Twenty years ago I became interested in the Pagan and neo-Pagan revival that has spread throughout North America and Europe. This interest started as purely a intellectual exercise: in my opinion (then, as now), the existance of a flourishing Earth-centric, Earth-revering religion here in the 20th century is an interesting subject, worthy of study by anyone interested in the history of religion. I read a great deal about the current Pagan / neo-Pagan revival, from books, magazines, FidoNet echo conferences, and Internet Newsgroups. I also attended local Pagan festivals, to observe Pagans and neo-Pagans first-hand.

Some of the material I read was critical of Paganism and the neo-Pagan revival. The vast majority of this criticism was, and is, written by Fundamentalist Christians, who, I came to discover, had (and have) very little actual knowledge of Paganism and neo-Paganism. Most incorrectly link Paganism and neo-Paganism to "Satanism." I read a great many books and articles written by Fundamentalist Christians who castigated Paganism as "Satanic:" material written by:

and many others. Some of these authors claim to be "ex-Satanists" who, in their "Satanic past," performed every imaginable illegal, unethical, and immoral act a human being can perform. Murder, bank robbery, rape, mutilation, extortion--- all crimes that they could be put away behind prison bars for life, yet some of the authors claim they performed them! And they were out, walking around, unharassed by the nation's Law Enforcement. How very odd.

Of course I learned that such books are complete fictions, and that the authors who wrote of commiting such crimes, when pressed to present evidence or name names, manufacture every imaginable excuse to refuse to produce such evidence.

How many Satanists are there? Here is one estimate.

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