The Bizarre Case of "Dr." Rebecca Brown
By John Baskette
Copyright March 1994 by John Baskette.

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Dr. Rebecca Brown is one of several Christian authors who claim to have been involved with underground Satanic cults. Dr. Brown describes her experiences in books published by Jack Chick publications. Dr. Brown's claims are particularly extreme because she claims to have had physical contact with demons, devils and Satan himself.

I dropped by my friends Bob and Gretchen Passantino and asked them if I could check through their books and files for information on Dr. Brown. They had both He Came to Set The Captives Free and Prepare For War written by Dr. Brown and published by Chick Publications. I borrowed and read both books.

I also made copies of the following:

Both Dr. Brown and her patient / roommate "Elaine" (no last name is given in the books) make bizarre claims.

Dr. Brown presents Elaine's stories as if they were truthful and accurate testimony and follows them up with bizarre stories of her own.

Let's start with some quotes from Dr. Brown's books to reveal the nature of the claims.

The first half of He Came to Set The Captives Free tells the story of Elaine, a former high priestess in a powerful underground Satanic cult known as "The Brotherhood". According to Elaine, "This is the same cult written about in Hal Lindsey's book, Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth, and in Mike Warneke's (sic) book, The Satan Seller." [1]

Elaine relates her recruitment into this cult at a young age, her rise to the level of "High Priestess" in the cult, and her deliverance from the cult with the help of Rebecca Brown.

The most prominent member of the Brotherhood and it's supreme leader is the Dark Majesty Himself, Satan. Elaine claims to have had sex with Satan on numerous occasions, both as High Priestess and as Satan's wife.

Here are some quotes:

A human sacrifice:

"I watched in utter horror as a crown of huge long thorns was driven into the young man's head. The thorns going in so deep as to pierce into his skull... Finally he was nailed to a wooden cross which was then picked up and placed in a hole in the ground, just in front of the middle of the platform. I will never forget the stench of the burned and tormented flesh, the screams of the victim, his writhing agony, his pleas for mercy..." [2]
The description gets pretty crude after that. Later:
"Satan appeared in human form as usual, dressed completely in shining white. But his eyes glowed red as a flame and he threw his head back and gave a howl and a scream and a hideous laugh of victory as the high priest drove a long spike through the man's head, pinning it to the cross, killing him. The crowd went crazy, screaming and shouting and dancing in crazed ecstasy at the "victory." They loudly proclaimed all victory and power and honor to their father Satan. Satan vanished shortly after that to go on to the next Black Sabbath sacrifice.

At his departure the meeting turned into a sex orgy. Human with human, and demon with human." [3]

Her wedding:
"Again he appeared as a man, dressed completely in white, wearing a crown of gold with many jewels in it. The whole congregation stood with a shout and much worship was given to Satan. Then, at a sign from Satan, all heads turned to the back and I started forward down the aisle. I was escorted by the high priest, followed by the Sisters of Light. When I reached the end of the aisle I stopped before Satan's throne and bowed down before him and did him homage. Then he gave me the command to rise. As I did so, he arose from his throne and came down to stand beside me. The high priest performed the wedding ceremony.... Satan gave me a beautiful broad gold wedding band with an inscription inside it which said: 'Behold the bride of the Prince of the world.'" [4]
The wedding was performed at a beautiful Presbyterian church. Elaine also relates that the wedding night "sexual intercourse we had was brutal." [5]

Some of her activities as Satan's bride:

"I also made a number of trips to other countries. I have been to Mecca, Israel, Egypt, also the Vatican in Rome to meet with the Pope. All my trips were for the purpose of coordinating Satan's programs with satanists in other lands, as well as meeting with various government officials to discuss aid to their countries in the form of money. A few did not know that I was a satanist, but thought I was associated with a powerful wealthy organization of some kind. People asking for money don't ask too many questions. The Pope knew very well who I was. We worked closely both with the Catholics (especially the Jesuits) and the high-ranking Masons.

It was during this time that I met many of the well known Rock music stars. They all signed contracts with Satan in return for fame and fortune." [6]

Elaine's claims are bizarre. How about Dr. Brown?

Nowhere does Dr. Brown question Elaine's testimony. After persuading Elaine to leave the "cult", she received a disturbing letter in the mail:

"The letter to me detailed my activities of the past two weeks perfectly, right down to what I had bought at the grocery store. They knew my address and phone number. The told me that if I ever spoke to or saw Elaine again that they would come and get me and sacrifice me. Elaine's letter told her that if she ever saw me, and that if she did not return and repent and serve Satan again, that they would get her and sacrifice her at the upcoming Black Sabbath. One line in each of our letters was very similar to the letter from the field commander of the king of Assyria to King Hezekiah. They said, 'You two are fools if you think your God can protect you from our Prince of Darkness!'" [7]
Dr. Brown goes on to describe weeks and months of daily life threatening battles casting out demons from Elaine:
"The demons began to surface and speak through Elaine. I had never seen anything like it. Her eyes, voice, and whole face changed. I will never forget the first demon. Suddenly a guttural male voice said,

'I am Yaagogg, the demon of death, and you are all fools, you cannot win, we WILL KILL this foul traitor. She belongs to Satan and he will not permit her to live.'" [8]

Dr. Brown relates her own encounter with the evil one:
"Suddenly, a shining figure appeared and sat down across the table from me. He was in form as a man. As I sat staring at him in silent amazement the Holy Spirit forcibly revealed to me who he was! This was the LAST being I had ever expected to personally meet. This shining figure presenting himself in radiance as an 'angel of light' was actually the Prince of Darkness, The Prince of the Power of the Air, ruler over a vast kingdom of evil - Satan, himself!" [9]
Satan has a conversation with Rebecca asking her if she really dared to come against him and told her to count the cost. He said, "Woman you had better count the cost because I tell you, I will make your life an agony and an anguish that you never knew could even exist!" [10]

Dr, Brown has many interesting stories. Once she confronted a "werwolf".

"One evening at dusk I was driving from my office back to the hospital to see a patient who had taken a turn for the worse. I was alone in the car and was driving down a stretch of isolated country road where there were no houses or buildings within at least a one mile radius. Suddenly, about a block ahead of me a huge werwolf (sic) stepped out into the middle of the road. As I approached closer, he raised up and stood on his hind legs. I put my foot down hard on the accelerator intending to swerve around him but the car didn't respond. It glided to a stop, motor still running, despite all my prayers and attempts to make it go. I sat there staring in horror at the most incredibly ugly and fierce creature I had ever seen. I felt as if I was drowning in the pure evil power that radiated from him. He threw back his head and howled - a terrifying sound which I shall never forget.

Then he looked straight into my eyes and told me, 'You can't go anywhere - see, I have stopped your car and there's nothing you can do about it. Now I'm going to enjoy ripping your throat out and drinking your blood. You have been interfering with Satan too long; I am going to punish you. You cannot stand against my power.'" [11]

Dr. Brown lived with Elaine for several years. In fact she and Elaine were still roommates at the time of the writing of her books. She described their life back in Indiana as follows:
"After I finished my residency in internal medicine and critical care, I opened a medical practice in a small town about 60 miles from the city in which Elaine was initiated into satanism. Over the next three years life was intense. Elaine was ill continuously, often bedfast with many hospitalizations.

I made many contacts during that time and was privileged to bring close to a thousand people out of hard-core Satanism. We ran sort of an underground railroad. We lived out in the country so we hid people out in our barn, in a small apartment attached to out garage, and also in an upstairs apartment over my office. Every penny I made went to help these people with food, clothing, transportation out of the state, medical care and so on. I averaged 3-4 hours of sleep per night. Towards the end of that time the battle escalated, becoming more intense.

In His perfect will, the Lord allowed the satanists to be the instrument of my mother's death....

Satan struck one of his final blows to our ministry in that area. The satanists swept in, and in one night, while Elaine and I were out of the house for a couple hours, destroyed everything we had. They axed everything in my home, even killing our precious pets. They also destroyed my office and everything we had. Elaine and I escaped with our lives and the clothes on our backs, that is all. Satan's attack was so well planned that at the same time everyone turned against us. My own father and the rest of my family turned against us. Elaine's family helped the satanists destroy everything we had. Members of both our families moved to try to get us permanently committed to a mental institution. We had no choice but to flee the state." [12]

This description of their life stands in stark contrast to the version given in the newspaper articles and in the medical board findings.

What follows are the Findings of Fact for Ruth Bailey, Cause No. 83 MLB 038 from October 2, 1984.

8. That on numerous occasions Respondent has knowingly and intentionally misdiagnosed her patients including, but not limited to her patients by the name of Edna Elaine Moses, a/k/a Elaine Moses, a/k/a Elaine Bailey (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Edna Elaine Moses"), Claudia Moses, Lucia Lively, Luccinda Sisson, Kelly Sisson, Cheryl Maynard, and two (2) patients identified only as "V.B." and "K.W."

9. That the "misdiagnosis" referred to in "Finding of Fact" no. 8 above, included misdiagnosing alleged leukemia, various blood disorders, gall bladder disease, brain tumors and various other ailments and conditions all of with Respondent stated were allegedly caused by demons, devils and other evil spirits.

10. That in fact, the patients referred to in "Finding of Fact" no. 8 above, were not suffering from the diagnosed ailments and conditions referred to in "Finding of Fact" no. 9, above.

11. That on numerous occasions Respondent stated to her patients that she was "chosen" by God as the only physician able to diagnose certain ailments and conditions which other physicians could not because the other physicians, including physicians from Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana and St. John's Medical Center in Anderson, Indiana were, in fact, "demons, devils and other evil spirits" themselves.

12. That Respondent was inappropriately treating Edna Elaine Moses' purported leukemia with massive doses of Demerol and Phenobarbital to the point where the patient would tolerate 600 to 900 cc injections of Demerol, a fatal dose of which is normally in the 150 to 200 cc range, and up to three times the recommended therapeutic dose of Phenobarbital.

13. That Respondent gave Claudia Moses, a 15 year old mentally impaired daughter of Edna Elaine Moses who possesses the intellectual age of an 8 year old, numerous injections of Demerol for alleged "nausea" and allowed Claudia to administer injections of Demerol to herself.

14. That on numerous occasions the Respondent would supply her patients with excessive amounts of legend drugs and/or controlled substances without any explanation, instruction, or appropriate charting.

15. That numerous patients of the Respondent had to undergo detoxification and withdrawal from the excessive amounts legend drugs and/or controlled substances which the Respondent was prescribing and/or administering without valid therapeutic reasons.

16. That while Edna Elaine Moses was under the immediate care and treatment of Respondent, the family of Edna Elaine Moses had to have Edna admitted to St. Vincent's Hospital Emergency Room in Indianapolis, Indiana and subsequently committed to LaRue Carter Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana for detoxification from the excessive amounts of controlled substances which Respondent was prescribing and administering for Edna's purported leukemia and for treatment of the multiple infections, including infections of her urinary tract and infections of various catheters including a "Hickman" catheter used to facilitate the administration of intravenous medications and also for treatment of externally caused lesions.

17. That Respondent failed to maintain and keep adequate records or charts on her patients and in several instances failed to maintain any charts or records at all.

18. That on numerous occasions Respondent falsified patient charts and hospital records and misled other health professionals regarding her patients condition including, but not limited to statements made by Respondent at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana, St. John's Medical Center in Anderson, Indiana, Indiana and Barrien General Hospital in Barrien Springs, Michigan, all to the detriment of her patients' well-being.

19. That on numerous occasions Respondent misrepresented and falsified prescriptions which were presented to several pharmacies for controlled substances including, but not limited to March Pharmacy located at 2808 Nichol Aveneu, Anderson, Indiana, Gene Maddy Drugs located at 3050 Meridian Street, Anderson, Indiana and Hollon's Drugs located at 2101 Jackson, Anderson, Indiana by writing on the face of the prescriptions that the prescriptions for controlled substances for the patient by the name of Edna Moses, Elaine Moses, and/or Elaine Bailey were for "malignancy" when in fact, there was no therapeutic reason for Respondent to be prescribing Demerol or any other contolled (sic) substance as the alleged patient was, in fact, suffering from no malignacy.

20. That Respondent has stated on numerous occasions that she possessed the capability of "sharing" her patients' illnesses in fighting the demons, devils and other evil spirits that were allegedly causing the various ailments and conditions and that she was, in fact, "sharing" Edna Elaine Moses' leukemia.

21. That without a valid therapeutic reason the Respondent self-diagnosed and self-medicated herself with non-therapeutic amounts of Demerol for her "leukemia" that she was allegedly "sharing" with Edna Elaine Moses and also for treatment of an alleged malignant brain tumor and myasthenia gravis.

22. That Respondent has been witnessed routinely receiving non-therapeutic doses of at least 3 cc's of Demerol on an hourly basis by injecting herself in the backs of her hands, the inside of her thighs, or wherever she could locate a suitable vein.

23. That the board appointed psychiatrist who examined the Respondent and reviewed statements made by her patients diagnosed the Respondent as suffering from acute personality disorders including demonic delusions and/or paranoid schizophrenia."

As one would expect the board issued and "Order" as follows:
"1. That Respondent's license to practice medicine in the State of Indiana, license no. 29402, is hereby revoked."
The Indianapolis News relates other details:
"Testimony for 19 witnesses revealed that Dr. Bailey, a former registered nurse, began an impressive medical career in 1979 after excelling in medical school.

Over the last three years she deteriorated into a woman plagued by drug addiction, religious extremism and a belief that patients and colleagues were possessed by devils, witnesses said.

Several witnesses declined to reveal their current addresses saying they feared retaliation from Dr. Bailey. The physician carries a handgun and has threatened to harm people she claims are possessed, they said.

'Her diagnosis was that I was possessed by many demons, including one like an octopus with long tentacles...'" [13]

According the witnesses interviewed in the article, Dr. Bailey claimed to have attended a human sacrifice ceremony; that a demon had attacked Dr. Bailey and she responded by severing the demon's arms, legs and head and afterward God took Dr. Bailey to heaven and gave her a drink from a silver cup. [14]

Also submitted into evidence at the hearing were 11 photographs taken at St. Vincent showing bluish-yellow sores over most of Mrs. Edna Elaine Moses' body apparently caused by repeated injections. [15]

The article goes on, "Several witnesses said they saw Dr. Bailey inject herself, Mrs. Moses and Mrs. Moses teenage daughter with Demerol and morphine. Great quantities of drugs were kept on hand, and the Bailey home was littered with used needles and syringes." [16]

The Quarterly Journal article I mentioned earlier gives much of the same information I have given here and the authors investigated a number of specific factual details related by 'Elaine' and Dr. Brown. For example, Dr. Bailey says that the satanists were the instrument of her mother's death. The Journal article uncovered the death certificate which gave a heart attack as the cause of death for this 75 year old woman. [17]

One irony they mention in light of the anti-Catholic claims in Dr. Brown's books and given Chick publications rabidly anti-Catholic writings is the fact that Dr. Bailey received financial assistance in opening her medical practice in Lapel, Indiana from St. John's hospital, a Roman Catholic Institution. [18]

More is related in the excellent Journal article but this is sufficient to that Dr. Brown is hardly a credible witness regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse.

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