Why do we have vestigil fingers on our feet? Why do so many human infants get born with tail stubs? Why do we have the masoidic assembly? Why do our nasal passages drain into our lungs? Why are our ankles so damn thin and weak compared to our weight and height? Why are our ribs designed to carry weight horizontally?

Evolutionary scientists have the answers: Creationists (i.e. anti-science fools) do not.

Whales with legs; snakes with legs; snakes with one atrophied lung; embryonic gill slits in ALL land animals; the human jaw too small for the number of teeth it holds (i.e. impacted wisdom teeth). Why would the gods make these worthless, and often dangerous, vestigil features? Scientists know the answer: I've yet to hear a Creationist offer any rational explanation.

All that Creation "Scientists" offer are strawman arguments: attacking a fiction that they create and then pretend that they have "won" when no real scientist defends the false position.

I have 27,295 text files on my home computer that discourse on the sciences, the humanities, politics, social sciences, art, music. 8.45 per cent of them (2,307 files) relate only to the evolutionary sciences and the anti-science, anti-intellectual dogma called "Creationism." It is therefore not easy to select which ones to present on my WWW site, considering the limit on disk space allotted to me. Therefore this note: the subject is no where near adequately discussed on this, Shy David's WWW site! The Talk.Origins Archive is the place to go for anyone interested in this subject. The Talk Origins Archive web server includes a search engine for their site, to allow viewers to quickly find what they are looking for. Or read the newsgroup talk.origins.

When one reads assertions written by anti-science fools (Creationists), one is struck with the parallel between their methods and those of the Holocaust deniers. Both edit quotes from actual scholars, modifying them in such a way that what was actually said by scholars and scientists are presented as saying the exact opposite. This is the CHIEF modus operandi of both Holocaust deniers and anti-evolutionists. When these deceptions are pointed out to them, they fabricate other lies; later on they present the already refuted lies again, as if they had not been caught.

THERE HAS YET TO BE ANY CREATION "SCIENTIST" WHO HAS WON A SCIENTIFIC DEBATE AGAINST A REAL SCIENTIST. Yet these anti-science Fundamentalists are very good at "winning" non-scientific "debates" with real scientists, since they have no scruples in lying, deceiving, and doing every dishonest thing it takes to sway their audience towards the false belief in Creationism (which their audiences usually already believe, since these "debates" are sponsored by cults and are held in the cult's houses of worship).

I've plugged in quotes from Dr Pepper below for fun. This was more or less arbitrary, since there are so many eloquent people represented in my files.

Stoning non conformists is part of science. Stoning conformists is also part of science. Only those theories that can stand up to a merciless barrage of stones deserve consideration. It is the Creationist habit of throwing marshmallows that we find annoying. --- Dr Pepper

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