RE: P.C Op Freakout
Note: This is a mirror of one of Jeff Lee's Paulette Cooper pages. He did all of the work rendering this page's format to make it appear as the original document. To understand the code words in this document, see Jeff Lee's Glossary.

NAT SEC                                    13 APRIL 1976


                       RE: P.C Op Freakout

Dear Dick,

SITUATION: Copper is still not terminately handled.

DATA:  Cooper is getting her power back, attacking again.

Attached is approved Op Freakout. This additional channel.
Should really have her put away. Worked with all the other

The FBI already think she really did do the bomb threats on
the C of S.

SOLUTION: OK this additional Channel.

This is OK____
Approved_DW__ Seperate G + triple insurance that NO prints/are on letter.




No prints!!!! Additional channel on Op Freakout. ( Lovely ) 1) When TM or Pin Ball FSM meets with Lovely, they get drunk! Another FSM male, has a funny typed out joke. One of these full page sexy jokes. It has a plain white cover on it - a plain typewriter sheet. FSM has 2 copies of this. He shows one copy all around the bar, obviously so that lovely and DSM can see him doing it. The drunkenly comes over to FSM's table and wips out "joke" to show FSM. Both FSM and "drunk" are careful not to touch plain sheet. The 2 sheets are folded as if to be mailed. When drunk picks up joke again, he whips it up by its corner and puts it in his long open wallet or puts it in his hat that he should be wearing for that purpose. If the hat is used, "drunk" goes into the bathroom and carefully puts " joke " into his wallet. Drunk is always acting the fool. Drunk leaves. ____________ FSMs 2) Drunk takes sheet with Lovely's prints to AG I being sure to get no prints on it. _______________ Drunk FSM 3) Write the following letter on a library typewriter and address the envelope to Kissinger in Wash. DC on the same typewriter. (absolutely no PRINTS.) You are a traitor to your peopleYOU BASTERD. I've been there and seen what you have done. You're ONE OF them. I'M GOINg To KILL you I'M going to BOMb YOU. I have connection,NObody Ca n touch Me. You arre a German Pig. You Should be in THe Concentration CAMPs. I Feel So Ill Because OF YOu And YOu GodDam PIGs. YoU Die SOOn. It IS a Phalic SYMbol. I Think TrAnsFeranCe. EPidus The BOMB Is S ET TO gO. MY Sister ISRE A L. ThEy Are Responsible . They Persecute Me . I W iLL Kill THem AND YOU. YOU are All Aga inst ME. The above letter should be typed onto the blank sheet obtained in #1. ___________ AG I NY 4) Mail the above, from the Mail Box nearest Lovey's place. ___________ AG I NY 5) If the above 1 and 2 don't work out for any reason. Do the same action at T.M. with Lovely and T.M. FSM. ___________ AG I NY