Just how many kids should a couple have?

By God Dan

Just how many kids should a couple have? Yep, it's been bandied around here just more than once.

However, have we gotten around to how many kids the husband intends to _have_ his wife provide?

The idiot stick I work with has one child already. The second one is now on the way.

No big deal? Hardly. The first one nearly did his wife in, due to complications. However, it was not a "boy child", hence the reason for this second go-round.

Before you ask: Yes, she is going through major complications again. She's in the hospital again. And, also yes, he's already planning on having yet a _third_ child while she's still in the hospital.

No need to mention that he's a Born Again Christian. I only wonder how many times he expects to have his wife go through this again, to satisfy his needs to "be fruitful".

BTW, when she needed to head for the hospital, his words were: "It's all in god's hands." If it was, just why did she have to go to the hospital again, other than he can't keep his dick in his pants?


Until she gets it right by providing a son... or dies. And if she dies after having produced only daughters, somebody better get those girls out of his possession.

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