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From wwhit71151@aol.com Wed Oct 23 23:51:28 1996
Subject: Wayne Whitney - I'm going to be on a TV talk show
Date: 23 Oct 1996 17:51:28 -0400
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Hi Everyone,

This past weekend while I was picketing I had the opportunity to talk to this one guy who said that he worked at a public television station. After I told him what had happened to me while I was involved in Scientology he said that he would talk to his producer to see if he could get me on the talk show that he helps put together.

Today the guy actually came through for me. Just two hours ago his producer called me, talked to me for a little bit and said that my story sounded very interesting. She said that she would really like to have me on her talk show. She's scheduled me to be taped this Wednesday, the 30th. Near the end of her show I'll be called out and have about 15 minutes to tell my story about Scientology.

If this interview goes well (which I'm sure it will) I plan to send copies of the video to all the local and major networks to see if I can get air time there as well.

I'll keep you all informed about this latest development.

Right now I am so excited that I just HAD to tell someone right away.

Wayne Whitney (one very excited little wog)