Warlock in a Waistcoat

HA! Creationist Book Titles

"Warlock in a Waistcoat: the Truth about Charles Darwin", by Prof. Righteous Titilation. Charisma Press, 1988.

Here for the first time is the full story of Charles Darwin, exposing the occultic background that humanist historians have covered up for so long. Recent revelations about Satanic ritual abuse and generational cults have given the researcher the clues needed to reconstruct the secret life of this truly evil man. Professor Titilation recounts how young Darwin was initiated into a masonic circle, the Lunar Society, founded by his grandfather, the notorious atheist, Erasmus Darwin. From his dabbling in alchemy at school, to his homosexual relationship with his apostate mentor Professer Sedgewick, with whom he spent many hours in intimate company, to his unhealthy interest in the countryside of rural England, with its druidic rock diagrams, Darwin embraced the ways of his Master early on. The revolting orgies and black magic ceremonies performed at his family home (called "The Mount" in a clear reference to the Tower of Babel) are described in detail. Indeed, this sort of life seemed so normal to Darwin that when he later lived in cohabitation with a member of his own family, he didn't bother to hide it. And what of his famous sea voyage? Despite his attempt to silence the goodhearted Captain Fitzroy by a demonic curse, the sordid truth, of his visits to the drug rituals of native witchdoctors, could not be hidden. This book will certainly put the so-called "theory of evolution" in perspective.

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