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From wwhit71151@aol.com Wed Feb 12 15:31:06 1997
Subject: Re: Re: Scientologists finally clean their past
Date: 12 Feb 1997 13:31:06 GMT
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In article <3300DA2E.6195@netcomuk.co.uk>, Roland wrote:

>Subject: Re: Scientologists finally clean their past
>From: Roland Rashleigh-Berry <RolandRB@netcomuk.co.uk>
>Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 20:44:30 +0000

>Dan and Jana Moreillon wrote:

>> Heidrun Beer wrote:

>>> Listen, my friend, if I want to smooth out another's trouble,
>>> why do you have a problem with that?
>>> It means just to sit down across each other and have him talk
>>> about what happened. Then find the roots of it in the past,
>>> if it goes back to earlier things. Have him understand -
>>> "cognite". How could that be harmful?
>>> I suggest you think a while about responsibility. I do feel
>>> responsible for my fellow humans and their problems. Why not
>>> help them if I can?
>>> Heidrun Beer
>>> ED Mountain Org Austria
>>> [To the reader: please post/mail your reply, I'm off the newsgroup
>>> for a while]
---------------------------------------------------------------------- >> If you are off the NG for awhile, how is it that you continue posting?
>> I have a problem with your delivering arc x sessions to anyone, if you
>> are as you said earlier a NED auditor. That does not qualify you to
>> deliver rudiments. And, especially, ot3 style rudiments which are
>> worded differently than lower level ruds. When you first started
>> posting here, you said that you were "clear". A scant 3-4 months
>> later, you were singing the praise of nots. Someone said you were
>> audited in the fz. Even if you were, it is highly unlikely that you
>> did the upper levels in the amount of time involved. Actually,
>> impossible for you to have done that. so, my conclusion is that you
>> have (perhaps) successfully infiltrated the fz, and that you are
>> acting for the rtc.
>> Kiss off!
>> Jana(only)
>No - Heidrun normally posts to alt.clearing.technology not a.r.s.. She
>is definitely true free-zone and not RTC. As for her progress, she has
>made very good progress - real auditing gains. I have heard stories
>about it. As for her signing herself ED mountain org, Austria or
>whatever this is no joke. It is a real place.
>You've got to bear in mind that most people who post on a.r.s. never
>made much in the way of "case gain". I for one don't believe that
>Scientology works. However it ~seems~ to work for some people and
>Heidrun is one of them. It does not surprise me that she went from
>"clear" to doing NOTs in a short time. If it works, it works and it
>takes as long as it does.
>At least Heidrun seems to be getting a lot out of it. Good luck to her.