I'll never be in a position to chose an abortion: my thoughts and wishes on the subject of aborting a pregnancy is therefore not relevant to anyone but myself. If I thought that a fetus was a "person" or a "baby," then of course I would actively and aggressively oppose legal abortion--- most people would. After reading the available literature, both in support of legal abortion and in opposition, I conclude that a fetus is not a "baby," nor a "person" in any sense of the words. To assert otherwise is to commit the deliberate falsehood of prolepsis: stating an event that has not occured as if it already has. One has not chopped down an oak tree when one steps on and crushes an acorn.

That over half of all pregnancies spontaniously abort without choice or otherwise human intervention should also be mentioned: abortion occurs more times than not during pregnancy. Humans merely induce a few more.

Human beings are not oak trees; human fetuses are not acorns. It is therefore not an easy choice for girls and women to make. No girl or woman wakes up one day, yawns, and says to herself "Gee, I think I'll get pregnant and then get an abortion." She agonizes over the decision; she weighs the consequences of taking her pregnancy to term or ending it.

Safe, medically supervised abortion saves lives! It is safer than giving birth, by a ratio of 0.7 to 8. It also improves a family's standard of living and benefits society. Choosing an abortion is often the best, most responsible solution a girl or woman can make concerning a undesired pregnancy.

Regardless of what some "Pro-Life" people claim, one will find extremely few people who are "pro-abortion." Pro-choice people are not "pro-abortion." Indeed, one finds that Pro-choice people are often against having abortions: they merely support the right of every girl or woman to chose and aquire a safe, doctor-supervised abortion.

"Pro-life" is a misnomer, of course, since it sets up a false dichotomy. Nearly all people who are Pro-Choice and support the right for a girl or woman to have an abortion are also pro-life. The proper phrase is "Anti-abortion," not "Pro-life." This is the correct dichotomy.

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