Try these pants on, They might just fit.

Subject: Try these pants on, They might just fit.
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 13:41:52 -0500

Here is your own logic, since you can't seem to recognize it yourself I thought I might help you out a little bit.

You seem to believe emphatically that                    1+1 = 3
so thus it must be true that                                    3+1 = 5
You often do have a point that                               2+2 = 4
But you then make the mistaken conclusion that     1+2 also = 4
All in the name of science.

Let me give you another example of what you are doing. By the way it is apparent in almost all of your arguments, I hope that you begin to recognize it when it occurs. Once you recognize this it will change your life and you will wonder how you ever lived so long thinking differently.

You believe that up is up and down is down. You also believe that a map accurately depicts north, south, east, and west. What you fail to recognize is that these truths do not mean that up is the same direction for the person in Nebraska as it is for the person in Moscow. Even though north, south, east and west are essentially the same for each of them. "Of course you recognize it in this simple example but do you dare to bring this truth into all your arguments?"

I know that these points will probably seem meaningless to you. You seem primarily to be interested in bashing instead of producing any sensible discussions. I have attempted to term this in the language you seem to be accustomed to.

Let me give you just one that you can have a field day with. You believe....Light travels at "x" velocity and it takes "y" time to cross "z" distance. You believe....If light from object "a" has just reached object "b" and they are "z" distance apart they must be separated by "y" time. "Don't you hate it when people tell you what you believe" You have misplaced your faith. You hang your hat on the incorrect notion that the above conditions are constant and never have nor ever will change. If you admit that this is true your entire calculation, and all you believe for that matter, are completely bogus. What if at one time there was very little distance between light source "a" and observer "b". What if the "x" has changed? What if anything in your world is not EXACTLY the way you think it has to be? Then you are out to lunch. The poor, simple sap in Moscow will go to his grave believing that up is up because it just has to be! It always has been.

Open your mind a little, things are not how you think they have to be.

I know you hate this one because it is simple and it's true. At on time the world was flat simply because everyone believed it had to be so. Your entire faith is based on ever changing criteria. Or if it is simpler for you, quicksand, with a light crust on top. It does seem firm at first.

You do not have permission to reproduce this email without my consent. I will not have you changing the text, inserting comments in the middle, and/or misspelling words to malign it's integrity. Please contact me in advance if you want to post a copy of this.

A little light shines very brightly. Do you now hate me because I have told you the truth?

I sincerely hope you enjoy your search for truth. "I know I Am",


PS. A copy of this has also been sent to my attorney. I would just trust you but you don't seem to be too concerned with the integrity or opinions of your detractors. This is not meant as an insult, just an observation from your own web sight.