Lindenwood Christian Church

Early in May of 1998, Shelby Sherman posted a message on a FidoNet message base (called an "Echo," which is much like a internet newsgroup) concerning a accusation of child molestation at a Christian cult. Here is an extract of the message by Shelby:
Here is the message that evoked the response from the outraged Xtian. It is interesting that he was outraged that I posted the account, but expressed no outrage at the behaviour of one of his fellow Xtians. Basically, one of the keepers (27 years old) of the child care center had been having an affair with the 13 year old CHILD. She is now pregnant, but it has not yet been determined who is the father.

From The Commercial Appeal, pg. 1-

A former child care provider at Lindenwood Christian Church is accused of having a two-year affair with a 13-year-old boy[sic].

Which prompted the following reply (the entire message is reproduced below).
From: (Avery Dulles)
Date sent: Sun, 10 May 1998 02:51:56 GMT
Organization: LindenRoom BBS, Sponsored by Lindenwood Christian Church

You're an asshole.

So I had a question for Mister Dulles:
Mister Dulles, is it your contention that the fact that Mister Sherman denounces and castigates the rape of children is cause for you to call him an "asshole?" Would it not be more appropreate for you to call the alledged rapist an "asshole" instead?
Then I sent a copy of the message to Fredric Rice at the Skeptic Tank. He in turn sent the message to the administrator at, with additional comments:
It is my understanding that Mr. Dulles condones the behavior and sees nothing wrong with the rapist's behavior. Mr. Dulles, you'll let me know if I'm mistaken, won't you?

I wonder what the Christian organization Mr. Dulles posts from has to say about his comment regarding the rape of children. Let's see if we can get an official statement.

Which ilicited the following reply:
From (Tracy Franklin) Thank you for sending me this, I will take care of this user.
So far, no messages from Avery have been received.
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