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                       THE VOYAGER EFFECT
                          by Skytoucher

     Hello again, everyone.  It's good to be back.

     In breaking my three-issue hiatus, I would like to address a 
subject  that's  been on my mind for some time,  and  which  I've 
discussed privately with some of you.  It began when I observed a 
pattern of correspondence between certain socio-political events, 
notably  the  elction of Ronald Reagan and concurrent  recession, 
and other apparently unrelated happenings.

     I can state it as a question:   What is the magical signifi-
cance of a piece of earth being sent to another planet?

     The  Law of Contaigion suggests that sending  spacecraft  to 
the  planets  is the same as bringing the planets  here.   Or  at 
least, bringing their power and influence.  Things once in physi-
cally intimate contact are forever in close magical contact; thus 
a  magical link exists between the spacecraft and the earth,  and 
the  magical force of a planet is able to travel along that  link 
when the spacecraft approaches the planet.   The planet's  influ-
ence is then felt on earth more strongly than is normal.   That's 
my theory.  Is there evidence to support it?

     I believe there is,  but before I present some of it,  let's 
discuss  the nature of the planets' magical influence.   This may 
not be obvious to everyone, but astrologers have been studying it 
for centuries.

     Now,  I should acknowledge that most astrologers would  deny 
this.   To  them,  the influence of the planets upon our lives is 
due  either to (as yet undiscovered) physical forces,  or to  the 
meaningful  coincidences  of synchronicity,  depending  on  which 
school  of  thought educated the  astrologer.   Most  would  deny 
vehemently that astrology has anything to do with  magick,  which 
they  regard as unscientific,  medieval,  and  fuzzy-minded.   To 
class astrology as a form of magick would, to their way of think-
ing, abandon all hope of astrology's legitimacy as a science.

     However,  as  an astrologer myself,  I feel free to disagree 
with the prevailing opinions of my colleagues,  and I do so,  and 
wil explain why.

     First of all, not only is there no known physical force that 
can account for astrology,  if there were one it would completely 
change  the way science thinks of forces.   Of the known  forces, 
the  one that acts the most strongly at interplanetary  distances 
is gravitation,  and (with the notable exceptions of the sun  and 
moon)  none  of the planets generates enough of that to  make  us 
take  notice.   If there were an undiscovered force,  stronger at 
such  distances than gravity,  it would have to be  so  different 
from  what scientists think of as a force that any evidence of it 
would be discounted.   In short, it could not be a physical force 
at all.

     To  account for the observations of  astrology,  this  force 
would  have to change its behavior under conditions which have no 
physical significance whatever, such as a planet passing from one 
sign to  anthoer,  say, or forming an aspect with another planet.  
These circumstances do, however, have meaning in terms of our own 
symbolic  understanding of the cosmos and our places in  it,  and 
that  is what we should expect--if the force behind astrology  is 
not physical but magical.

     As for synchronicity,  has anyone ever come up with a  cohe-
rent, non-magical explanation for why certain events synchronize, 
making  divination (including astrology) possible?   The  magical 
explanation is simple: all things that are closely associated are 
also  linked by magical forces and therefore tend to dovetail  in 
time (as well as "matching up" in other ways).

     Synchronicitiy without this explanation,  indeed without any 
explantion,  is  just an attempt to have magical phenomena,  like 
astrology, without that hated, "unscientific" concept.

     I conclude:  astrology is magical.  The planets have magical 
effects.   It is reasonable to assume they have very strong magi-
cal effects,  in the same range as the Earth herself.  What Witch 
does n
+ 1 times, 3 min

the Moon?  Of the Sun?  And those who 
have  studied other magical systems,  the Cabbala in  particular, 
know that the other planets also possess powerful forces that may 
be invoked in the same way.   (Some mages prefer to think of  the 
forces as springing from the unconscious mind, and of the planets 
as  only their symbols,  but I note that many of them time  their 
rituals  to  correspond with favorable aspects of those  symbols.  
If it quacks like a duck and swims like a duck...)

     Now, what are the forces associated with the planets?

     What appears below is only a thumbnail sketch of what  ought 
to be a never -finished painting in three or four dimensions, but 
it will serve to convey the basic thought.

     Sun--will,purpose,  energy,  life, dominance, order, reason, 

     Moon--emotion,  intuition,  the body, children, water, illu-
sion, mystery, woman.

     Mercury--thought, quickness, communication, commerce, scien-
ce, medicine, humor, the nervous system.

     Venus--esthetics,  beauty, love, compassion, hedonism, soft-
ness, luxury.

     Mars--desire,  aggression,  anger,  courage,  passion, lust, 
enterprise, combat.

     Jupiter--benevolence,  expansion, magnanimity, pomp, wealth, 
spirituality, optimism, ebulience.

     Saturn--restriction,  judgement, discipline, endurance, con-
servatism, humility, restraint, correctness.

     Uranus--newness,  revolution,invention,  lightning,  storms, 
convulsion, transformation, possibilty.

     Neptune--selflessness, dissolving, magick, mysticism, drugs, 
psychosis, obligation, enlightenment.

     Pluto--evolution,   molting,   ruthlessness,  metamorphosis, 
power, secrecy, self-transcendence, self-discovery.

     Of  these  ten,  we  have sent spacecraft (with  or  without 
humans aboard) to six:  the Moon,  Venus,  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, 
and Uranus.   Within the next five years,  we will add two  more: 
the Sun and Neptune.   Each time,  as I hope to show below, there 
has  been  an  influx of the planet's energy  with  corresponding 
changes in the social (and sometimes atmospheric and  geological) 
environment.   This  influx  centered in time around the  closest 
approach of the spacecraft to the planet,  but extended for about 
a year into the past and future.  The table below shows the dates 
of  various  spacecraft landings,  crashes,  and fly-bys  of  the 
planets,  and  significant  events that occured during  the  same 
period of time.

     1965-71--Exploration of Mars by robot  spacecraft,  culmina-
ting  in  the landing of Viking to gather and study  samples  and 
examine Mars for the possibilty of life.

      Escalation  of  the American military presence  in  Vietnam 
from  a  few  thousand "advisors" to 500,000  combat  troops  and 
round-the-clock bombing.  Simultaneous escalation of the anti-war 
movement  in the U.S.   The Civil Rights movement also went  into 
high gear, with the Watts Riot (1965) and other violent (Martial) 
civil disturbances.   All of these quieted noticeably after 1971, 
with  "Vietnamization" bringing American troops home and the U.S. 
presence ending for any significant purpose in 1973.

     1966-72--Exploration of the Moon,  beginning with the  first 
soft landing by a robot spacecraft in 1966,  and culminating with 
the manned lunar landings of 1969-1972.

     Emergence of the women's movement.  Explosion of interest in 
all things occult,  and in Goddess-worship.  The hippies.  Trans-
formation of consciousness at the level of play and instinct,  to 
recognize  the emotions as legitimate human functions.   Surge of 
interest  in mystical religions,  especially Hindu and  Buddhist.  
All  these phenomena peaked in 1969-72 and have  declined  since, 
though  none  has  disappeared altogether and  some--notably  the 
women's movement--probably represent permanent changes.

     1973-74 Voyager I fly-by of Jupiter.

     The Watergate trials, a crusade for good government.  Nixon, 
a  paranoid,   Saturnian  personality,  resigns  the  Presidency.  
Gerald Ford, an amiable bumbler and decidedly a Jovian personali-
ty,  becomes President;  two years later he is defeated by  Jimmy 
Carter,  a deeply religious man and also a Jovian personality.  A 
minor economic boom also occured during this period,  accompanied 
by rapid inflation.

     1979 Voyager II fly-by of Saturn

     Recession.   U.S.  diplomats held hostage in Teheran,  Iran.  
Jimmy  Carter  is  defeated in his bid for reelection  by  Ronald 
Reagan,   campaigning  on  a  conservative,  Saturnian  platform; 
conservative Republicans win big in Congress as well.   The  con-
servative  tide peaked at this time,  and began to decline;  con-
servatives  have  lost in every  election  since,  though  Reagan 
himself  won reelection on a far more moderate platform in  1984.  
AIDS  appears,  eventually generating widespread reevaluation  of 
sexual  freedom and return to restraint in some circles,  bigotry 

     January 1986 Voyager II fly-by of Uranus

     Surge in terrorist activity,  storms, volcanos, earthquakes.  
Return  to  a  more militant stance on the part  of  the  women's 
movement.   Radical  Neo-Nazi groups make the  news.   Unrest  in 
South Africa boils over,  verging on all-out civil war.  Sweeping 
changes in leadsership in U.S.  government and,  even moreso,  in 
the U.S.S.R. Major medical breakthrous in treatment of cancer and 

     I  would  predict that terrorist activity will peak  in  the 
first  quarter of 1986 and then decline;  the same goes for anti-
apartheid activity-- any major impetus must come by mid-February, 
after  which  the movement is  running  on  inertia.   Unseasonal 
weather  will  continue through spring,  then subside to  a  more 
normal  pattern.   The  Republicans will get creamed in  the  '86 
elections, but the conservatives will hurt even worse; any Repub-
licans  who do keep their seats will be moderates ( or so entren-
ched nothing short of death or major scandal could unseat  them).  
However,  traditional  liberalism will not do well,  either;  the 
winners  will be neo-liberalism and regional and  special  inter-
ests.   There  will be important discoveries in many branches  of 

     For  Neo-Pagans,  the year will bring greater media exposure 
and a more strongly felt need to define just what we  are.   Many 
old habits of thought will have to be abandoned.

     I  regard  these predicitons as something of a test for  the 
Voyager Effect theory.  The next major happening is in 1989, when 
Voyager makes its last planetary fly-by-- of Neptune.   The  next 
human-toting  voyage is scheduled for the early part of the  21st 
century: a joint U.S.-Soviet trip to Mars(!!)

     If  the Voyager Effect holds true,  we can use it as both  a 
warning  and an opportunity.   A warning,  because such mass-con-
sciousness  influxes of magick are as likely to take negative  as 
positive forms.  An opportunity, because we can use the influx to 
improve  our own (or the planet's) circumstances.   For  example, 
the Saturn fly-by could have been a chance to increase  responsi-
bilty instead of letting it manifest as reactionary conservatism.  
We  can use the Uranus flyby to boost creativity,  and perhaps to 
discover  solutions to problems that have so far proven  intract-
able--instead  of(or  at least in addition to)  allowing  violent 
radicalsim to rise.

     I'll be following this more in future issues.  -- Skytoucher