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From wwhit71151@aol.com Fri Mar 21 22:26:03 1997
Subject: Re: AMONG THE CLAMS: An Afternoon with Scientologists
Date: 21 Mar 1997 20:26:03 GMT
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Unfortunately, entire post snipped - Refer to Deja News for original

Thanks for this excellent report. The more I know about how the Oo$ (Organization of $cientology) is trying to recruit new members the more effective picketer I will be. For some reason the clams don't want me even near their front door, let alone inside to investigate their latest recruiting techniques. This kind of information is very useful for me.

P.S. If anyone has similar stories to this please E-mail them to me. I *WILL* put the knowledge of your experiences to good use outside the S.F. Org.

Wayne Whitney