Gerry Armstrong's Wedding

From Bob Minton:

Gerry Armstrong got married on December 10, 1974 on board Apollo to Terry Gillham, the top Messenger for Hubbard [Gerry said he was a social climber :-) ] and in this double wedding, Pat Broeker got married to Trudy Venter. His later wife Annie was also there. Picture 4 (the second one below) is particularly interesting in that these sweet looking little messengers are the ones going around barking all of Hubbards expletives at anybody he was pissed off with. [....]

A brief moment of joy on Apollo
Trudy Venter Broeker (TB), LRH, Terry Gillham Armstrong later Gamboa (TG) and Michelle (nick=Shelley) Barnette later Miscavige (SM)
Suzette Hubbard (SH), Clarisse Barnette later Brousseau (CB), Gail Reisdorf later Erwin (GE), Dede Reisdorf later Voegeding (DV), Jill Goodman (JG), Janice Gillham later Grady (JGG), Doreen Gillham (DG), Annie Tidman Rush later Broeker (AB)
General Scene
General Scene
Stuart Moreau (SM), GA, PB, Alan Voss (AV)
On floor SM, unidentified, SH, GE, standing l to r, DV, JGG, Bob Young, DG, AB, Kima Dunleavy, TG, SM, GA, TB, AV, Janet Weiland, Tony Dunleavy and CB.