Noah's Daughters?

From: Robert Craft
To: Laurie Appleton
Subj: Noah's Daughters?
>RC> Then let's move to a harder problem - the limited gene
>RC> pool. For any given gene, the population of the eight humans
>RC> would contain only a maximum of 10 alleles - 2 each from the
>RC> three son-in-laws and 2 each from Noah and his spouse. Since
>RC> the daughter's alleles would simply be subsets of those of
>RC> Noah and his spouse, they add nothing to the gene pool.

LA> Since I was NOT aware that Noah had any daughters, at LA> least not on the Ark anyway, and neither did he have any LA> sons-in laws there either then perhaps you should rephrase LA> your question. The whole four women on the Ark might well LA> have been NO relation to Noah at all, but from wholly LA> different families.

Fine, Laurie, I'll play your game. Let's say that all eight people on the Ark were unrelated. That means that each of them could have carried 2 different alleles for each gene or a total of 16 [2 x 8, Laurie] alleles for the entire population. Since the human genome encompasses up to 59 different alleles for some genes, FROM WHERE did the OTHER 43 alleles come?

You've got three choices:

1) there were more tha 30 people on the Ark [and Scripture is fallible]

2) the Flood didn't cover the entire world and at least 22 other humans survived [and Scripture is fallible]

3) 43 different alleles EVOLVED after the Food.

Pay yer money and take your choice, Laurie.

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