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From wwhit71151@aol.com Fri Oct 18 11:48:49 1996
Subject: Is there a "silly win" archive on the net?
Date: 18 Oct 1996 05:48:49 -0400
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Does anyone happen to know if there is a web site that contains an archive of the silliest wins & success stories ever written? Two of my favorite are:


"Right after Clear I hit a keyed out OT state and could change my body size about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in height by actual measurement. Some people swore it was 2 to 3 inches, which it might have been, but it was 1 inch difference the time I measured. The ability was under control and I could do it at will."

Fred Fairchild OT VI Clear No. 49

As reported in "Success Beyond Man's Wildest Dreams!", Clear News, 6 (12 December 1969).


"After word-clearing today I felt my case blow wide open and my grantingness of beingness reach levels I never dreamed possible. What a win. Thank you Ron."

(Anonymous, Posted outside the Key To Life course room)


In addition to reading my collection of affidavits, my endless supply of their false medical claims and other pieces of bait they use, I think something like this would be another great way for me to get focused and into the "picketing mood" during my 2-3 hour commute into S.F. every week.

Wayne Whitney