Mike Warnke: Ex-Satanist, or Fraud?

Telling lies "for god" is nothing new: priests, Pharisees, Creationists, faith "healers," and assorted other hypocrites do it day and night, in their sleep, and even when the truth would better serve. But what about those hypocrites who claim to have performed criminal acts? Shouldn't these fine ex-Satanist, now-Christian folks turn themselves in to the nearest Law Enforcemnet agency, and name some names? Rat on their Satanist friends who performed the crimes with them? There is no "Statute of Limitations" on crimes of violence. If Warnke REALLY met Charles Manson in the woods while Manson was supposed to be in prison, whouldn't Warnke run to the police, now that he's a fine, godly Christian, and tell all? Why, sure he should!

The following three pages (and one FTP link for the largest page) expose one fraud who used the "Ex-Satanist" claim to aquire money and dubious fame.

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