Assholes Hopped Up On God

One would rationally think that the opposite would be true, but alas it is not: people hopped up on god are usually assholes. I don't mean the decient, kind, moderate theists like you and I: I'm talking about the in-your-face, believe-in-my-god-or-else, die-you-infidel, your-taxes-will-pay-my-cult fanatical theists--- which really are the minority (though sometimes it doesn't seem like it). They insist that the country they live in was "meant" to be run by their cult. They insist that their occult rituals be performed in public school, regardless of the beliefs (or lack of beliefs) of the children inflicted, regardless of these children's parents' wishes. They insist that thier occultism be taught as "science" in the class room.

The above is evil in itself, but it gets worse. Assholes hopped up on god generally hate other assholes hopped up on some other flavor of god, even if it's the same god. This is usually when the body-count starts to rise, in "holy wars" that has claimed, and will claim yet again, millions of human lives.

There are Protestant assholes hopped up on god butchering, killing, and maiming Catholic assholes hopped up on god in Northern Ireland (Ulster). Catholic assholes hopped up on god butcher, kill, and maim Protestant assholes hopped up on god. Muslim assholes; Jewish assholes; Hindu assholes; Sikh assholes; Buddhist assholes--- they are a tiny minority among their religious brethren, but they cause most of the death, mayhem, and damage. Their co-religionists, in all cults and denominations, castigate them and denounce them, but they still kill, maim, and terrorize in the name of their god.

But that's just it: in the name of their god only. In actuality, their belief in their god is secondary, if it plays a part in their evil at all. They use their professed belief in the god as an excuse for enacting evil. If their god was not convenient, some other excuse would be found: combatting "Communism," perhaps, or "Saving The Children." If being hopped up on heroin were as socially acceptable as being hopped up on god, we would see heroin addiction as their excuse as well.

The United States of North America had the right idea, 200+ years ago: complete seperation from governmental power and sectarian power. (Australia is fighting for this same freedom even as I write this.) The First Amendment to the Constitution has stripped fascist, demonic Christians of their claws, and thus we have a representative Republic free from overt cult manipulation, "holy war," and financing. This does not mean that the urge to kill, maim, and destroy has been eradicated among American Christians: it means that the power to inflict these evil upon society is greatly checked. (One could just as easily write "Muslim" for "Christian," but the USA is populated by Christians to the tune of some 75-85 per cent, and it is thus the cult to fear).

A person is a rational, intelligent, decient, compassionate, kind human being. This is true for nearly 100% of them, taken as individuals. But as a group, lumped together by common idologies, fears, hatreds, biases, and injustices, they utterly lose all traits of humanitarian, liberal ideals. They become beasts. No, they become worse than beasts. Theology, nationalism, race: it does not matter how the group defines itself--- demonic behavior is almost invariably the result. All intellectual ability individuals posses are lost when they become a mob. They are then easily used by evil men, for evil ends. (Watch the future of the "Promise Keepers" to see this group mature into a weapon of evil: it's only a matter of time.) There are evil men and women working right now in the USA to turn it into a Christian version of Irac, Iran, and Afghanistan: a demonic theocracy where individual freedoms are revoked--- Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson, Bob Dobyns, Jerry Falwell.... their numbers are many; their perfidy vast.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution. One good way to counter assholes hopped up on god is to support and fund great organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Federation , and other defenders of civil rights.

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