Why Shy David Protests / Why These Web Pages Exist

The Scientology® organization wishes people to believe that I and many other human rights activists are, as the organization puts it, "religious bigots." The facts are, of course, totally opposite of what the Scientology® organization claims: human rights activists protest and picket the Scientology® organization because we object to the crimes and gross human rights abuses committed by the sinister Scientology® organization. Religion has nothing at all to do with why the Scientology® organization is protested and picketed constantly throughout the world.

I first became involved in civil rights activism when I was about 22 years old. In America one finds a very large number of teen-agers who have a passion for defending and supporting civil rights, but few have the time or the skills or the resources to apply that passion until they are in to their twenties: civil rights activism is, saddly, only possible when the activist has spare time away from making a living for herself / himself. It was not until I had enough of an income that I could afford to take week-ends off from work to help defend civil rights.

That defense has spanned a large number of arenas over the past two decades. I worked to help try to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which the theofascists in America defeated; I worked to help successfully pass legislation defending women and children against violent men via verious Domestical Violence Inititives; I protested the various wars the United States has been engaged in over the past two decades such as the Bush Oil War and the war against Cuba (which is still going on); I worked on defending religious rights such as the right to worship as one pleases and to refrain from worshiping or financially supporting religions if one choses not to; I protested against the racist hatred of the Ku Klux Klan, the White Aryan Resistance, Christ Identity, and Aryan Nation; I defended the right of girls and women to receive medical services in California, including contraception and pregnancy termination; I defended the right of Mexican children to receive an education in California; I defended the rights of farm workers in California to receive fair treatment from their employers; and I engaged in a large number of other civil rights activities.

On May 6, 1991 TIME Magazine published a report about the sinister Scientology® organization. At that time I was active in defending many minority religions againts actual religious persecution, so I just assumed that TIME Magazine was merely one more source of religious bigotry: I defending Scientology® against all criticism, both verbally and in writing, even though I had no knowledge of Scientology®, nor did I even read the TIME article. I remember standing in line at a store and seeing the issue of TIME and thinking to myself that it was not worthy of purchasing and reading because the publisher and editors were "religious bigots." I distainfully refused to read the article that I was agressively denouncing; I regretfully also defended Scientology® at every chance I got, even as I was totally, completely ignorant on the subject. Now in retrospect, I feel very badly about my defense of Scientology® out of ignorance: a defense that lasted nearly four years!

"Passing itself off as a religion in the US, using the legal system and a war chest of millions of dollars to litigate itself into legitmacy, has cost every US taxpayer real money, and some members of Scientology Inc., their lives." --- M.C.DiPietra

My first actually knowledge of Scientology® was when one of its barrators attempted to silence its critics and curb their First Amendment right to freedom of speach and expression by deleting the USENET newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. That failed attempt was later followed by an unprecedented attack against the newsgroup by the sinister organization via flooding the newsgroup with hundreds of thousands of propaganda pieces from the organization's black propaganda mill called "What is Scientology®?" This attack is now a USENET classic example of abuse, and it is known as "The WIS Flood." The intent of the abuse was to make the newsgroup unreadable so that people seeking real, valid information about Scientology® would not be able to do so in that venue.

That attack, with variations, continued for some FIVE YEARS, resulting in well over one and a half billion bytes of gibberish, inside over one million FORGED articles: one million of those articles were posted under the names and e-mail addresses of other civil rights activists and human rights activists who were contributing to the newsgroup. Over 100 Internet Service Providers were abused by the sinister organization in this crime.

In the year 1995ce my civil rights activism was expanded into the human rights arena because of the brutal torture death of Lisa McPherson. While that homicide was of itself enough to outrage any sane human being, it paled compared to the great many other gross crimes and human rights abuses committed by the Scientology® organization. Indeed, that abuse is still going on today, with, among other things, the frame-up of Mark Bunker for a crime that had not even occured; the frame-up of Bob Minton for "assaults" that had been rehearsed and staged by the sinister organization; perjury against Keith Henson for a fictitious act of "terrorism;" seemingly countless acts of barratry against other human rights activists; assaults and batteries against human rights activists committed by Scientologists for Scientology®; Scientology® agents stalking and harassing the children of human rights activists... unfortunately, the list could go on and on.

Ever since I became aware of these crimes and human rights abuses, it has been my civil and spirituial duty to protest against these crimes and human rights abuses: my religion teaches that one must not ignore one's responsibility in denouncing tyrany and abuse when one observes it. Therefore, in these pages one will find a great wealth of factual information, as well as a wealth of opinions written by many and varied other authors, concerning the sinister Scientology® organization.

"This question ('Is Scientology a religion?'), is, in spite of the vast amount of evidence to show it is not, somewhat orthagonal to the *real* question, which involves the downright unethical and illegal actions of that group and its members. Actions which are treated as dogma (policy). Were the only argument to be: is 'scn really a religion?' the furor would likely die down rather rapidly, for members could just point to the equally strange beliefs of other groups that are considered religions.

"However, this is very much NOT the reason for the ever growing ranks of critics of scientology. By its very actions, scientology sows the teeth of the dragon, and when more critics spring up, members and apologists for it immediately ask 'why are you attempting to suppress my religion?' The ease with which they (deliberately) confuse outrage and anger over an act which is patently unethical and/or illegal, with religious persecution would be quite humorous were the results not so extreme for some.

"[...] Scientologists tend to not know the difference between 'PERSECUTION' and PROSECUTION. And it's as simple as that." ---- Jim Bianchi