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From wwhit71151@aol.com Tue Apr 22 04:21:22 1997
Subject: Ted Mayett I have a few questions
Date: 22 Apr 1997 02:21:22 GMT
Message-ID: <19970422022100.WAA05200@ladder01.news.aol.com>

Hey Ted, I have a few questions for you which your answers may prove useful for other picketers. Some of the responses Iíve read so far regarding your situation certainly HAVE been for me.

1. How did you arrange bail so fast? Did you have the money on your person, did your friend bring it with them or did you go through a bail bonds person? (When *I* picket I always only carry a few dollars with me since I am more concerned about being mugged than being arrested)

2. How did you deal with the car issue? Are the police supposed to automatically tow your car and you just managed to talk them out of it or do you need to give them permission to tow it - unless itís parked illegally?

3. Did the police read you your rights? If so, at what point in the confrontation?

4. That ONE phone call, how does that work? Do they let you keep trying until you are able to actually reach someone or do they just give you one shot and if you donít connect then thatís all you get?

Knowledge is power so itís always good to have as many facts as possible ahead of time. Please elaborate as much as possible on the above issues. Since youíve just been through the drill you should be able to answer these. Private E-mail is fine but I believe others may benefit from your answers as well.

Wayne Whitney