Please read this disclaimer. Throughout this essay I assert my opinion that the reverends Morris, Gish, Hovind, Phillips, etc., are either liars, madmen, incompetent, evil, or combinations of these things. The disclaimer explains why this is my opinion.

If anyone can find errors or falsehoods with my opinions and statements about the I.C.R., Creationism, evolution, or evolutionary theory, perhaps you would be kind enough to point those errors and falsehoods out to me via desertphile @ hotmail. com so that I may remove those errors from this web site. Thank you.

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The Evolution Fact FAQ by Dr. M. R. Leipzig. What is Evolution? And, more importantly, what is not evolution? This F.A.Q. explains the basics. The majority of Creationists have false beliefs about what evolution is and what evolutionary theory states: this F.A.Q. will correct some of those misconceptions. "Evolution does not say what is right and what is wrong, but merely what has happened."

The Handy Dandy Anti-Evolution Argument Refuter addresses and answers some of the most common lies, falshoods, and errors Creationists spread.

Why These Pages explains why I created "The I.C.R. Exposed" web site.

Link: Is the ICR's Henry Morris racist? "Possessed of a genetic character concerned mainly with mundane matters, [black people] have eventually been displaced by the intellectual and philosophical acumen of the Japhethites and the religious zeal of the Semites." -- H. Morris

Link: "Creation 'Science' Debunked."

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    Victory for West Virginia school children.

    New species evolved on a grassy river bank in York.

    Darwin on Trial: reviews of Phillip Johnson's religious tract.

    "Scientific[sic] Creationism" reviews of Henry M. Morris' religious tract.

    Biology professor's policy on recommendations challenged via law suit.

    The recent evolution of the Red Squirrel.

    What is the SCIENTIFIC THEORY of Creation? This is an excellent essay by by Lenny Flank.

  • ICR "scientists"
    hold a meeting
    This site is not an attempt to educate and correct Creationists about how the universe was formed, how the solar system was formed, and how life evolved here on Earth--- their occult indoctrination makes that impossible. Rather, this site is for people who wish to learn about the "scientific[sic] Creationism" religion in general, and the ICR cult's "Back to Genesis" scam in particular.

    To those who claim this site is "anti-Christianity" and "anti-Christian," I will point out to you that, in actual fact, this site is anti-ignorance. When one asserts that this site is "anti-Christianity" and "anti-Christian," one is equating Christianity and Christians with ignorance: therefore one is being anti-Christianity and anti-Christian. If one honors and respect truth and scientific knowledge, one will have little or no objections to these web pages.

    I've attended the ICR's "Back to Genesis" circus, and here are some of my observations. When the ICR cult ("ICR" stands for "Institute for Creation Research,") was not selling their occult materials ("Buy our books. BUY our books! BUY our books! BUY OUR BOOKS!"), selling their gods ("Every one has faith! Every one has an idol!"), or selling their "tours" ("You really must go with us to the Grand Canyon!"), the reverends Morris and Phillips spent the rest of the time lying to their audience of about 1,200 people.

    Yes, I said "lying." It is my opinion that it is fundamentally impossible for them to not be aware of the fact that they were speaking falsehoods. It is my opinion (and that of many, many others) that the reverends cannot possibly be unaware of the fact that their claims have been competently, irrefutably demonstrated false. And yet the reverends still spewed their falsehoods in anyone's book, this means they told lies, in an attempt to deceive deliberately. It is not a matter of "differing opinions" between reverends Morris and Phillips and the scientific community: if that were true, the reverends would be publishing their "research" in scientific journals under peer-review. Rather, the reverends have taken an oath to ignore the truth when it contradicts their occult beliefs.

    [ Someone should warn Rev John Morris and Rev Doug Phillips about lying for their Lord God. Here is what the Bible has to say about lying for Him in His name. ]

    The newspaper headline "10,000 people drowned by Hurricane Mitch!" Refutes the Creationist argument that human fossils are not found in the lower strata because humans were able to escape "the flood" and flee to higher ground. BTW, central America is mountainous: lots of higher ground to flee to. --- Frank Steiger
    Just what is it that the ICR cult believes, and what their "Back to Genesis" circus asserts? The ICR cult believes that Utnapishtim's Great Flood (as recounted in the Gilgamesh Epic, which is anterior to the Bible's Genesis myths) is responsible for all of the fossil record and geological structures found upon Terra. They believe this (or at least they claim to believe it) regardless of the fact that it has been conclusively demonstrated false. How one can believe that which is known to be false is explored in the excellent book The Mind of the Bible Believer by Edmund D. Cohen (1988, Prometheus Books, ISBN 0-87975-495-8). The ICR cult prefers the newer myths to the older ones.

    Is the "Back to Genesis" circus a scam, or are the reverends at the ICR merely the quintessence, the epitome of incompetence? Is it really possible to not know when one's every word is a lie? That seems highly unlikely to me (and a great many others who know of the ICR cult's activities). Creationism is big business (that is, BIG BU$INE$$). It sells hundreds of thousands of books and tapes; it makes ignorant believers funnel money into cults that are subverting science education in the nation; and it is tax-exempt. The cult performs pseudo-science and calls their results "Creation 'Science.'" The Reverend Kent Hovind is a good example of a Creationist who is clueless about what he pretends to speak authoritatively upon.

    The ICR cult still distributes propaganda that is known to be false. Such as a false argument about the laws of thermodynamics which Rev. Gish claims makes evolution impossible (it does not); a false claim about ultraviolet light falling upon primordial Earth preventing the formation of life (biopoesis); a false assertion that the "laws of probability" demonstrate biopoesis is impossible (it does not); a claim that the fossil record refutes evolution and evolutionary theory (it does not); plus false arguments about "argument from design"; plus a lie about "tautology" concerning the geocolumn; and a lie about helium content in the Earth's atmosphere; and the false claim that Bible-believing Christians are somehow morally and ethically superior to non-theists (which has nothing to do with evolution nor evolutionary theory); and the lie that there are no transitional and intermediate fossils. The cult ignores the fact that their false claims have been demonstrated false, and discussed in so many books that it is fundamentally impossible for Rev Gish, Rev Morris, Hovind, et al, to not know they are distributing falsehoods. For "Men of God," that's one hell of a lot of lying!

    As bizarre and as silly as it seems to rational people, the ICR cult believes that acknowledging evolution, and teaching evolutionary theory, is somehow the cause for every social ill that have ever plagued humanity. (Never mind the fact that evolutionary theory is almost never taught in public junior-high and high schools for the past 30 years.) They appear to ignore the fact that social ills have existed throughout human history. They have, of course, no evidence to support these silly occult-based claims, but since many of these claims render themselves open for scrutiny, we can list the basics here. The following grid has been taken from a flyer published by the ICR cult: it is what the cult claims to be "factual:"

    Created in
    god's image
    Fish to man
    God's word Man's opinion
    Biblical family Global village
    Sanctity of life Abortion
    World-wide flood Millions of years
    All men created equal Racial supremacy
    One man
    one woman
    As one can see, the ICR cult refuses to address actual claims made by scientists and science: they attribute false statements they claim scientists make, and then attack those undefended positions. Such behavior is dishonest in the extreme. This behavior also points out the fact that the ICR knowns it cannot refute actual claims made by science and scientists, so they resort to "refuting" claims science and scientists do not make.

    Also as one can see, the cult's grasp on reality is extremely tenuous at best. What the cult attributes to evolutionary science is not what rational people do. Evolution, and evolutionary theory, does not address "man's opinions," nor do they say anything about a "global village," nor anything about "gods," nor anything about "abortion and euthanasia," nor anything about "racial supremacy," nor anything about "homosexuality and immorality." Indeed, one is left to wonder in amazement just why the ICR cult would pretend to make authoritative pronouncements upon a subject they conclusively demonstrate they have no understanding and knowledge of (evolution and evolutionary theory). It's utterly amazing... and utterly dishonest.

    Here is another list that the cult believes is a comparison between their occult beliefs and what they falsely believe to be the evolutionary sciences. It has also been extracted from the ICR's publications, distributed at the "Back to Genesis" dog-and-pony show:

    Structure of Natural Law Invariable Constantly changing
    Galactic Universe Galaxies constant Galaxies changing
    Structure of Stars Stars unchanging Stars changing into other types
    Other Heavenly Bodies Breaking down Building up
    Types of Rock Formations Similar in all Ages Different in different Ages
    Appearance of Life Life only from life Life evolving from non-life
    Array of Organisms Distinct Kinds of Organisms Continuum of Organisms
    Appearance of Kinds of Life No New Kinds Appearing New Kinds Appearing
    Mutations in Organisms Harmful Beneficial
    Natural Selection Conservative Process Creative Process
    Age of Earth Probably Young Extremely Old
    Fossil Record Systematic Gaps Innumerable Transitions
    Appearance of Man No Ape-Human intermediates Ape-Human intermediates
    Nature of Man
    [and Woman]
    Qualitatively Distinct from Animals Quantitatively Superior to Animals
    Origin of Civilization Contemporaneous with Man Slow and Gradual
    Copyright ©1974 Henry Morris, The Troubled Waters of Evolution, pg 12

    Henry Morris

    Note that the cult obviously does not have a clue about what evolution is and what evolutionary theory states. The cult appears to somehow believe that astrophysics, geophysics, and anthropology have something to do with evolution. One could make a case for Rev Gish, Rev Morris, Rev Phillips, et al, working hard to make Christians appear irrational, insane, and foolish, when they make claims like this.

    So, why is the ICR cult so full of liars and fools? What causes grown men to run off and look for an imaginary boat on a mid-eastern mountain, built by the half-god hero Uta-Napishtim (later renamed "Noah"), as if the myth were true? The answer to that is both simple and complex.

    The ICR cult holds a
    "science" class.
    The short answer is that the cultists from the ICR cult have vowed to their gods that they will believe their false occult beliefs (the Bible) despite the evidence massed against their false beliefs. This they call "faith," and no amount of reasoning will cure their beliefs. They consider "faith" to be a positive attribute: their occult paraphernalia praises foolishness. They know that since Genesis is demonstrated to be false, the rest of their paper idol is suspect.

    The long answer is much more complex. How someone can believe that which is blatantly false; that is observed to be false; that cannot and is not possible.... this question has been addressed by many scholars and psychiatrists / psychologists. The book The Mind of the Bible Believer by Edmund D. Cohen is an excellent source on how Rev Gish, Rev Morris, etc., can believe what is known to be false.

    The good news is that leading professional scientists are increasingly rejecting occult beliefs. The bad news is, consequently, the ICR cult has attempted to by-pass how science is done by appealing to the ignorant and the superstitious for their support. This support includes violating the U.S. Constitution and inflicting the ICR's occult beliefs onto public school students in the name of "science." The fact that the ICR cult believes it is free to lie, cheat, and deceive to meet its agenda is excellent motive for opposing their subversive, anti-American, occult-motivated activities. "Teaching" Creationism to students is an act equal to child molestation; it harms society because it wounds children, making them unfit to compete in the domestic job market, and making American workers unfit to compete in the global economy. "Teaching" Creationism in public schools means that American students would be deliberately crippled mentally, intellectually, and emotionally.

    A question for Creationists (taken from a source, but still very relevant):

    "I'm a scientist. In science, all knowledge is tentative. Everything is a theory until a better idea comes along. Then we use the better idea. So by definition we're skeptics and we agree with the Creationists when they say the theory of evolution will be history when someone comes up with something better. But I have a question for those who believe in Creation. If something better came along, would you agree that Creationism is wrong? In other words, are you willing, at least in theory, to change your beliefs?" --- (The Central Mechanism, by Jim Cowan)

    A simple "Yes" or "No" will do.

    Rev John Morris, telling lies. (You can tell because his lips are moving.)
    Image Copyright 1998 © David Rice
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    Image Copyright 1998 © David Rice
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  • I Went, I Saw, I got Sick. Jitender Saan reports on attending the same "Back to Genesis" floor show I did. He was as shocked and amazed as I was at how flreely and unscrupulous the Creationists were and are; hover very oblivious to or contemptuous of what is right or honorable.

  • Some Guestions Duane Gish (1998), asked by Brian Pietruszewski. Why doesn't Rev Gish defned himself against people who criticize his lies?

    Evolution does not involve a moral order of being in which some beings are superior to others.
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