The Official Erisian Heresy Newsletter Volume of: MANY

                         The Official Erisian Heresy                      
                              Volume 1 of: MANY                           
 Editor in Chief:                                         Farrell McGovern

     The Following is an adaptation of an APA (Amateur Press Association) 
Contribution for _The Messenger_ an Ottawa, Ontario, Canada local Pagan APA. 
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     I  guess I should introduce myself,  I am Farrell  James  McGovern. I 
work with computers, and thus consider myself a techno-Pagan. I have an 
interest things Celtic, and quantum physics. I am an Erisian Priest and thus 
have no authority over anyone. I despise any type of totalitarian  structure  
be  it  government,   job,  or  rigidly  stratified priesthood of any 
religion.  That was a non-prophet, postage paid, political statement. 

     And now onto more mundane matters...

     I  am 24,  male,  and prefer females (Sian said that I should state  my 

     Besides  Paganism  and  things concerning it,  I have two  other  major 

     One  of  the  two  major interests is  music.  I  am  fairly  musically 
oriented,  in  that I play most types of guitar (except for bass),  I fiddle 
with  synthesizers (I own a couple including a Sampling Syth),  I intend  to 
learn Harp, Lute, drums and virtually anything musical that catches my eyes. 
Groups/Artists I like:  FM (w/ & wo/ Nash the Slash),  Nash the Slash, Rush, 
Pink Floyd,  Berlin,  Heart,  Walter/Wendy Carlos,  Queen,  Tangerine Dream, 
Tomita,  The Monkees,  Jethro Tull, Vangelis, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, The 
Alan Parsons  Project,  Styx,  Supertramp,  Spoons,  Klaatu,  Martha and the 
Muffins/M+M,  Peter Gabrial,  and Kate Bush.  Have you ever noticed how  the 
last two artists always seem to be mentioned in the same breath? 

     The other of my two major interests is Science Fiction/Fantasy.  I have 
been attending SF cons for about 8 years now,hitting mainly East Coast cons, 
predominatly  in New York City area,  and Boston.  I have been  reading  the 
stuff  since  I was about 5 years old.  Started out on a book of SF  stories 
that was part of a leather bound hardcover series of childern's books. There 
was a Bolo Story by Keith Laumer, and that is about all that I remember from 
that  book.  I  had  a  hard time going though  school,  since  I  was  very 
intellegent  (in  the  top  five percentile  or  some  other  nonsence  like 
that)(and  yes,  I have still intellegent contrary to popular  belief).  The 
labeled  my "hyper-active" and put me on rittelyn (I don't know the  correct 
spelling for it) which acted as a downer. So I spend most of my grade school 
depressed,  a habit that I have almost gotten rid of...anyways,  back to SF. 

     The first author that I became aware of was Arthur C. Clarke. You see, I 
was very young when I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey, and it had a heavy impact on 
my mind.  Since  then  I have read just about every ACC book that I can get  
my hands on. Fav Authors: ACC, Harlan Ellison (he is shorter than I am!), 
Issac Asimov,  David  Gerrold,  Venor  Vinge (not to be confused with Joan  
Vinge, author  of the Snow Queen,  who I have met and had many conversations  
with, and is a terrific person,  but whose books I cannot stand!),  Marion  
Zimmer Bradley,  Patricia Kenneley,  Rudy Rucker,  Robert Anton Wilson, and 
about a dozen more... 

And now, back to the Pagan portion of this contrib...

     And now, for you entertainment and enjoyment, the story of how I became 
a Pagan.

     I  guess it all started at a con I attended in New York City.  It was a 
STrek con of all things, and there I met a girl, her name is Heidi Heyman, a 
person  with whom I share 4 common interests,  Science Fiction,  Star  Trek, 
Harlan Ellison,  and Supertramp.  We fell in love over the phone and  though 
letters.  The next year I asked what she wanted for Christmas,  and she told 
me  that she was Jewish.  This caused me to rethink my whole universe. I had 
never investigaed religion before, and I started to do so in earnest. 

     About  this  same time I discovered that there was one area in  Physics 
that I was not very knowledgeable, and that was the area of quantum physics. 
So  I went to the library and looked up quantum physics.  I read stuff  like 
_The Dancing Lu Wi Masters_, and such, then in the Science Fiction section I 
found a trilogy called _Schreodenger's Cat_, by Robert Anton Wilson. Then in 
the  religion section I came across a copy of _Drawing the Moon_.  In  it  I 
found that Erisians/Discordians really existed! And that was when I became a 
Pagan and a Discordian. 


     Like the Bards of my Celtic ancestors,  I constantly seek truth in  all 
that  I  do  and  see,  but I have seen  some  hypocrisy  in  Paganism,  and 
specifically  in  some  Craft people that drives me right  around  the  bend 
almost to the point of acquiring a H2O Uzi. 

     Although there are many different Craft laws,  and many interpretations 
of them,  there is one that is common to almost all Wiccans, and most Pagans 
as well,  although the exact words may differ slightly, they are essentially 
the same for all: 
                     An ye harm none, do as ye will.

-from the Code of Ethics of the Covenant of the Goddess,  quoted in _Drawing 
Down the Moon_ rev 2., Chap. 5.

     But  there  are people,  ones who say they follow the above  rule,  who 
smoke!  Not  only  that,  but they insist do doing it when there  are  other 
people  in  the  room!  Talk about a lack of  Celtic  hospitality  or  what! 
It  has  been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that second hand smoke is  a 
health risk to non-smokers, and a it certaintly that it harms the person who  
smokes. Either I have grossly mis-interpreted the meaning and spirit of that 
law, or there are a number of hypocrites in the Craft. 

     To them I ask,  do you live your religion,  or do you simply adopt  the 
parts that you like and skirt the responiblities? I do not intend this as an 
insult to the people I am talking about,  but I think it weakens the  fabric 
of what we are trying to create; a better world for our children, in harmony 
with the Mother Earth.  That is what I see is the goal of Paganism in all of 
it's  forms,  either  that,  or  I have mistaken what this  whole  thing  is 


_Drawing Down the Moon_ rev 2
By Margot Adler

     In March I attended Lunacon, the New York City regional SF con, and had a  
terrific time.  A  pleasant contrast to Boskone a month prior.  As with any  
con there are always hordes of new books, ones that won't hit the stands for 
another few weeks,  and it was here that I acquired a  copy  of the second 
editon of _Drawing Down  the Moon_.  This is a  book  I know  well,  having  
given  away one copy, and  worn  out  another  through successive  lendings  
and  readings.  But because of  it's  nature,  it  was becoming very out 
dated, and archaic. So it has been updated. 

     The  first thing that one notices is the size of the book.  It has been 
reprinted in standard trade paperback size (it fits nicely beside your trade 
copy of _The Mists of Avalon_),  and with the additions,  is nearly as large 
as the previously  mentioned book. The next thing that one notices is the 
cover, a beautiful photo of a priestess standing in the center of a circle 
of candles on a beach. She is faced seaward with her arms upraised in that 
classic half moon crescent.  It appears to be dawn or dusk,  and the photo 
has been taken with  a  long exposure time,  causing the candles to  be  
over-exposed,  but giving a vividness to the picture that might have 
otherwise been  lost.  The lettering is also well down. I mean, tanj this 
cover LOOKS good! This cannot but  help to attract people to the book,  to 
either inform or re-awaken them to something that they have either lost of 
forgotten, or are seeking. 

     On  the  inside  there have been some changes,  but in  the  spirit  of 
preserving  history,  most  of  the  book has not  been  changed,  but  many 
additions have been made to reflect the current trends in the Pagan movement 
of today. 

     It would be a waste of space to attempt to review _DDtM_,  since I hope 
that most of you have read the book,  if you haven't,  run,  don't walk,  to 
the Wiccan Rede (we need to support members of our community!),  and if they 
don't have it,  trundle down to Sunnyside Books (which is not on  Sunnyside, 
herein  lies a great Erisian Mysteree) and pick up a copy.  Then you can see 
what  I  (and  practically every one else who has read the  book)  has  been 
saying about the book.

     There  is now a section on Norse Paganism (have you noticed the  number 
of   Thor's   Hammers  around  peoples  necks  lately?)  and   the   various 
contraversies  arising  around it.  The Norse flavour of paganism  tends  to 
attract  the  more conservitive element of the people who get involved  with 
paganism  (if that is true,  then I would not like to meet an  Odinist  from 
this area, they would probably try to shoot me for being a long haired hippy 
type freak HHO1/2K), and the problems with their image and the influx of 
undesirables,  mainly people who are into Nazism, and the presevation of the 
Great White Way (ie. KKK types). 

     Another  new  section is a chapter on men's spirituality,  something  I 
will  not  go  into here since I am planning an article  about  this  in  an 
upcomming issue (Watch for it in a FeMail box near you...)

     Perhaps  the  greatest  gems  in this revsion  are  two  of  the  three 
appendices.  The  first is based on a 1985 questionnaire that was handed out 
at some Pagan gatherings and was published in a newsletter,  Panegyria.  One 
hundread  and ninety five were handed in.  Without going into  the  results, 
something  that  could  take a who contrib,  I will note  that  the  largest 
percentage  of the respondants were computer people.  Now wether this is  an 
indication  that  computer people like to fill out forms,  or that there  is 
something  more  it  than that will be dealt with in  a  later  piece  about 

     The  next appendix is a listing of Pagan Rituals,  a carryover form the 
previous edition.  It is the final appenix that is the diamond of the  trio. 
It  is  an excellent resource for Pagan newsletters,  groups and  Festivals. 
Wic-Can Fest, Margot describles it this way: "This has become "the" festival 
in Canada." Nice endorsment, don't you think?

     Well,  I guess it is time to get going,  it is 11:29 pm and I have been 
at this contrib for about 4 hours,  on and off.  The current music is Rodger 
Hodson, ex of Supertramp and I have not had supper I will leave you 
people to spending more type at something else...