Who should be allowed to breed, and who should not.

WARNING: Don't take this so fucking seriously!

  1. Anyone who's wife produced a run of females, who keeps telling her "Let's try again until we have a boy." A prime example.

  2. Anyone who believes women are expendable, and use them merely to procure a child or children. Example: "I wish I'd been able to have a marriage and kids. More than anything else, I wish I'd have been able to have a son. I could have done without the wife." -- Former Detroit Mayor Coleman A. Young, on marriage (1980).

  3. Anyone who believes their god(s) will provide for themselves and their children. For an example, look here. This includes the stupid shit known as "Mother Teresa" (Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu).

  4. Anyone who allows a child to die without seeking medical treatment should not be allowed to breed. Here is one example.

  5. Anyone who believes that males are automatically, due to their penis, the "leaders in the home." Here's one example of such a rant.

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