Eldredge Speaking About Creationists' Lies

"As will be all too evident, when we examine the creationists' position in detail, their arguments are devoid of any real intellectual content. Creationists win debates because of their canny stage presence, and not through clarity of logic or force of evidence. The debates are shows rather than serious considerations of evolution."

"To the extent that creationism is 'science,' of course, it is merely bad science. Mostly, it isn't science at all." (p21)

"Creationists seek to dilute the science curriculum with the equivalent of medical quackery." (p22)

"Students ought to know that the evidence for evolution has been scrupulously scrutinized daily by thousands of biologists for well over a hundred years -- and no one yet has called a press conference trumpeting his new proof that evolution had NOT occurred. Evolution is as well-established a scientific notion as gravity. A student ought to know that." (p23)

"For creation-science[sic] isn't science at all nor have creation scientists managed to come up with a single intellectually compelling, scientifically testable statement about the natural world." (p80)

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