What science did to Creationism.

Alas, Creationism was nuked by science over 138 years ago. There are a few ignorant savages who haven't received the death notice, but they are dying off themselves. Creationism could not survive the light of scientific inquiry, and died a pathetic death.

All that is left of Creationism are church-based commercial businesses which have a political agenda, such as the "Institude for Creation Research" (a church which does no research), the "Creation Research Society" (another church which doesn't do research), and a few smaller cults. These businesses produce bright, shiny books, audio tapes, and video tapes for their victims to buy. They sell their time to churches for lecturers. Creationism these days is BIG BUSINESS. These cults strive mightily to inflict their occultism onto government by subverting public school's elected School Boards and producing Creationism "text books" that teach their religion as "science."

Creationism is a POLITICAL movement.
Creationism is not science.
Creationism is not about truth.
Creationism is about overtly and covertly inflicting religion upon government.

There are many thousands of Creationists out there on the Internet, with their WWW pages repeating lies that have been debunked for decades. These Creationists will always exist, since ignorance will always exist. They believe in Creationism because their masters have told them to believe in Creationism as a tool to their "salvation" in their cult. They do not care that evolution is an observed fact: they have "faith" that Creationism is true, and that's all they need. They consider facts and truth to be a hinderence to their ticket to Heaven. Nothing could be more pathetic.

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