We Get Letters, Sane and Otherwise

This collection of pages reproduces letters that Holysmoke.org receives. The very bizarre (one end of the scale) to the very erudite (the other end of the scale) will be displayed here, though many, many more e-mail messages have been received. Copyright for these messages are retained by the authors. However, since they were mailed to Holysmoke.org, the messages themselves are owned by Holysmoke.org and may be used as we see fit (i.e. reproduced here). Enjoy!

Bizarre Try these pants on, They might just fit. No one at Holysmoke.org knows who this little guy is, nor why he wrote to us. Indeed, no one can figure out what it is he is trying to say.
HOAXED Message to Rev. Hovind The pseudonym used in this letter belongs to a real person. The letter has therefore been removed.
Moderate Dear DAve ShyDavid (heterosexual, i.e. straight) is invited by a Christian to meet him at a homosexual bar / club / ?
Bizarre spiritual "possession" Someone wrote Holusmoke.org and claims he believes that he is posessed / attacked by demons. ShyDavid wrote back asking him to seek competent, prompt medical care. He pretends to be male and female, and believes that Carl Sagan wrote a book about demons being a reality.
Concerned The Truth Someone wants me here at holysmoke.org to remove the pages that are critical to Christianity--- he claims they are 'not true.'
Erudite I like being a fool sometimes A contrary opinion that is well-written. The author feels that claiming all 'psychic' and 'spiritiual' matters are false is not being fair.
Catigative You say you're a pagan. Letter complains about moralistic terminology from a "Believer[sic] in evolution."
Vandalized Re: Fools Had his "Darwin fish" ripped from his car.
Great Site! Addresses Michael Gordon's message (above). PGHUTCH took the time to do what I didn't feel like doing. THANK YOU PGHUTCH!
Kind comments on your website The author expresses concern over my spiritual well-being. He also makes some false assertions about the pseudo-hostory found in the Hebrew and Christian Testaments, as well as invalid claims that there are valid 'prophesies' in The Bible.