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Welcome to a skeptical site that looks at the facts about frauds, fakes, fools, and flim-flam. This site addresses the harm inflicted upon credophiles. That is, this site addresses the financial, emotional, and intellectual injury caused by the lucrative business of fraud and deceit. And that business is booming. There is no shortage of fools who pay dearly for the dubious privilege of being taken advantage of.

One long-term fraud (called "Spiritism" or "Spiritualism") has been going on for over one hundred years. On the page "The Cold Hard Truth, Put Bluntly," Here are quotes from one of the most successful of Spiritist deceivers.


This site contains a large amount of material about Scientology's many gross crimes and human rights abuses. Scientology really is as bad as you've heard!
HOLYSMOKE was once a FidoNet "echo." An "echo" was a message base where people exchanged ideas and opinions electronically. The "All Things Holysmoke" link contains a large amount of the material published in the echo, mostly of a skeptical nature. Since humans wrote it, much of it is humorously abusive in addition to instructive and educational.

Back in year 1985 The Astro-Net BBS went on-line. The chief reason was to defend Wicca and neo-Paganism from politics-based attacks, and the critical study of astrology. It also contained some of the finest skeptical and humanitarian essays ever written, which has since been widely copied on the Internet.

The NMEA Sage

The new "NMEA Sage" Visual Studio 6.0 ActiveX user controls suite I wrote are available for download. They are free for the taking, but I would love to be given a donation or two for them.
I consider religious fundamentalism, of all cults (Christian, Muslim, Judahism, political parties, etc.), to be one of the greatest threats to liberty and life that the United States currently faces, second only to human-caused climate change. I therefore include many web pages about the evil behavior inflicted upon the world due to toxic religiocity.

These pages include an ancient mirror of James A. Haught's Holy Horrors blog which he wrote many years ago.

I consider Creationists and Creationism to be a danger to society in that their behavior is evil. These folks work very hard (out of evil, greed, elitism, bigotry, and stupidity) to keep people ignorant, superstitious, obediant, impoverished, and compliant. The sinister ICR Cult is one fine example.

Miracle Workers & Faith Healers was to be a very large site, but the time to finish it has not yet been applied. I have hundreds of pages on the subject that will eventually be added.


Shy David's House of Knowledge is actually a mirror of another site. It contains many web pages of skeptical content, plus a backup of some holysmoke material. It is actually a trash heap containing pages on a very diverse number of subjects.

This web site has no affiliation with any other organization, especially the criminal cult known as Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard, CCHR, WISE, Religious Technology Center, David Miscavige, or any other service or trademarks. This web site is critical of Scientology and uses certain of its marks under guidelines articulated in Bally v. Faber, 29 F.Supp.2d 1161.

All pages are © copyright by their various authors or organizations, and are used by permission. Copyrights are displayed on each page, where appropriate. Quoted or otherwise Reproduced text not explicitly cited as copyrighted are used within the "Fair Use" doctrine. Artwork is copyright as shown on the images, and are used by permission. For Registered Trademark ® information for "Scientology®," "Dianetics®," "RTC," etc., visit the crime syndicate's official "Scientology® Trademark Information" page at

Updated September, 2012