Assholes With Penises

     With extremely few exceptions, assholes are nearly all male. This is because of testosterone, a white crystalline steroid hormone poision that kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, in every nation on the planet. Unfortunately, this poison does not usually kill the person inflicted with it: it kills people around the poisoned male. Overt war; covert war; terrorism; domestic violence; gang violence; avarice beyond greed--- all male diseases, from which women and nice guys must suffer, because there's no simple way to eradicate the problem.

     Male violence is genetic: it was once a survival trait. (Read the book The Demonic Male and the book Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.) This trait is now obsolete: our survival not only no longer depends upon testosterone poisoning, it is threatended by it.

     One solution is to kill all the males. This would protect girls and women, and the world would be paradise. Women would reproduce parthenogenetically, and thus all offspring would be female: this is becomming a scientific, technological reality here in the 1990s, and by the year 2010CE I'm sure it could be common practice.

     I'm all for it.

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