Documents seized from Scientology
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Documents seized from Scientology

Thanks are due to Neal Hamel, a former Guardian's Office agent, for many of these definitions.


The Second Dynamic, which pertains to both sexuality and family. To "use 2D on someone" means attempting to seduce him or her.


Assistant Guardian for Intelligence (Information) in New York. Answerable to the Guardian's Office United States Intelligence bureau.


American Psychiatric Association.


The branch of the Guardian's Office responsible for covert data collection and operations.


The branch of the Guardian's Office responsible for overt data collection and operations.

Bonnie Brea

Scientology staff most often lived in communal housing. The neighbourhood around the USGO (and the LA Org and AOLA [Advanced Org Los Angeles]) was in decline, and houses were inexpensive to rent. These houses became communal-type houses where most of the rooms were rented cheaply by staff members. The Bonnie Brea "Thetan Manor" was one such place; Charles Manson apparently had a connection to that communal house.

Cazares, Gabe

Mayor of Clearwater, vocally opposed to the Church of Scientology.


Covert Data Collection, or gathering information while maintaining secrecy. Compare with ODC (Overt Data Collection).


Hubbard wrote a Guardian Order called "Channels" in which he outlined a technique which involved multiple, simultaneous attacks (vectors) on a person in order to destroy them. A "channel" was one of the vectors used.


Commanding Officer


Completed Staff Work, the term for Hubbard's policy on how to present a proposal for approval by a senior.

Code, Barbara

Barbara Code was Henning Heldt's secretary. She was once married to Scientology celebrity motorcycle racer Keith Code.

Nathan Dodell

Lead attorney in the FDA case against Scientology. Scientology lost the case, but promoted it as a win. This infuriated Dodell, who became dedicated to exposing Scientology. The Guardian's Office became dedicated to ruining Nathan Dodell.


Normally used in Scientology to mean "Field Staff Member"; when used in the context of Guardian's Office operations and programmes, it is used as a euphemism for "covert agent".


Guardian Auxiliary Staff

Gaul, Doreen

A Scientologist who was found murdered in Los Angeles. Doreen and two others were found brutally beaten, ritualistically stabbed, and dumped 10 yards from a Scientology commune with their right eyes cut out. The second body was that of fifteen-year-old James Sharpe, also a Scientologist. The third body was unidentified.

Doreen's father allegedly told a reporter from the New York Times that the nineteen-year-old had recently become disenchanted with Scientology.

Unconfirmed reports claimed that Gaul was a former girlfriend of Manson Family member Bruce Davis, a former Scientologist.


Hubbard Communications Office. The branch of the Church of Scientology responsible for, among other things, publishing Hubbard's technical bulletins and policy letters.

Heldt, Henning

Henning Heldt held the position of Deputy Guardian for the United States (DGUS). He was indicted and convicted of conspiracy charges in United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al. in 1979.

Hubbard, Mary Sue

L. Ron Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue held the titles of "Controller" and "Commodore Staff Guardian" (CSG) and, as the second person in the hierarchy of Scientology, had duties which included supervision of the Guardian's Office.


Abbreviation for Intelligence, as in "espionage".

Kember, Jane

Jane Kember held the title of "Guardian World-Wide" (GWW) and headed the daily operations of all Guardian's Offices, reporting directly to Mary Sue Hubbard who in turn reported directly to L. Ron Hubbard.

Lisa, Joe

In 1974, Joe Lisa was the Deputy Deputy Guardian for Information U.S. (DDG I US); he subsequently held the position of Assistant Guardian for Information at the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida (AG INFO FLAG).


Guardian's Office codename for Paulette Cooper. See also PC


Sea Org equivalent of an Ethics Officer.

Major Target

The overall objective of an operation.

Milner, Terry

Circa 1972, DG I US (Deputy Guardian for Information, United States), Terry Milner ran (and still does) a private investigative agency.

Tom Klemesrud, operator of a bulletin-board system that has been sued by Scientology, recalls that there was a user named Terry Milner on his system, who posted "a public inquiry about mind control experiments and thought implants, or something like that."

Klemesrud also states that a woman posing as an IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent asked if his BBS was the one that Milner used.


Overt Data Collection, gathering information without the need for secrecy. Compare with CDC (Covert Data Collection).


Operations National, in charge of Branch I program management.


In the context of Guardian's Office operations and programmes, an abbreviation for "Operating Target".


Guardian's Office abbreviation for Paulette Cooper. See also Lovely. (Also means "preclear" in Scientology jargon.)


Present Time, Scientology jargon for "current".


Potential Trouble Source, Scientology jargon for an unstable person, or a person hostile to Scientology.

Raymond, Randy

Sec Check

Short for Security Check. This is a procedure whereby the E-Meter is used as a lie detector, to discover if the person being checked has violated any of Scientology's laws, had unkind thoughts about Hubbard, etc.


Code name for Gerald Wolfe, a GO agent involved in stealing government documents (Operation Snow White).

Snider, Duke

Duke Snider was Assistant Guardian for the District of Columbia (AG DC), the highest position in the local Guardian's Office, until 1974. Between March 1974 and January 1975, he held the position of Deputy Guardian for Information in the United States (DG I US), which was subsequently filled by Richard Weigand. After January 1975, Snider was the Deputy Deputy Guardian for the United States (DDG US), the chief assistant to Henning Heldt.

He was indicted and convicted of conspiracy charges in United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al. in 1979.

Snow White

Operation Snow White, or Guardian Programme Order 1361, was the massive GO operation to steal government files critical of Scientology. It resulted in the arrest and conviction of most of the higher-ups in the Guardian's Office, including Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue Hubbard.

Although the Church of Scientology claims that Snow White was the result of government infiltrators setting the Church up for a fall, and that the Guardian's Office was disbanded, a 1994 document leaked to the Internet revealed that Operation Snow White was still in existence, run by Elaine Siegel of the Office of Special Affairs (the GO's successor).


Bob Snyder, a Florida radio commentator who lost his job after tangling with Scientologists on the air.

St. John, John

John St. John is the famous LAPD detective upon whom the TV series "Jigsaw John" was based.

St. Petersburg Times

A major Florida newspaper which has occasionally run articles critical of the Church of Scientology. St. Petersburg borders Clearwater, which is the location of the Flag Service Organization, the "Mecca" of Scientology. The St. Pete Times won the Pulitzer Prize for their series of articles about Scientology (written by Betty Orsini, another subsequent victim of the Guardian's Office). Hubbard's response (via Mary Sue Hubbard and the GO) was to attack the St. Pete Times -- a policy which is still in effect.

Suitable Guise

A false representation of identity designed to elicit the greatest amount of useful data.


A person, seen as an endpoint for a line of communication.

Third Partying

To represent oneself as a third party. This can mean impersonation of a real person, or claiming to be a representative of a real or nonexistent corporation, governmental entity or other such group.

Thomas, Robert

Circa 1972, Bob Thomas was the DG US (Deputy Guardian United States).

United Churches of Florida

The name under which the Church of Scientology purchased land and buildings in Clearwater, Florida. Once the subterfuge was discovered, they dropped the pseudonym and made no secret of their presence.


United States Branch I Northeast Secretary

Vital Target

A Vital Target is a necessary resource for an operation to succeed.

Weigand, Richard

Beginning in January 1975, Dick Weigand held the position of Deputy Guardian for Information in the United States (DG I US). He was indicted and convicted of conspiracy charges in United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al. in 1979.

Andrew Milne, a Scientologist who posts official press releases on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, claimed:

      Those who participated in or knew of the GO's illegal
     conduct in any way were removed from Church staff and
     forever banned from future Church employment.
However, in April of 1995, a message from the Scientology email group, TNX-L, described efforts to spread Scientology into Colombia. Dick Weigand was mentioned as one of the people in charge of the project.

Willardson, Greg

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