Hate groups and their addresses

  B.A.D.D. (Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons)
    Pat Pulling, Director
    P O Box 5513
    Richmond, VA
    (804) 883-6747

    (Denver Location)
    Rosmery Loyacano (Director)
    P O Box 303
    Larkspur, CO  80118
    (303) 681-2854

  CARIS (Christian Apologetics Research & Information Service)
    Jack Roper, Director
    P O Box 1659
    Milwaukee, WI  53201

  Chick Publications
    Jack Chick, Director
    P O Box 662
    Chino, CA  91710

  Christ Deliverance Ministries
    Irene Park, Director
    13206 Drayton Drive
    Spring Hill, FL  34609

  Cult Awareness Network
    Reginald Alev, Director
    P O Box 608370
    Chicago, IL  60626
    (312) 675-7788

  Cult Crime Impact Network, Inc,
    Larry M. Jones, Editor
    222 N. Latah St.
    Boise , ID  83706

  Eagle Forum

    1823 W. 102nd. Ave.
    Denver, CO  80221

    Yvonne Peterson, Director
    P O Box 700293
    San Antonio, TX  78270

  Exposing Satan's Power

    P O Box 1723
    Joplin, MO  64802-1723

  Free The Masons Ministries
    Ed Decker, Director
    P O Box 1077
    Issaquah, WA  98027

  In His Palm
    Linda Archer, Director
    P O Box 818
    Euless, TX  76039

  Interfaith Council on Cults
    Fr. James J. Lebar, Consultant on Cults, Archdiocese of N.Y.
    2 Harvey St.
    Hyde Park, NY  12538

  International Christian Media
    Marlin Maddoux, Director
    P O Box 30
    Dallas, TX  75221

  Bob Larson Ministries

    P O Box 36A
    Denver, CO  80236

  Living Faith Ministries
    Texe Marrs, Director
    8103 Shiloh Court
    Austin, TX  78745

  Media Spotlight
    Albert James Dager, Editor and Publisher
    Box 290
    Redmond, WA  98073-0290

  National Research Institute
  (Data Center on the New Age)
    Kathleen Hayes, Director
    3095-D S. Peoria St.
    Aurora, CO  80014

  Gloria Phillips
    Bay View Church
    P O Box 9277
    Mobile, AL  36691

  Phillips Ministries
    Phil Phillips, Director
    P O Box 354
    Rockwall, TX  75087

  Southwest Radio Church
    David F. Webber, Director
    P O Box 1144
    Oklahoma City, OK  73101

  Survival Associates
    Herbert Peterson, Director
    P O Box 403
    Short Hills, NJ  07078

  Technical Research Institute
    Mary Ann Herold, Executive Director
    P O Box 2095
    Arvada, CO  80001

  Voice of Americanism
    Dr. Stuart McBirnie
    Glendale, CA  91209

  Warnke Ministries
    P O Box 1075
    Danville, Ky.  40422

  W.A.T.C.H. (Watchmen Alert to Cultic Harrassment)
    Sue Joyner, Director
    Box 12638
    El Paso, TX  79913