You say you're a pagan.

From: "Louis Cypher"
Subject: You say you're a pagan.
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 00:14:08 PST

"Liar" this, "Evil" that. You're a pretty moralistic Believer in evolution. What do you use as your standard of judgement over these concepts of good and bad?

Before one labels an individual or his beliefs right or wrong, one should first be certain that his own system of beliefs is compatible with even the use that terminology. Yours is not.

The concepts of good and evil are immaterial, even inconsistent with principles of evolutionary thought. They are concepts which, for obvious reasons, are blatantly overlooked and ignored in the "scientific" (as if that term was ever intended to carry with it the self-important arrogance that it does today) world. Concepts that will dog the steps of every imagined advance in the study of evolution.

You choose. Either continue to pass moral judgements, and prove the flaw in your thinking, or just start actually thinking.