Re: Fools

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 01:46:09 EDT
Subject: Re: Fools

Dear Dave:

Thank you for the great contribution you make to free thought in the world. I wish everyone would stop by Holysmoke and eat from the tree of knowledge so they could realize just what ignorant, superstitious, brainwashed idiots they have become. Bringing Col. Bob Ingersoll back from semi-obscurity so people can see what free thought really means, is a great and noble service! Keep up the great work!

I had an experience today that I'd like to share with you. I had some nice Christian rip the Darwin Fish off my trunk of my car and throw it on the ground. Because I use a wheelchair and needed to be close to the ramp, I had parked my car in the disabled space in front of the GTE Wireless Service Center and the Petsmart store because I had business at both places. I didn't even take notice of the Christian book store located between them. I've discovered today that an American Humanist, as far as a devout Christian is concerned, does not have the right to express his views if it differs from theirs. I have never even entertained the idea of pulling the Jesus fish off someone's car and damaging their property. To me that would be juvenile behavior. Besides, it never crossed my mind to deny anyone their constitutional right to express their views, regardless if I disagreed with them or not. This self-appointed champion of God struck a real blow for righteousness by vandalizing my car. He's probably mad at me for making him late for a book burning because I had the nerve to express my views on my car.

He believed his God had given him license to damage my property and my rights of free speech meant absolutely nothing to him. Apparently he feel's what he did is pleasing to his God. If his God would be pleased by such a petty crime and act of stupidity, I'm certainly glad I don't share his insanity!

Please let me know when Holysmoke will be back up on the net. I truly miss it on the few occasions when its down.

Thanks and take care.
Doug Steel.