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Subject: Wayne Whitney - Picket Report Aug 25, 96
Date: 30 Aug 1996 09:07:01 -0400
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Picket Report - San Francisco Org, 83 McAllister Street, Aug 25, 96

Hi Everyone,

Sunday I arrived at the org at 12:00 noon. It was overcast, a bit cold and windy. As expected there were several staff and public out front. A few quickly put out their cigarettes and scrambled back inside when they saw me. This time, however, no one came out to take my picture. I did see one of the staff members immediately get on the phone and call someone concerning my presence. I could tell he was talking about me because the whole time he was on the phone he kept looking right at me.

As I was pacing one public guy walked passed and said, "You must think you're real tough". One staff member walked passed and said in a very derogatory tone of voice, "You're doing a great job Wayne." Some staff members just walked passed completely ignoring me as if I wasn't even there. Still others walked by looking down shaking their heads with sort of a smile on their face. Whenever I observed this reaction I could almost hear them saying to themselves something like, "What a suppressive person this guy is".

I never respond to any of their "comments" because I see no point. I see nothing to be gained by responding to idle comments like those above. I know that I could NEVER get any of them to see what they were involved in with just one or two sentences. I figure why bother even trying. Besides, I have so much anger built up and so much to say that if I were to let my "cork pop" and make just ONE comment who knows where it would lead? It would probably lead into some kind of a mindless shouting match. What a waste that would be. Because of these reasons I figure it's best to just let them all go unacknowledged.

On the other hand if any of them were to come up to me and wanted to get into a REAL dialog then that would be a whole different story.

While I was out there one particular staff member came out several times. Each time he tried to convince me to go away. It didn't work. When one of the public members became curious as to why I was there, came up to me and started asking questions this staff member came rushing back out and said in a stern voice to him, "I'm a staff member here. You are NOT allowed to talk to this person". The public member immediately became silent. He looked a bit confused and intimidated. After a few seconds he just slowly backed away and went back into the building. When I saw this happen I became outraged. I was just dying to shout out to him, "What gives this guy the right to order you around like that! Can't you see how they're trying to control you?" Instead I just held in all my anger and frustration -- and said NOTHING.

Several times now while picketing I've had to suppress my frustration and anger like this. I decided it was best to let the situation unfold while I just stood there and said nothing. I do this because I have a definite plan and I don't want to let my emotions or a momentary impulse become an obstacle for me. If I were to try to interact directly with staff and public then they might start whining to the police that I was "harassing" them. That could become an obstacle for me. I think I have a better approach.

To help explain my plan I should expand upon and clarify what I said in my last post. Last week I said that my target audience was the people on the street. What I should have said was that my MAIN target audience was the people on the street. With them I can interact freely and put my ACTIVE attention on them. With them I get a more direct and immediate result. For those people on the street who are interested in what I have to say I can quickly inform them about my experiences. They are then able to make a more informed decision about Scientology and come to their own conclusions.

With public and staff on the other hand I'm using a more subtle approach and so they are my INDIRECT target. For those involved in Scientology who REALLY believe in what they are doing and who really believe that they are getting something out of it I certainly don't want to take that away from them. I figure, "Who the hell am *I* to force MY beliefs onto them." What I AM trying to do, however, is reach the ones "on the fence", the ones who have doubts, the ones who have questions, the ones who are wondering why they are there and why they no longer have any money. I KNOW there are many in there like that because when I was still involved I saw and heard them. Unfortunately, at the time, I was prevented from communicating with them and was unable to get them to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns with me.

Now, fortunately, most (if not all) public and staff have or will see me and read my sign. I am now able to communicate with them indirectly at least. From the expression on some of their faces it looks like I'm beginning to stir up doubts in some of their minds. It looks like some of them are beginning to really wonder about Scientology. I don't think this observation and conclusion is just wishful thinking on my part either. I had one person E-mail me awhile back and tell me, "You know Wayne, if someone like you had been out there when I was there I probably would not have gotten out right away but I DEFINITELY would have started thinking about what was going on A LOT sooner than I did". THAT'S the type of response that I'm trying to get from public and staff members. I'm giving them all PLENTY of space to come to their OWN conclusions about me and ultimately Scientology. I'm not trying to cram my views down their throats even though I feel very strongly about them.

By the way, I know that when I can't talk to someone directly that it's impossible for me to know what they are really thinking and feeling. I can only speculate. I realize this. I hope this fact comes across in my posts.

I'm telling you all these things so that you will learn a little something about me and what my approach to this situation is. Whether it's the best one or not I don't know. I DO KNOW that using this approach I have gained the support of the local S.F. community and the S.F. police department. I also know that so far no Scientologist has been able to stop me from picketing. They've certainly "rattled their sabers" at me but that's about it.

One last thing, Jeff Quiros has now informed me that he is going to get his attorneys involved concerning my picketing outside the ORG. I don't know what THEY can do about anything since I am NOT doing ANYTHING illegal. I already made sure of that. It looks like they may be on the verge of shooting themselves in the foot again. We'll see what happens. Just remember, words are cheap, it's actions that count.

Wayne Whitney ( a concerned citizen )