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From wwhit71151@aol.com Wed Jun 04 13:11:25 1997
Subject: Wayne Whitney - Change of Picketing Strategy
Date: 4 Jun 1997 11:11:25 GMT
Message-ID: <19970604111101.HAA14741@ladder02.news.aol.com>

Hi Everyone,

Because of an event this past weekend I have decided to change my picketing strategy a little bit. Up to now I've never really talked to anyone outside the Org (except the friends I've made out there) unless THEY came up to me FIRST. I don't want anyone out there to feel that I am trying to cram my agenda down their throat so I've always let them approach me. This even included the few people who appeared interested in finding out more about $cientology.

If someone appeared to ignore me and went straight for the Org to read their posters in the window or go inside to talk to someone I'd always just assumed that they had PURPOSEFULLY ignored me. I figured that I'm so visible out there how could anyone NOT notice me and that if they really wanted to talk to me they would. I've always given them the choice.

Then this past Saturday I watched as a young woman drove up in a wheelchair. It was obvious that she had a severe crippling physical ailment. She went straight up to the Org's front door and asked the guy at the front desk for some literature. He went in and got some then put it in her backpack for her. She then turned around and left. The whole time she didn't even seem to notice that I was out there. I watched her as she slowly made her way across the street and then back down the block.

This time I just HAD to make an exception to my rule. I just wouldn't have been able to live with myself knowing that they might eventually take advantage of her. I just couldn't risk the chance that they would lure her back in with false promises of miraculous cures the way they did with me. I waited till she was down the block and then I went running after her to see what her story was and find out why she stopped by.

She was very difficult to understand because of her illness so I took my time with her. I knelt down next to her and gave her plenty of time to get the words out. It turns out her boyfriend had gotten involved in the cult and she was very concerned about him. She told me that she made the trip to the Org to find out what he had gotten himself involved in.

This was the VERY reason I was out there picketing, to inform the public about the dangers of $cientology. I had almost blown this perfect opportunity to inform her because of my STUPID, STUPID, STUPID assumptions and concerns.

I gave her my brief "presentation" and described some of my experiences while involved with the cult. I then gave her copies of all the fliers I had and then wrote down my name, phone number and address in her notebook in case she wanted more information. She asked for my E-mail address as well.

You should have seen the smile on her face and the way she laughed and thanked me as we parted company. She was so sweet. I just wanted to give her the biggest hug. It's times like this that make my picketing all worthwhile to me.

Because of this incident I will NEVER AGAIN make the assumption that anyone who approaches the Org (apparently ignoring me) does so because they consciously decided to do so. Who knows, maybe they really just didn't notice I was out there for some reason. From now on I will approach EVERYONE who shows ANY interest in $cientology and make sure that they have a chance to hear what *I* have to say. If they don't want to listen they can tell me so and that will be the end of it. At least THEN I will know FOR SURE that they have consciously decided to ignore me. That I can live with but I simply can't live with knowing that someone got hurt when I had the chance to prevent it.

Wayne Whitney