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From wwhit71151@aol.com Thu Nov 14 08:26:15 1996
Subject: Wayne Whitney - Picketing sign assembly instructions
Date: 14 Nov 1996 06:26:15 GMT
Message-ID: <19961114062800.BAA15071@ladder01.news.aol.com>

Hi Everyone,

I recently made a new and improved picketing sign. The last one was effective but this one is SO much better. I made these modifications based on weaknesses that I encountered with my old sign. I thought some of you might be interested, especially if you plan to picket this December 7th. This one is light weight but VERY strong and easy to handle. I can hold it way up high for hours on end without getting tired or having it flop around or bend in the wind.


* SUPPORT FOR WRITING SURFACES - corrugated cardboard ( 22"W x 14"H )

* HANDLE - corrugated cardboard ( 2 1/4"W x 22"H ) - 2 required

* WRITING SURFACES - light fluorescent green posterboard ( 14" x 22" ) - 2 required

* packaging tape ( the kind with fiber reinforcement ) - very strong and doesn't get sticky

* magic marker ( with 'chisel' tip )

* pencil ( optional )

* elmers glue

* stapler

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: ( refer to diagram below )

1. Cut cardboard ( 22"W x 14"H) with the grain going horizontally.

2. Cut two strips of cardboard ( 2 1/4"W x 22"H ) with the grain vertical. Width should be adjusted for YOUR particular grip.

3. Cut two pieces of posterboard for your actual writing surfaces.

4. Glue the handles onto each side of the 22" x 14" cardboard. Be sure to glue the 'handle' parts together as well. I used rubber bands around the handle part to keep them together while drying. Staple handles to cardboard for extra strength. Let dry.

5. While your glue is drying write your message on your writing surfaces. ( I took my time with this part. I carefully planned, measured out and then traced my lettering in pencil first. Once my lettering was just the way I wanted it I darkened it all with my magic marker. I wanted my sign to look neat but I think ANY dark lettering would be just as effective.)

6. Pinch together the edges of the handle. This will make it easier and much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

7. Wrap the handle with packaging tape making sure that the edges stay pinched together. Wrap the upper part of the handle as well for extra strength.

8. Staple the posterboards to your sign.


* This sign cost me about five dollars in materials and took only a couple of hours to assemble.

* If the writing surfaces get dirty or I want to change my message all I have to do is pull the posterboards off and replace them. Because of this fact this sign should pretty much last me indefinitely.

* I stuck the handle slightly out the top because of one drawback that I encountered with my old sign. When I was not actively picketing I would often hold my sign by the handle down at my side but upside. Because of this so many people would either ask me what my sign said or I would observe them turning their heads upside-down so that they could read it themselves. I eventually started to ALWAYS hold my sign right-side up even when it was down at my side. Unfortunately, holding it this way got the top of my sign all dirty and worn out. Now with the little bit of handle sticking out the top I have something to hold on to so I can always keep it upright without ruining it.