"Tony Alamo," by Dr Pepper
Religion & Crime / "Satanic Conspiracy" Series #009

"Tony Alamo," by Dr Pepper

I have never heard of anyone as paranoid as Tony Alamo.

A few years ago his organization plastered southern California with posters expostulation on a world wide conspiracy headed by the Vatican. He believes that the Vatican controls both US political parties, the soviet communist party, the UN, as well as other political and governmental organizations, the networks, major newspapers and news magazines, and of course, the evangelical protestants.

His description of world war II is that the pope's man Hitler got a little out of hand, killing all those Jews ahead of schedule. So the pope's man Roosevelt and the pope's man Stalin had to shut him down. Then these two evil agents pretended to have a falling out, to further the vatican policy of deception.

The posters called out for true christians (whoever is left uncompromised) to fight this horrible domination. Actually if i believed that i think i'd just sign up for jesuit school :)

I wonder how John Paul pulled it off, having himself shot so critically but positioning the bullet so he would recover fully. It must have been his idea after all, the "assassin" was a soviet controlled secret police agent.

Anyway, i saw an advertisement that Alamo could be heard on a local radio station and decided to tune in. I was curious what he might say since he is currently in hiding from the FBI, that well known commie-catholic- internationalist front group. I expected it to be interesting, but i didn't think the man could top himself.

But he did. He gave his explanation for the current war. Dig this: the pope's man Bush, and the pope's man Hussein (cleverly disguised as a moslem), with, naturally, the aid of the pope's man Gorbachev, and under the direction of the pope's organization the UN, are waging a "soap opera" to distract the world while the pope's US judges order the FBI to destroy God's true church, which happens to be the one that Alamo heads.

But don't worry, with faith and prayer, he intends to preservere.

Tony Alamo
P.O. Box 9078-3
Van Nuys, CA 91409

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