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From wwhit71151@aol.com Thu Jan 23 06:51:15 1997
Subject: Wayne Whitney - I need picket sign slogans ASAP
Date: 23 Jan 1997 04:51:15 GMT
Message-ID: <19970123045100.XAA11697@ladder01.news.aol.com>

Hi everyone,

If anyone has a good slogan to put on a picket sign please E-mail them to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I have an opportunity to put on a major protest here at the San Francisco Org. As soon as the rain lets up we are going to be out there in force. I ve got thirty picket signs on order and I would like them all to be different. I ve been informed that outrageous signs grab the most attention from the public. Because of that advice I ve decided to ask all of you for both OUTRAGEOUS and SERIOUS slogans. The paint for the signs has already been paid for now I just need to let the guy know what to print on the signs. Since I m not that creative in a pinch like this I m coming to all of you for your input. Let your fingers go nuts on the keyboard. I need ideas fast, like REAL FAST. The order has to go out Thursday evening.

Wayne Whitney