ICR Luna(tics)


In an attempt to rip off the 25th anniversary of the moon landing, the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has produced a half hour radio show called "Apollo, Quest for the Moon". Hosted by Jim Long and Vanessa Hodge it includes comments from several people involved with the project as well as several ICR shills. First they make out Werner Von Braughn as a bible believing creationist. This is the same Nazi that had no problem serving Hitler in the 2nd world war.

Next, Pratt Johnson, one of the 3 engineers quarantined with the returning astronauts, says that the moon rocks are basically the same as earth rocks. The ICR's Gish mumbles that there was no danger of extratrestial germs because earth is the only place of life. After astronaut Charlie Duke, now a christian, waxes poetic about his now christian vision of the trip, Walter Hersch claims there is no clock to set radiometric dating by as there was no one there at the beginning of the universe.

Then the ICR's physicist from Grace College, Dr Deyone Deyon (sp?) takes over. He says that perhaps radiometric dating is open to interpretation because atoms can migrate into or out of rocks. And further that because of tidal breaking effect that the moon is 1 1/2 inch further from the earth each year, that it would touch the earth only 1.4 billion years ago. He goes on to explain that each of the scientific explanations for the moons origin have problems and concludes that not only is the biblical explanation for the moon as a sign and season indicator correct, but it also contributes to the health of the earth through its tidal effect and angular stabilization effect, thus it is an obvious evidence of design.

The ICR concludes by offering a free publication, "The Moon, Creation, and Composition" by calling 1-800-743-6374, for more details.

Peace, Larry

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