RTV III - Paved with Dangerous Intentions

Magazine: the Body Politic
Issue: October, 1993
Title: RTV III - Paved with Dangerous Intentions
Author: Anne Bower

It was billed as the "most important strategy session of the 'pro-family' movement during 1993. A weekend that will change your life and the future of America." They just might be right.

Now, Rev. Robertson's third annual Road to Victory conference is history and on-site observers report to the Body Politic it was another stunning success, highlighted by the appearance of most of the Republican Party leadership. Even David Wilhem, national Democratic Party Chair (referred to by Pat Buchanan as a "turkey"), addressed the crowd of 2,500.

Unlike the previous two conventions, this year's was supposed to be an "open" meeting, with the press freely attending. But reports relayed to the Body Politic seem to indicate, either the press choose not to report on many conference events, or simply missed the significance of what was happening.

The appearance of all major Republican Party leaders says much for the influence of Rev. Robertson's organization. It was plain from speeches by Mssr. Dole, Kemp, Bennett, and Barber, that the Christian Coalition is welcomed, nay, needed, in the Republican Party. Those worried about a potential fascist- inspired takeover of the Republicans have a lot to worry about. If Republican leaders know the real agenda behind the Christian Coalition, but choose to march in lock step anyway, mainstream moderate Republicans, no where near as organized as the CC forces, may be squeezed out in time.

Observers of David Wilhelm's speech opined that the Democrats had better start doing their homework on the Christian Coalition, too. Reports were, Mr. Wilhelm appeared disoriented and, according to one observer, made an idiot of himself, practically booed off the stage while trying to give his "respect each others" speech.

Anyone listening to Pat Buchanan's rabble-rousing would realize that "respecting others" is the last thing the Christian Coalition is promoting. Mr. Buchanan's speech, excerpts of which are printed on the following page, was given the best reception of the convention. Delegates were whooping and hollering while he spoke, and thunderous applause greeted his attacks on multi- culturalism, abortion, and the Clintons. His defense of the Confederacy and the Confederate flag made one wonder if the few Afro-Americans in the audience had all been struck deaf.

One analyst said that RTV I, in 1991, was an internal, secret planning session to map out strategy to take over the Republican Party. RTV II was a celebration of their success at managing the Republican National Convention and bringing George Bush crawling to Virginia. Ultimately, RTV III is a show of strength which bodes ill for the future of the Party of Lincoln.


Cultural War:

"We cannot give up this cultural war because it is about who we are and what we believe. I am proud to say that the scalp of John Frohnmayer occupies a place of honor in the trophy case of the Buchanan Brigades."

"How do we win this cultural war? We have suffered defeats, but we win it the same way Ronald Reagan led us to victory in the Cold War. Not by a policy of containment, but by a policy of roll back."

We're going to take back our culture from the polluters who have poisoned it with filth and falsehood and violence. We're going to take back our cities from the criminals who prey upon innocent men, women and children. And we're going to take back our country from those who would support and aid America to something they would call a new world order."

"... if a political party will turn its back on 4,000 unborn children done to death every day in this country, then it is time to find a new party. That's not going to be necessary, because we are pro-life people and we are going to keep our party a pro- life party."
"Multi-culturalism is an across the board assault on our Anglo-American heritage. It runs from the deconstruction of our literature to the debasing of our national heros."

"This multi-culturalism is an assault on history and an assault upon memory. They are trying to break the bonds between generations, between parents and children and grandchildren, so that your grandchildren may look like you but they won't know or won't believe what you believe."

The Clintons:
"When the British arrived in India, in that country, they practiced something called Suttee, which meant when the husband died, he was burned on a funeral pyre, and they threw the widow on top of the funeral pyre. In the case of Bill and Hilary, however, that may be justified."
"Let me tell you about our civilization. Our civilization deserves to advance, not because it is equal to the others, but because it is superior. Our culture is superior to the other cultures, and I'll tell you why."

"Where does the word culture come from? It comes from the word cult -- a religion or beliefs. And our culture is superior because our religion is Christianity, and that is the truth that makes men free. We are going to prevail. We are not going to lose. ... Robert Frost will be remembered when Maya Angelou is forgotten, and the New Testament will live long after we've heard the last of the New Age psycho-babble of Hilary Rodham."

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