REVIEW (periodical)
PAGANUS 11465, RICHMOND VA.  23230

Reviewed by Jukno

Since moving to Virginia I have found this wonderful Pagan newsletter that
I wanted to tell the "folks back home" about.  Paganus is a small
one-person operation edited by Micheal Warhol, High Priest of one of our
local covens here.  Why am I so excited about it?  Because it is truly
UNIQUE.  It gets into the philosophical questions that underlie the various
Pagan beliefs and practises.  It is more than a look at "how to" be a Pagan
it goes into the "Why" of it all.

It dares to be controversial and I can't say I agreed with everything I saw
in it.  But I can certainly say that everything I saw in it made me think.
It made me look at the implications of what I was doing.  The issue I read
had an article entitled "Fun Mentalist Wicca" (that is not a title) that
would be enjoyed by any of our Harvest readers familliar with the Wombat
Wicca practised by certain folks in the Northeast.  It presented a very
different approach to the Craft, but nevertheless a very valid one.

Another article was an interview with the local priest/ess - hood of the
covens in this area (only 2 so far, but give us time folks - we are in the
bible belt here!) on topics such as Karma, Life-after-Death, free-will or
lack of it, etc.  While they didn't agree completely, they did present a
most thorough look at WHY they believed as they did.

This newsletter has a refreshing new approach and I highly reccomend it as
a change for anyone - especially if you are beginning to get a little bored
with the Craft and other Magickal or Ritual practises.   Right now he is
operating on a donation basis, but he may have to begin charging in the
near future.