Satan in Kansas

Date: 03-30-95 00:33
From: Himmers@pro
To: ** All **

This is a story of a man named Elmer. This story is absolutly true, and if you dont believe me, go down to Ossawatimee state mental hospital and ask about elmer, they'll set you up.

Right after the second world war, Elmer (no full names mentioned here) decided to buy some farmland in Kansas. The property is about 10 - 15 North of Ft. Scott, just off of what is now the highway. He finnally settled in with his wife in his new home on the land he just bought, the house being newly built and all, he hadnt time to clear the land of trees and other obstacles in his way to plant the crops. It was about five to six months after the house was built when he and his wife stopped ignoring the sounds that had prevailed from his lands in the dark spooky night. The physical land formations in the Southeast Kansas/Southwest Missouri area tends to have a lot of grouts or bogs, and other such big holes in the land. They simply figured it was the wind coming in and out of one of those grouts. One day when Elmer and a friend were almost done clearing out the land they came across a huge, massive, wide gaping hole in the land. It was as wide as a normal room in a house. They had not noticed such a bizzare flaw in the land before because the land was previously thick wood, and the trees covered it up. Elmer went off and got himself 100 ft. of rope to go exploring in the bottom of the massive pit. His friend let him down into the pit and about twenty minutes later Elmer tugged on the rope and came out the whole. There wasn't enough rope to go all the way down, and he couldnt yet see the bottom with his light. After failing with 300 ft. of rope, they got about 2,000 ft. of rope and lowered Elmer in the hole. An hour passed by when his friend noticed that the rope was carrying no wieght,which meant that Elmer had reached the bottom. Ten minutes passed by, and he felt the rope carrying the wieght again. But it seemed strange, he noticed Elmer had kept tugging on the rope as if to tell him to lift him up faster.

Finally, after both men exhausted, Elmer reached the top of the hole. But to his friends horror...Elmers hair was PURE WHITE. Humans have been scientifically proven to have their turn that color when put under massive amounts of stress all at once. Elmer got out of his rope and gear,and took off running down the road as fast as he could. Later, when Elmer was found on the road, the sherriff took him in and questioned him. He said he had seen the devil himself down in that hole, he said it talked to him, cursed him, tempted him to join him. After much babblibg nonsense he went straight to Ossawattimee State Mental Hospital, he is still there today, if he hasn't died of old age.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineering went to the whole and tried to fill it up with a certain regular small amount of dirt, they kept filling it up untill almost 2 metric square tons of dirt filled it up. And, to this very day, NOTHING grows on that land afer they cleared it out. Don't believe me?? Drive down there and see for yourself, right off the highway, 10 - 15 miles north of Ft. Scott.

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Date: 03-31-95 00:33
From: Knightmare@usa
To: Himmers@pro

Dude, I bet you are one of those tpyes that never believe ANYTHING. Just because I didn';t see it all myself, and worded it and decided to post it 15 pages longer to get the PERFECT details so losers like you can pick the whole damn story apart, detail per detail. Geez, you are probably one of those types that examine every verb in someones post here and think they are lying. And yes, it is possible to have hair turn white, ask any expert (like a doctor), and ok, so i didnt bother to mention what his friend used to FUCKING lift him down that hole. (Gee, maybe i did it to save time????). Oh, and the rope measurements, so they are not exact, im no physics major, all i know, is they had ABOUT that much, and failed, and FINALLY got it right. AND, with the guys filling it up with dirt, like I said, I didnt word it right.

*** So, for you losers out there like this guy, please remember that when people post here sometimes, they cut down on a little detail and may screw up and word it wrong. But that doesn't have to mean that we are lyers. I don't really know why people are all that TOO skeptical here like MR. MORON ***

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