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From wwhit71151@aol.com Sun Feb 09 06:57:51 1997
Subject: Re: Feedback wanted
Date: 9 Feb 1997 04:57:51 GMT
Message-ID: <19970209045701.XAA24707@ladder01.news.aol.com>

I suggest you call the police. Tell them everything that's been going on and what your concerns are.

Just because someone says you can be arrested on someone's say so (with no evidence to back up their claims) doesn't mean you can. Go to the source (the police department) and find out for yourself.

As for the clam looking in your car I figure they are very edgy right now and a bit paranoid about you. When a person doesn't know who's doing these things it's kind of natural to suspect EVERYONE. Right now you're there so often and most visible so they're grabbing at straws and checking you out. Who else CAN they investigate? They've probably got no other "good suspects" to go after. Since they haven't called the police on you yet I suspect they're just displaying a natural amount of suspicion and aren't planning to take it any further than that.

Last year when I was picketing the mission I had one of the staff members accuse me of setting the fire they had there night before. I let his accusation fall on deaf ears and surprisingly, he just let it go.

When I first started picketing I had quite a few people E-mail me and implant ideas in my head that the Oo$ would try to set me up and get me arrested. I don't think they did it on purpose. They probably just heard what's been done to others and were concerned about my safety. Unfortunately the more I let these ideas fester in my head (unchallenged) the more I believed them and the more afraid I became. Finally when I became a nervous wreck and just couldn't stand it any more I had a long talk with the S.F.P.D. day watch supervisor. That was back when I used to call him up every time to let him know I would be picketing that day. Not only did he alleviate ALL my concerns right then and there but surprisingly he expressed his approval for what I was doing. I feel it's always a good idea to have the local police department backing you up. I've succeeded in achieving that support. I must be doing something right out there.

About this time I also went to the head of security where I work. I told him everything I was doing, why I was doing it, what my concerns were and WHY I was concerned. I put EVERYTHING out on the table. I even got all this placed in my personnel file just in case something WAS done to me. He said it was a good idea that I came to him first, that if I did it after the fact that it would probably look like I was trying to cover up something. Since I came to him FIRST it put security on alert. Now if I'm "dead agented" they'll be very skeptical of any accusations made against me, especially if it comes from the Oo$.

I take the criminal actions of the Oo$ very seriously but I don't want that threat to stop me. I felt it was very appropriate for me to make sure my ass was covered BEFORE I got in over my head. This way I can now put my full attention on getting my message out and not have to waste precious energy constantly looking over my shoulder.

Wayne Whitney (a concerned citizen)