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	In the great tradition of Wombat Wicca and Witchduck, we
present the following Invocations, etc. as the latest in a
continuing series of `Ceremonials'.    --Asst. Ed.

Having invoked the "old guys" of the Snipe rituals, we can now
progress into other areas.  The major festivals of the Snipe wor-
shippers are somewhat different from those of other traditions,
as most of them occur during the hunting season, from the end of
August through the end of November.  As with most primitive
hunting rituals, the aim of most of them is to increase the game
population.  	To this end the ceremonies mimic such classic
games as Monopoly, Clue, Hide-and-Seek, Tag and so forth, under
the assumption that a great player in the ceremonial games will
be a great player in the real games.  "As above, so next door",
as it were.

The Snipe ritual of Monopolius (September 13) would typically go
as follows:

The ceremony would begin with the usual rituals of casting the
circle and invoking the "old guys".  Once these things were
accomplished the worshippers would arrange themselves into a
large square, chanting: 

"Do not pass go...Do not collect two hundred dollars"

After a short time, when the energy has built to a suitable
level, the worshippers will begin to pass the ceremonial dice
around (which are gold-plated and have the distinction of having
6 dots on all six sides), each participant rolling the dice three
times before passing them to the person next to them.  The dice
having gone around the square, each worshipper must sacrifice
something meaningful.  There is a Monopoly board on the altar
upon which they place their offerings.  A typical offering might
be a small tin or lead token in some fantastic shape, or a "Get
Out of Jail Free" card.  These offerings are then placed in the
special box and donated to Goodwill, or to some other deserving

The worshippers finish with a party (of course), but before
celebrating, they chant:

"Hotel On Boardwalk....
"Hotel On Boardwalk..."

The party follows.

	Watch for continuing installments of this amazing and
astounding religion based on the four ancient elements 
...Cocaine, Sex, Alcohol, and Chocolate.
.........from RMPJ, Oct. '86