Creationist Chandra Wickramasinghe,
testimony in McLean v Arkansas Board of Education

"The facts as we have them show clearly that life on Earth is derived from what appears to be an all pervasive galaxy-wide living system. Terrestrial life had its origins in the gas and dust clouds of space, which later became incorporated in and amplified within comets. Life was derived from and continues to be driven by sources outside the Earth, in direct contradiction to the Darwinian theory that everybody is supposed to believe.

"Recent evidence points to life first appearing on the Earth about 3.8 billion years ago. This life was in the form of micro-organisms bacteria and microfungi now evident in the Earth's oldest sediments. It would seem significant that life appears in an instant, geologically speaking, almost at the very first moment the Earth possessed a quiescent crust, an atmosphere and oceans, at the very first moment in fact that life was able to survive.

"Viruses, although often bad for the individual, are in the view of Sir Fred Hoyle and myself of paramount importance to the evolution for species on our planet. They carry with them the store of cosmic genetic information needed for the generation of new species, classes and orders, and for the progressive forward march of life."

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