RE: PC Operation
Note: This is a mirror of one of Jeff Lee's Paulette Cooper pages. He did all of the work rendering this page's format to make it appear as the original document. To understand the code words in this document, see Jeff Lee's Glossary.

NAT SEC                                5 APRIL 1976


                RE: PC Operation

Dear Dick,

SITUATION:  PC hasn't been handled.

DATA:   Pc is attacking Base and probably coordinating MC Oleans
attacking actions.

PC has been arrested before for Bomb threats against the C of S.

We reinforce this background and get her committed.

SOLUTION:  Impliment this Operation Freakout.

This is OK_______
                             Channel 3, Target 5: Seems like it
Approved_________      would be good to have FSM first give "her name"
                       (P.C) to the clerk so he'll write it down on
Disapproved_________   an invoice with her address - so there's no
                       misduplication by the laundry clerk.
                       She can do this in a crazy manner so
Love,                  that she doesn't have to actually give
                       the clerk any clothes to clean which could
Randy                  be traced.
                             Then she can go into her routine
                       about asking for her "already cleaned"
                       clothes.                  L.