lear) Thats fine with me. GA
(Ted M, s10) Ok let's GO!!! GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) Call me sometime Ted

(18,charley) ??

(Ted M, s10) Charley, you're up GA

(18,DBC) ?

(18,charley) Thanks Ted and John, I mainly wanted to know how to send long and
involved questions, if possible. ga

(Ted M, s10) Try EMAIL Charley GA

(18,charley) ok

(Ted M, s10) Ok DBC  next GA

(18,Tom Mickus) ?

(18,DBC) ok. John, you mentioned on the board that there have been a number of
sightings in England in the last week and that the British cabinet has been
briefed on MJ12 and EBEs. Can you elaborate any on this? And can you tell us
at what level your source is? ga

(18,John Lear) To my address: 1414 Hollywood Blvd. This is an extremely good
source and I told you all I know I expect to hear more next week and will pass
it on.GA

(Ted M, s10) Ok Tom M next! GA

(18,Tom Mickus) Well John, where do we go from here... besides "RUNNING LIKE
HELL" when we see a saucer and starting letter campaigns to our elected
officials? GA

(18,John Lear) I'm afraid its too late for that. Personally, I purchased 8 more
ozs. of Feu D'or pipe tobacco and 2 - 6 paks of diet Pepsi for the Vortex
which goes from Feb 15 to Feb 18.  If we get through that I'm going back on
the flight line.GA

(18,Tom Mickus) I guess bomb shelters won't do us any good, eh? GA

(18,John Lear) Well All I can tell you is source said to a friend
of mine that it looked my friend said "bad like what. I mean should I
get food? Is there going to be an earthquake or fire or what?" And the source
said, no will be much worse than that.....GA

(18,Michelle & Charles) ?

(Ted M, s10) Ok Michelle next Ga

(18,Michelle & Charles) John ... (charles here) I missed something.  What's
this "vortex" ? I thought that was the small cyclone in the bottom of the bath
tub  GA

(18,John Lear) The vortex theory is that directly over areas of intense
gravity as plotted on a Bourgier chart (US Coast and Geodetic) during full
moon, new moonor perigee create the conditions necessary for interdimensional
transfer for instance the vortex date in January was the 20th on or about the
same time as the UFO flap there.  The vortex theory also states that
earthquakes are more prevalent at that time. GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) ?

(Ted M, s10)  Dale GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) I may have missed something...Is something suppose to happen
between Feb 15 and 18 which would affect us...and if so, what because I got
some info that fits into that time frame?

(Ted M, s10) Dale .. More ? GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) No, I only try and ask one.haha

(Ted M, s10) Go for it John ! GA

(18,John Lear) OK the vortex opens on the 17th of Feb and is a bit unusual
because new moon coincides with perigee which has not happened in a while.
Statistically, the vortex is open 2 days prior and 1 day after the date so it
would be Feb 15 to Feb 18. There are a number of other factors that i ndicate
something will occur during those dates. GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) Thanks ga

(Ted M, s10)  Dale what do you have that would fit into that time frame? GA

(18,Dale B. Wedge) Ted, I got some religious garbage in the mail totally off
the wall stuff that deals with the recent religious sightings of Mary at
Medjourge in Yugoslavia...They state that  something was to happen in mid-
February that is of a catastrophic nature.  Wierd huh?ga

(Ted M, s10) Sure is. John we have all heard of Cattle mutilations and the like
have you heard of any other type of animal travisties? GA

(18,DON) ?

(18,Tom Mickus) ...I've herad something about tis...there is some kind of
"sign" which is suppposed to be done in the future, similare to the Fatima
miracle as witnessed by 70,000 peoople in 1917...sorry to interrupt again..GA

(Ted M, s10) John, any info on CAT mutilations??

(18,John Lear) I've heard of sheep and household pets with the [?] GA

(Ted M, s10) What kind of pets? GA
(18,John Lear) Ive heard of goat and sheep mutilations and household pets but
they are rare GA

(Ted M, s10) ok DON tou're up GA

(18,DBC) ?
(18,Tom Mickus) ?

(18,DON) Ok, on the subj of mutes. John, in your original text, you mentioned
in the 50s, an AF sgt. that was killed and found later by an officer that had
wittnessed the sgt. being picked up by a craft on an Air Force missile test
range. In your info you stated that he had been mutalated similar to more
recent reports of livestock. Any more info on that, or any other reports of
human mutilations, before or since? ga

(18,John Lear) The human mutilations are even more sensitive than the cow
mutes.  A guy by the name of Bill English was working on the human mutes in
Houston and was on to about 16 of them.  He went into hiding after several
threats on his life and we think he is in southern clafirnrnia.GA

(18,DON) follow???

(Ted M, s10) Ok DON a quick followup GA

(18,DON) Ok, here in Idaho I was involved in several investigations of cattle
mutes as you know we had quite a few here. After investigation after
investigation, it came from on high, that the pathologists determined that
they were either the work of preditors,< which we do have plenty> or possibly
cults. I can't say for certain, as I am a cop, not a ME, but I still don't buy
this in its entirity.

(Ted M, s10) Buy Which DON GA

(18,DON) There is too many questions that werre NEVER answered, and there

(18,John Lear) I can buy that. GA

(18,DON) were a lot of sscared people.

(Ted M, s10) GA DBC

(18,DBC) ok

(18,DON) Ted, did you have a ?

(Ted M, s10) NO GA

(18,DB) John, have you actually seen the chapter in the USAF acad. text book
that dealt with alien beings etc. (now removed from the text).Do you know how
long the book was used in that form? ga

(18,John Lear) I have not seen the book, but Phil Klass admitted to me that it
was there. No I do not know how long it was there but since it talked about
Betty and Barney Hill it had to be since 1971 or 72.GA

(Ted M, s10) Ok Tom M you're up GA

(18,Tom Mickus) John, regarding the "post-hypnotic suggestions" as mentioned in
your TXT...what did they involve, a pre-arranged meeting at a certain time and
place? GA

(18,John Lear) They are to perform a certain function at a certain time
something that will occur within the next few years.  We cannot find out what
or when with the subject under hypnosis.  GA

(18,Tom Mickus) So  we have all these walking "time bombs " so to speak? GA

(18,John Lear) Yes.GA

(18,Michelle & Charles) ?

(Ted M, s10) Go  M&C next GA

(18,Michelle & Charles) (Michelle Here) John, Re: human mutes where would
these death threats have come from? And were these mutes part of the feeding
frenzy, or were they "removed: because they had crossed the EBE's or caused
problems for them? GA

(18,John Lear) Bill English write the alleged......

(18,Randy P) ?
(18,Brad) ?

(18,John Lear) Project Grudge/Blue book #13 summary It was after he wrote this
that he was working on thehuman mutes and apparently one person who they
thought was Bill was killed. So he went underground and has been there ever
since. We know he is still alive.  His father is an Arizona State Senator. Who
made the attempts is unclear..GA

(Ted M, s10) Randy next GA

(18,Randy P) Yes, first a remark..then a question. The remark is that when I
was a student at Northwestern, my faculty advisor was Hynek.One day I went to
his office and it was empty because he had been replaced by a Carl Henize, who
spent all of his time talking to AF Officers, and was apparently an
astronaut...very curious.  Anyway the question. Has John ever heard of any
unusual sightings in an area South of Pismo Beach, CA and North of Vandenberg
AFB known as the Nipomo Mesa.  I have ab stories of "light wedge" vehicles
similar to the Hudson Valley events during the period 1970 to 1980 ga

(18,John Lear) No I havnt heard about those.GA

(Ted M, s10) Brad Next GA

(18,Brad) ok.John, I heard that the thesis of Michael Persinger surrounding
seismic activity and UFO lights was related to flux in the Earth's geomagnetic
field and an effect of the activity rather than a bridge between dimensions
similar to the aurora. ga

(18,John Lear) Interesting. I don't no very much about it.GA

(18,Brad) Just thought I'd ask, ga

(18,DON) ?

(Ted M, s10) Go don

(18,DON) Thank you. John, alright, everyone here knows where we are at now so
what do you feel is next? Is Moore going to release whatever he has? Is there
more info of a more startling nature? Do you have an idea or time frame in
mind when more of this will be made clearer? Do you feel that these EBE
entitys will become more overt? What do you feel the end run will be? ga

(18,John Lear) Supposedly Moore is going to release the rest of the Aquarius
documents next week.  He keeps setting back the date for the videos...just
like I said in the hypothesis. I know he wants to get more eveidence before he
goes public.  MJ-12 has 2 is is of those is
slipping him the documents one is trying to stall for time. Other than the Mar
3 release of the Florida videos I dont have a time frames. However from the
information I get.... something... in the nature of UFO information will
break...certainly within 6 months....possible within 90 days... and maybe
within 30 days... I have no idea what the end run will be. GA

(18,DON) Do you mean break public or on this channel?ga

(18,John Lear) Something will break public big time.GA

(Ted M, s10) Are there any other questions for John? GA

(18,DBC) ?
(Ted M, s10) Go DBC

(18,DBC) ok. John, I know you are going back to work next week. Will you still
be logging on CIS etc regularly? ga

(18,John Lear) Hopefully, my wife is getting sick and tired of me on this
thing all day and it belongs to my daughter anyway but I'll be checking in.GA


(Ted M, s10) John, I want to thank you for sticking with us for this Sunday
night Marathon edition of the Paranormal ISSUES forum. From all of us here we
want to thank you (and your wife and daughter) for sharing your evening with
us. We are all interested in the subject of UFO's and any new information we
can get. From all of us here Thank You. GA

(18,Tom Mickus) Thank you everyone, especially to Ted and John for having
this conference...see ya all later. -Tom  GA

(18,John Lear) OK thanks and have a happy Presidents day. I will be in touch.
Bye all

(18,DBC) Thanks much John.

(18,Brad) Thank you John & Ted... very interesting. ga

(Ted M, s10) John I'll give you a call shortly

(18,DON) It was a great session John, I'll be in touch. Thanks

(18,Dale B. Wedge) Thanks Ted and John.

(18,Michelle & Charles) Happy Valentine's Day, John! (Michelle) GA

(Ted M, s10) Nite all!!!

(18,John Lear) Nite all.

(18,DBC) Night Ted