John Musselwhite Corrects Liar Appleton On Transitional Fossils

By: John Musselwhite
To: Laurie Appleton
Re: Variations & Mutations.

John Musselwhite wrote:

"In several animal and plant groups, enough fossils are known to bridge the wide gaps between existing types. In mammals,

So enough fossils are known to bridge the gaps. Patterson documents these. This is SCIENCE, Laurie. The assessment and comparison of existing samples of hard evidence.

Liar Appleton lied with the following:

There is no rational way that anyone can deny that Patterson wrote both what I quoted from his letter as well as what you have quoted from one of his books. This leaves you with a problem, because what he wrote in his book was BEFORE what he wrote in his letter.

No, Laurie... it leaves YOU with a big problem. You have to explain why you quoted something that is totally meaningless in the context of this discussion. My quote from Patterson indicates that transitional fossils are well known, a fact he corroborates. HOW they came to be there is not relevant to this discussion, because they ARE there.

When he wrote the letter is also irrelevant, since you have misunderstood and misrepresented the contents of it in the first place.

Liar Appletone continued his lie with:

So that simple fact leaves you "up the creek without a paddle". Too bad John.

Kindly explain why you have once again totally screwed up your entire argument, Laurie? Remember, we aren't talking how or why they came to be, just that they DID come to be as Patterson says they do. The evidence is well-known and easily accessible and in fact has been made available to you in the past. Your answer is always Patterson's "It's easy to make up stories about HOW they came to be...". Well, yes it is, Laurie. It's real easy to tell ignorant people that "some un-named "creator" placed them there for reasons we can never know." On the other hand, it's a lot more difficult to go out in the field, collect the samples, document them, compare them to existing data, date them and then report on all the findings in a form acceptable for an intelligent audience in a peer-reviewed journal. "Creation Scientists" take the easy way out and remove themselves from the scientific arena merely by their unwillingness to do basic research.

YOU are the one who has to make up stories now, Laurie. The transitionals exist and are extremely well-documented. What are you going to do about it? Your Patterson quote is useless in this context, so who will you draw from next? We're waiting with bated breath and loins a'quiver for the answer to that one.


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